60+ Spider Tattoo Designs: Beauty, Horror and Mystery

Spider tattoo
From cute and adorable to bold and scary, spider tattoos hold a world of possibilities. Find the design of your dream in our article.

The world of animals is a source of endless inspiration, just look around carefully, and you can always find an idea for a new tattoo. People all over the world share a love for spider tattoos, whether scary or cute. Our tiny neighbors, the spiders, have not only inspired our ancestors but continue to captivate tattoo artists. 

In this article, we will travel into the world of arachnids and learn about their deep cultural significance. We’ve collected 60+ best spider tattoo designs, and we haven’t forgotten about everyone’s favorite superhero — Spider-Man. To help you with the choice, we have reviewed best spider tattoo placement options. We hope that after reading this article, you will find the tattoo of your dreams! 

Why Do People Like Spider Tattoos?

Spider tattoos are surprisingly popular around the world. It does not matter if it is a cute creature with big eyes or a scary predator with 8 sharp legs, no one can stay indifferent. Spider designs are so universal that you can find them on literally any part of the body, from the neck and chest to hand spider tattoos. But what’s the key to such popularity? We will look far into the past of mankind in search of an answer to this question.

Throughout history, spiders have attracted attention and played an important role in legends and fairy tales. Spiders appeared on the planet much earlier than us humans, and we had to learn how to survive alongside these venomous creatures. That’s why paying attention to poisonous spiders was vital to stay safe. It was something innate, like eye color or hair texture. So our interest in spiders came about through evolution.

The amazing thing is that our perception that spiders are scary or unpleasant was not passed down to us from our ancestors, but only aroused our interest in them. It is something we learn as we grow older and gain our own experience with spiders. Some people learn to see spiders as fascinating creatures, while others, after a negative experience in childhood, find them frightening. Thus, people’s attitudes toward spiders can range from positive to negative because of the different ways we grow up and learn about them.

🐍 Interesting fact:
People’s attitudes towards snakes are very similar to that of spiders. Many of them are also dangerous to humans, and it is inherent in all of us to pay attention to snakes from birth. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of snake tattoos around the world.

Spider Symbol in World Cultures

Spider Symbol in World Cultures

Spiders are a very popular character in the legends of the peoples of the world. They are often wise or cunning teachers of people or victims of mystical and god games. It is believed that it was from spiders that people learned to weave cloth and nets. By watching these intelligent animals, ancient weavers gained experience and improved their techniques. This deep influence of spiders on our culture has been reflected in tattoos. Let’s look at a few mentions of spiders in world mythology to deepen our understanding of their image.

In Hopi legends, we encounter the figure of Spider Grandmother, also known as Spider Woman. She plays a significant role as a creator and fertility goddess. Spider Grandmother is closely associated with the art of weaving and is believed to have taught her people this craft.

Anansi, the spider, is a beloved character in West African folklore. Crafty and clever, Anansi is a trickster known for outwitting others. He often takes the form of a spider and brings wisdom to the world through his adventures. You may have met this character in the book and TV series American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

Japanese folklore introduces us to the Jorogumo, also known as the “binding bride.” This mystical spider possesses the ability to transform into a captivating woman who lures unsuspecting victims. Jorogumo is a symbol of transformation and mystery, reflecting the darker aspects of Japanese mythology.

In Greek mythology, the role of spiders is intertwined with the story of Arachne. She was a mortal weaver who challenged the goddess Athena to a weaving contest. Surprisingly, Arachne won, which enraged the goddess. In her punishment, Athena transformed Arachne into a spider, thus giving rise to the species of arachnids. This myth emphasizes the themes of pride and divine retribution in Greek legends.

What Meaning Does the Spider Hide in Its Web?

Spider Hide

🕸 Creativity and artistry. Spiders are like artists, weaving their webs. If you have a spider tattoo, you may be showing the world your creative side. You appreciate the beauty in creating things, just as a spider creates its delicate web. This is the meaning of not only the spider tattoo but also the spider web.

🕸 Patience. Spiders wait calmly for their prey to come to them. Their complex way of hunting is truly fascinating and commands respect. A spider tattoo is a reminder that good things come to those who wait and work hard. It can symbolize your determination to achieve your goals no matter how long it takes.

🕸 Transformation and mystery. In people’s minds, spiders have a mysterious side, as they live a hidden, quiet life, keeping away from prying eyes. In legends, spiders are often associated with transformation, both spiritual and physical. A spider tattoo with this meaning is suitable for those who accept the mysteries of life.

