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Are you looking for the best tattoo artists in Kansas City? Check our 10 tattoo professionals. Scroll down their portfolios and get ready to book an appointment.

Kansas City is an up-and-coming city with a long-established history in the tattoo industry. There are more than 50 tattoo shops with a high-class customer experience. In our article, we would like to show the top 10 tattoo artists from this amazing city. Scroll down and find out who are the best artists from Denver as well as who set up the first tattoo shop here and whether it is working now.

The Best Tattoo Artists Profiles in Kansas City

According to our research, some of the best Kansas City tattoo artists are here. Read their bios, check their portfolios and get ready to book an appointment.

Sean Gilbert

When Sean Gilbert turned 18, the artist’s passion for tattoo art became a life sense, so he chose a tattoo artist profession as his career choice.

Sean Gilbert has worked in multiple tattooing styles, which led him to find his passion with color realism. He loves the challenge and complexity of replicating what we see all around us into a forever piece.

This tattoo artist is inspired by nature, oil paintings, and photography. Sean loves what he does because it allows him to make a living while doing something that inspires him daily.

Sean Gilbert

Justin Juco

You could find Justin Juco drawing at home when he wasn’t hiking or mountain biking in the great outdoors. His work has been shown across America on roadside attractions and private collections all over the country!

He appreciates all aspects of art-from experimenting with different mediums or styles for self-improvement. He’s always down for some lettering or putting a creative twist on any design you ask him.

Justin Juco

Vince DiGirolamo “Debbie”

When Vince DiGirolamo was 21, Debbie’s interest in tattoos sparked. This was when Vince realized that his art skills could be more than just a hobby; they could help him find purpose in his life.

With each new tattoo, he pushes himself to improve. An artist should never become comfortable with their skill set, and there is always something else worth learning or trying out, especially when you’re as excited about art as this guy. When it comes to tattoos, he’s all about color. Debbie makes sure that everyone leaves with pride in their design and makes things fun for customers.


Devon Beyer

Devon Beyer was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. When he was just 17, this young man started visiting tattoo shops and asking questions of all kinds. He studied how different artists work with their craft, learning what trends are popular among consumers today, and improving his tattooing skills.

Before settling back in Kansas City, Devon traveled around the U.S., studying art and music. He began his tattoo apprenticeship under Sean Gilbert — a well-known name within this industry. His style is traditional with lots of colors & bold lines.

Devon Beyer

Stephanie Manning

Stephanie Manning is originally from the East Coast, but she has always had a spark for the arts. She left home at 17 and backpacked around America for 5 years before returning again with new skills. When Stephanie moved to Kansas City, she was excited about the opportunity for a new challenge. She knew that her creative side as an artist would be perfect in tattooing. And it has been just what she’s looking forward to; working at “Headless Hands Custom Tattoos” has given Stephanie great pleasure and pride, knowing that many customers are mesmerized by her ink works.

Her tattoos reflect the many genres that she enjoys, from traditional American designs to old-school neotraditional ones.

Stephanie Manning

Steve Bayman

Steve Bayman apprenticed at “A Different Drummer” in Wichita Falls, Texas. He was trained for 2 years starting mid-2006 and owns his own business now. After finishing his apprenticeship, Steve Bayman became a licensed tattoo artist and worked at Classic Tattoo Company. 

Steve’s tattoos are influenced by the Neo-traditional style of tattooing that has bold line work and vibrant colors. He was trained in a fast-paced walk-in environment, where he used his skills to create intricate designs for his customers.

Steve Bayman

Lindsey Bulla

 When the “One Ring,” the first tattoo shop where Lindsey Bulla worked, was closed, Lindsey left her home in middle Earth for adventure at Golden Stag Tattoo Company, where she found romance as well! She is a tattoo artist with the utmost grace, and she produces true works of art that she would be proud to show off. She is a specialist in color and animal styles.

Lindsey Bulla

Dominick Barbosa

Dominick is an accurate and experienced man who learned to wield his tattoo machine in “Mount Olathe.” There were many tattoos there that stood before him. He is the perfect tattoo artist, capable of tackling any size or style. He can do much to create whatever art you desire.

Dominick Barbosa

Amber Lea

Amber has always loved tattooing, but it wasn’t until she opened her studio that the feeling became more than just passion. Nowadays, Amber can be found working at The Limitless Studio, where she gets to interact with all sorts of interesting people every day.

There is no such thing as too much inspiration when it comes to art. The creative minds of nature and geometry combine with the dark roots of witchcraft in Amber Lea’s work. At the same time, your body becomes permanently altered by this talented young woman.

Amber Lea

Maegan Knapp

Maegan Knapp, formerly known as Maeghan Garvey, is a loyal employee who has worked at five different boutiques before nesting and planting her roots at Dear You. She loves being around such talented coworkers that are so caring towards each other. Maegan has been tattooing since 2010, and she continues to learn more every day.

Furthermore, Maegan was able to take her bachelor’s degree in Fine Art and work with a diverse group of artists over the years. Her favorite things to do are coverups, colorwork, and black & gray paintings. She also likes animal portraits in a stippling or fine line drawings.

Maegan Knapp

History of Tattoo Development in Kansas City

Grimm Tattoo in Kansas City

The history of tattoos in Kansas City is as old and prestigious as the city itself. Here you will find a number of shops with established roots that date back decades. So, it is obvious that you must be getting inked by a reputable tattoo artist. If you want to know more about tattoo history development, you must know valuable information about the first tattoo shop in Kansas City. 

The Grimm Tattoo is appeared to be the oldest tattoo family shop in Kansas. The name of this ink studio is a legend. For four generations, the Grimm family has revolutionized tattooing, and their works have been recognized worldwide as some of the most delicate body arts in existence! Bert Grimm is the man who started it all. The original Grimm Tattoo shop was founded in 1914. He was an artist, and his work led to a fundamental change in public perception of tattoos, which today are seen as the mainstream norm by many cultures. 

Nowadays, “Grimm Tattoo” creates body arts honoring all Grimm family tattoo traditions. The current lineup of tattoo artists at Grimm Tattoos is: Wes Grimm, Rachel Grimm, David Gant, Danni P, Chris fox worth, Wendy Scott, Rachel Doll, Jayson Perkins, Casey Leanza, piercings by Damon Scott.

Since the 1990s, professional tattoo shops have been increasing. During that time, Kansas City faced the most considerable growth in the tattoo industry. There were opened well-known tattoo studios such as A1 Tattoo Shop, Dragonfly Tattoo Studio, Jeremy Latta Tattoos, Headless Hands Custom Tattoos.


👀 Who Are the Best Tattoo Artists in Kansas City?

According to our research, Sean Gilbert, Justin Juco, Vince DiGirolamo, Devon Beyer, Stephanie Manning, Steve Bayman, Lindsey Bulla, Dominick Barbosa, Amber Lea, and Maegan Knapp belong to the top 10 tattoo artists in Kansas City.

⌛️ What Tattoo Shop Is the Oldest in Kansas City?

The “Grimm Tattoo” is considered the oldest tattoo family shop in Kansas. It was founded in 1914 by Bert Grimm.

👨🏻 Who Opened the First Tattoo Shop in Kansas City?

In 1914, Bert Grimm found a tattoo shop, “Grimm Tattoo.” He was an artist whose work led to his fundamental change in public perception of tattoos, which today are mainstream by many cultures all over America.

😎 Where Does Sean Gilbert From Kansas City Work?

Sean Gilbert is a well-known tattoo artist with 15 years of experience in tattooing works at Headless Hands, Kansas City.


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