70+ Badass Simple Tattoos For Men [Trends Of 2023]

Badass Simple Tattoos
It can be hard to decide on a design with so many options. Find fresh designs for simple tattoos and ideas on how to personalize them.

Selecting the design of the simple tattoo is a responsible task. Even small and plain art should represent your personality. 

Our inspiration guide will show you the best places and trending ideas for simple tattoos. Use them as a reference to come up with your own unique design. 

It can be a tough task with all these portfolios, websites, and studios. On our site, we gather 1000+ tattoo artists from every corner of the USA. Filter them by style and location to find the best professional.

Best Places for a Simple Tattoo for a Man


The neck tattoo shows the owner’s confidence. The tattoo can be placed on the throat, on the sides, behind the ears, and on the back. This is a visible place, so you might think about the statement you want to make.

It is better to select a symmetrical image for inking the back and the front of the neck. It looks more natural and highlights natural body symmetry. 


A chest simple tattoos are amazing because despite the size they emphasize your individuality. Letterings and numbers are among the most popular designs for tattoos among men. Another good idea is to play a little with the body anatomy and use a collarbone as a part of the tattoo.  

Check 50+ ideas for chest tattoos to get even more inspiration.

Check the best tattoo artists for your future tattoo:


The shoulder is a popular place to get a tattoo among men. First of all, it is one of the least painful zones to get a tattoo. Secondly, it emphasizes the strength and masculinity of the owner. 

Even a simple tattoo for the shoulder is pretty big. Most men decided on tribal tattoos design or geometric patterns tattoos with bold lines.


Forearm tattoos maintain good quality overages and require minor touch-ups. The skin has low exposure to sunlight and aging slower. The pain from this area is tolerable and easy to handle. 

Forearm tattoos are both noticeable and easy to hide if needed. It is a great idea to get a personal and meaningful art because you will see it every day as a reminder. You can also consider a band tattoo with incorporated patterns, symbols, or pictures. 

Some popular ideas include:

🦅 Birds tattoo is a symbol of a free spirit;

🏹 Arrow tattoo means ambitious and focuses;

🐯 Tiger tattoos that symbolize power and strength.


The inner wrist is both the weak spot and place that exude spiritual energy. If you consider a simple wrist tattoo, think about something significant to you. For example, something you like and appreciate, your hobby, or symbols represent your faith or beliefs. Words and numbers are popular too. 

A wrist tattoo will remind you about something important every time you look at it. 


A hand tattoo is a great place to self-express as this place is highly visible. Hands’ simple tattoos are also symbolic because hands are the main way we interact with the world and do our job. Some interesting designs include:

🦂 Scorpion symbolizes strength and powerful sexuality;

⚔️ Swords represents power and courage;

🗡️ Dagger can mean either betraying or protection and bravery;

🐍 Snake is associated with wisdom and rebirth;

🌹 Rose tattoo stands for passion and courage.

Unfortunately, these tattoos get high exposure to UV light so they fade faster than tattoos in other places. 


Fingers tattoo became a trend a few years ago. You can choose the design for every finger or stop with just one art. The art can be almost anything you like, but the style should suit your everyday look.

As the skin in this area is thick and tricky, so as a result, the tattoo will look a bit fuzzy. It is better to refuse detailed design with thin lines. Also, review the portfolio of the tattoo artist to see what healed finger tattoos look like. 


The ankle is an unusual zone for a man to get a tattoo. This place is suitable for those who want to hide tattoos under the cloth. A simple and meaningful image is a great option for the ankle.

Our top picks for the simple ankle tattoo for a man are:

🪶 Wings that stand for adventure and wanderlust;

🚲 Something connected to your hobby;

🌇 A panoramic view;

🔠 Your favorite words for good vibes.

Top 15 Badass Simple Tattoos for Men With Meanings

Cross Tattoo

Besides being a powerful Christain symbol, the cross has more complex symbolism behind it. The cross is associated with:

✝️ Devotion to the religion and faith;

✝️ Loved one that passed;

✝️ Jesus and the Christian philosophy.

Rose Tattoo

Despite a dainty nature, rose tattoos are a popular tattoo among men. They symbolize:

🌹 Strength;

🌹 Nobility;

🌹 Courage;

🌹 Love and passion.

Skull Tattoo

Skull tattoos are badass and have aesthetic appeal. They look awesome in all designs and sizes. You can combine the skull with other elements to add meaning to the tattoo. The skull itself is a symbol of:

💀 Death;

💀 Afterlife;

💀 Reminder to leave every day as the last one;

💀 Rebellion.

Mushroom Tattoo

A mushroom tattoo is an original and unique way to express yourself. A good thing about this design is that it looks cool on every body part, especially on the wrist or forearm. It also has some interesting meaning behind it:

🍄 Power, including “magical”;

🍄 Good luck;

🍄 Your love for the Super Mario Bros. series.

Geometric Tattoo

Geometric tattoos are versatile in design. It can be either an abstract combination of shapes, a pattern, or a geometric stylization of the picture. You can decide on the elements depending on your preferences. Some universal meanings behind common shapes are:

Circle symbolizes balance, harmony, and infinity;

Square means Earth and stability;

🔼 Triangle usually shows connections of three concepts. For man, it is associated with male energy, stability, and activity;

🔺 Three interlocked triangles stand for “valknut” an old Nordic symbol. It can be translated as a symbol of paganism and the afterlife. 