🕸 Danger and poison. We should not forget that despite their small size, spiders are predators. Some of them have venom dangerous even to humans. Some people choose spider tattoos to send a warning and say to others: “I am not to be messed with.” It can serve as a reminder to yourself and the people around you that you have a dangerous side.

🕸 Feminine energy. In many cultures, spiders are associated with the feminine, often with creation and nurturing. This symbol is especially associated with grandmothers. So, a spider tattoo can symbolize your connection to the nurturing and creative side of the feminine spirit.

🕸 Balance. Spiders are amazing at keeping their balance on those delicate silk threads. And the same balance is maintained in people’s view of spiders. They are frightening and mesmerizing, creating and destroying at the same time. Spider tattoos are a reminder that good and bad coexist, just as a spider balances on its web. 

🕸 Trickery. Some legends about spiders tell of them as clever and tricky creatures. People have watched spiders set net traps, learning cunning from them. If you have a spider tattoo, you may be showing off your sharp mind. It is a way of saying, “I am smart and know how to handle life’s challenges.”

60+ Striking Spider Tattoo Ideas

When it comes to best spider tattoos, it’s like stepping into a vast store with countless choices. You see, there are so many types of spider tattoos, just like there are many kinds of real spiders. You might like the ones that look super realistic, or you could prefer something cute and full of meaning. In the world of spider tattoos, there’s something for everyone, so whatever your style, you’ll find the perfect one that suits you best.

Striking Spider Tattoo Ideas

Realistic Tattoos

If you appreciate the frightening beauty of spiders, then realistic spider tattoos are your best choice. When the tattoo is applied by an experienced artist, it gives the impression that a real spider is crawling on your skin. Such detailing can even scare those who see it for the first time. It can even be a chance to play a prank on your friends. 

🕷 Tip for you:
Realistic spider tattoos are very difficult to create and can be a real challenge for a tattoo artist. We offer you a catalog of professionals in creating realistic tattoos. With the help of user-friendly filters, you will easily find the best tattoo artists in your city.

Traditional Ideas

Traditional spider tattoos are bold and classic, often done in black and colored ink. These designs take inspiration from old-school tattooing, featuring clean lines and minimalism, yet are powerful depictions of spiders. These designs are often filled with deep symbolism and a connection to mythological representations of spiders. In such tattoos, they are seen as symbols of creativity, patience, and balance, and their tricky webs serve as a metaphor for the interconnectedness of life.

Tattoos With a Skull

You can combine a spider with a skull to give the tattoo a darker and more symbolic touch. This adds complexity to the tattoo by intertwining the themes of mortality, danger, and transformation, giving the spider tattoo a mysterious and striking appeal. The imagination of tattoo artists did not stop there, and they created a design combining a spider with another part of the human body — the eye. Such tattoos are less popular, but just as striking. 

Small Designs

If you like a touch of elegance, spider tattoos have plenty to offer. Miniature spiders and delicate webs are ideal for small spider tattoos. These tattoos are very popular among girls and can bring a bit of mystery to your style. They’re a simple yet stylish way to express yourself and look great on wrists, fingers, or ankles, adding a touch of sophistication to your appearance.

Cute Tattoos

Some spider tattoos are more adorable than creepy and depict charming spiders. Such designs soften the image of the spider, making it funny and cute. Some consider these to be girly spider tattoos, but we think gender stereotypes shouldn’t stop you if you like them. Many people also find wolf spider tattoos very cute and depict them in a cartoon style. Cute spider tattoos are perfect for those who want to show their affection for these creatures in a light and lovely way.

Tattoos of a Spider Web

Intricate and mesmerizing spider web designs create a sense of mystery and intrigue. These tattoos can range from delicate and graceful to intricate and striking, showcasing the artistry of spiders and their incredible web-weaving abilities. This design is closely associated with creativity and cunning, so there is a reason why it is often chosen by people of the arts.

Spider-Man Ideas

Of course, the image of the spider has reached popular culture as well. For fans of Marvel Comics and movies, Spider-Man-themed tattoos will bring a touch of adventure and heroism to your ink. Such a tattoo will become a recognizable tribute to your favorite superhero and will always remind you that “with great power comes great responsibility.”