Despite their simplicity, geometric tattoos are hard to ink. Even a small mistake will spoil the overall look. Look for an experienced tattoo artist near you, who specialized in geometric tattoos.

Lettering Tattoo

Inscription tattoos are great for expressing your motto, favorite quote, or just a word that matches your personality. You should only ink those words that fully describe you and the meaning of which you fully understand.

📌Tip! If you consider Asian characters, you should better find a tattoo artist or consult with somebody who knows this language. By this, you will avoid translation mistakes and undesired double meanings.

Nature Tattoo

Nature tattoos cover a broad spectrum of ideas. It is usually associated with recharging, adventure, and relaxation. The most common places to get a nature tattoo are the forearm, chest, and neck.  The most popular are mountain, sea, animals, and tree tattoos. 

⛰️ Mountain symbolizes strength, permanence, and approach toward the goals;

🌊 Waves are associated with life’s constant motion;

🌲 Forest stands for life, peace, renewal.

Crown Tattoo

Whether you think of yourself as a King of Life or want to be one the crown tattoo is right for you. It represents:

👑 Royalty and glory;

👑 Power and victory;

👑 Strength.

Snake Tattoo

Snakes tattoos look great both in a detailed and simple design. The meaning depends on culture. While in some cultures it is a sign of bad omens and death, in another it is associated with:

🐍 Wisdom;

🐍 Good health;

🐍 Rebirth, a cycle of life, and immortality.

Arrows  Tattoo

The designs of the arrow tattoos are diverse. It can be a straight classical arrow or goes with many additional geometric elements. Arrow symbolizes: 

🏹 Ambitions and focus;

🏹 Courage and strength;

🏹 Moving towards the goal and triumph;

🏹 Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Two crossed arrows are a symbol of friendship. A bundle of three arrows means strength. An arrow with a compass represents new directions and defined plans to achieve the aim.

Fineline Tattoo

The fine line tattoos have a lot of free space and fewer shadings. These tattoos are one of the fastest to get and look perfect on any body area. It can take even less than 30 minutes to get a new piece of body art. The design can be almost anything that comes to your mind.

Look for an experienced tattoo artist who works with fine line tattoos. These tattoos required a precise technique because every defect will be seen.

Anchor Tattoo

Firstly, the anchor tattoos were favorite among fishermen and sailors. For now, this symbol is popular worldwide. People usually do an anchor on their hands, forearms, shoulders, and legs. It stands for:

⚓ Stability and consistency;

⚓ Staying firm in time of troubles;

⚓ Hope;

⚓ Strength.

Compass Tattoo

The compass tattoo can act as a guide for you in life. Men prefer inking the compass on the inner forearm, shoulder, or calf, so it can be visible. It is associated with:

🧭 Safety and protection;

🧭 Direction and guidance.

Tribal Tattoo

Tribal tattoos are special in their meaning that goes beyond just cool shape. No matter why you decide to get a tribal tattoo you should respect the culture it is from. 

Getting a tribal tattoo from outside your culture is a hot topic while talking about cultural appropriation. If you don’t originate from the tattoo’s culture, you should research its meaning. 

The best option is to choose an artist who is specialized in these tribal tattoos. As all shapes and lines have special meanings, a professional artist will help you to decide on symbols to use and tell you about their meanings.

Spider Tattoo

Spiders are mysterious ancient creatures that are found worldwide. Some people are afraid of them, while others appreciate the elegance of these creatures. Tattoos of spiders have both positive and negative connotations. 

🕷️ Intelligence and wisdom;

🕷️ Harmony and balance;

🕷️ Power and mystery.


Simple tattoos are usually meaningful and symbolic art. They have fewer details, shadings, and colors and emphasize interesting design. Simple tattoos are the best option for those who make their first body art or for somebody who is not into large images. 

There are several places for a man to get a simple tattoo. It can be a more visible place, for example, fingers, hand, forearm, and neck. If you want to hide it easily, you might prefer the chest, shoulder, or ankle for inking. 

The designs of the simple tattoos are so versatile that you might feel lost while choosing. The main advice is to think about something that represents your personality or something you would like to add to your character. In the latter option, the tattoo will act as a reminder about it and motivate you.


⌛ How Long Does It Take To Ink a Simple Tattoo for Men?

Usually, a small and simple piece takes up to an hour to make. If the tattoo has the size of your palm, expect to plan 2-3 hours for the appointment.

The timing also depends on the location. The same tattoo on the neck or torso will take longer than on the shoulder.

💸 How Much Does an Easy Tattoo Cost?

The pricing starts from $50 and can reach $200 for one piece of several inches. There are also some factors to consider. The creation of an individual design costs more than using the design from the catalog. The location also matters. For example, neck or chest tattoos are more expensive than art on the shoulder. More experienced artists will charge more.

🩹 How Long Does It Take To Heal Simple Tattoos for Guys?

Tattoos of any size and design hurt the skin. With proper aftercare, it takes 2-3 weeks to heal the outer skin layer. Some highly flexible areas, such as the neck, wrist, and fingers require more aftercare to heal properly. The healing of the inner layer lasts up to six months.

👀 What Are Good Spots for Simple Tattoo Designs for Men?

A simple tattoo design suits every body part. However, the most popular places are the forearm, hand, wrist, fingers, shoulder, and legs.

🔥 What Are Cool Simple Tattoo Ideas for a Man?

Simple tattoos have fewer details and fade. Our favorites simple tattoos are arrows, skull, cross, rose, lettering, geometrics, and nature.


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