Tarantula Tattoos

These tattoos are dedicated to the large and often hairy tarantula spiders. These are some of the most popular spiders to keep at home. They do not weave webs, but hunt by sneaking up and jumping on their victims. A tarantula tattoo reflects the elegance of these creatures, it is a wonderful way to express your love for your pet.

Black Widow Designs

The black widow spider is known for its distinctive red hourglass shape on its abdomen. These small but highly venomous spiders are deadly to humans. Perhaps it is this danger that attracts people, as there are so many designs with black widows. The black sharp lines and bright red accent of this tattoo are sure to become a powerful part of your style.

Where Is the Best Place for a Spider Tattoo?

For a spider tattoo to please you for many years, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the design but also to its placement on the body. If you decide that you want to get a spider tattoo, then you are lucky, because such ink looks great on any part of the body. From your hands, where they can boldly declare their presence, to your feet, where they can add a touch of intrigue, spider tattoos offer many options to suit your tastes. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones.

  • Hand. A spider tattoo on your hand is a striking manifestation of your personality, boldly stating your choice for all to see. For many, such a tattoo is a very serious step. We advise you to carefully choose the design for the hand spider tattoo, as it is a very noticeable part of the body.

  • Elbow and knee. A spider web tattoo and the elbow or knee are the perfect match. The shape of this design is usually round, as if it is wrapped around your arm or leg. This ink is sure to add spice and uniqueness to your look.

  • Neck. Spider tattoos on the neck or head always attract a lot of attention. It is usually a colorful way to let others know about your character and attitude to life. However, you can also find delicate, minimalistic spider tattoos behind the ear.  

  • Forearm. The forearm is the most popular place for tattoos, and of course, the spider tattoo is no exception. Such a tattoo can be easily shown if desired or hidden if necessary. It is a universal place where you can place a spider of any size.

  • Chest and torso. Not everyone will see these tattoos, which means you can afford a design of any size. Among such inks, spider web sternum tattoos stand out. This is a very sexy choice, popular among girls.

If you still have trouble choosing the perfect place for your spider tattoo, look no further. Our article on tattoo placement tips will help you solve this problem. You will surely find the perfect solution to this problem.


Some are afraid of them, some love them — spiders evoke contradictory emotions in us, and maybe that’s why we like them so much. Spider tattoos have long been a part of the culture and one of the favorite designs of many tattoo artists. 

In this article, we’ve covered ideas for tattoo placement and over 60 unique designs, delving into the mythology and secret meanings of the spider symbol. We hope you found inspiration for your best spider tattoo and that you will get a design that perfectly matches your personality. 

A tattoo should not only have a deep meaning but also look cool. To ensure that the design meets your expectations, we recommend going to professionals with a lot of experience. Luckily, on Ink-Match, you can find a catalog of trusted tattoo artists who will make your dream of the perfect tattoo a reality.


🤔 What Does the Spider Tattoo Mean?

Spider tattoos can hold various meanings, often depending on the individual’s perspective. In some cultures, spiders represent creativity, patience, and balance. They can symbolize feminine energy or danger, given their venomous nature. The meaning of a spider tattoo ultimately varies from person to person, influenced by personal beliefs and cultural interpretations.

🕷 Is a Spider Good or Bad Luck?

The belief in whether a spider brings good or bad luck varies across different cultures. In some cultures, spiders are considered symbols of good luck, associated with creativity, patience, and weaving positive outcomes in life. However, in other cultures, spiders are seen as bad omens, linked to fear and danger due to their venomous nature.

😍 Can Spider Tattoos Be Cute?

Yes, spider tattoos can be cute. Many people choose to make spider tattoos cute by giving the spider a friendly or cartoonish appearance. Our collection of popular designs includes a section with cute spider tattoos.

🔎 What Symbol Does the Spider Represent?

The symbol of a spider can represent various qualities and attributes. In many cultures, spiders symbolize creativity and patience, as they craft webs to catch their prey. Spiders can also be associated with balance and the interconnectedness of life. Additionally, they may symbolize feminine energy, danger, or transformation, depending on cultural interpretations. The meaning of a spider symbol is often open to individual interpretation.

🕸 What Is the Meaning of the Spider Web Tattoo?

The meaning of a spider web tattoo can vary. It may represent the idea of being caught or trapped, either by addiction or a difficult past. Such a tattoo can also mean trickery and creativity. However, some people choose spider web tattoos simply for their aesthetic appeal and may not attach any specific meaning to them.


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