Stunning 50+ Simple And Easy Tattoos You Will Want To Get

This article contains 50+ ideas for simple and easy tattoos for women and men. As well as tips for choosing the right one.

The annual amount Americans spend on tattoos is 1.6 billion dollars. According to surveys, the percentage of tattooed people in America in 2021 was about 36%. Among them, about 17% have more than one tattoo. And that number is growing every year. For example, 40% of young people between the ages of 26 and 40 already have at least one tattoo. 

If you want to join that number, the best idea is to get a simple and easy tattoo. Such a tattoo will help you understand if it is yours. Next, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of simple tattoos and show you different ideas for your inspiration.

How To Choose a Simple Easy Tattoo

We know how difficult it can sometimes be to come up with a tattoo idea. People often, especially beginners, do not know what points to pay attention to. And this is a very responsible decision because your tastes may change over time.

When choosing a tattoo, consider its placement, colour, and style. It is better not to choose a place for a tattoo on the open areas of the body. Because ultraviolet light destroys the ink under the skin, thus, the tattoo will fade faster. It would be best if you always protected the tattoo with SPF products. Not all body areas are easy to apply cream, so take this into account.

We also perceive pain differently in various parts of the body. For example, women feel pain least on their backs and men on their shoulders. To choose the least painful place for a tattoo, look at the human sensitivity map below. But also keep in mind that each person is individual and has their own pain threshold.

It is also significant to choose the meaning of your future tattoo. Don’t underestimate simple and easy tattoos: they can carry a lot of sense. A tattoo can have a profound effect on the person who wears it. It can give a person the strength to go on after a bad situation. It can make you feel part of a particular culture or boost your self-esteem. And it can show the love you have for other people or even your pets.

Last but not least — gathered references. Look for sketch inspiration wherever you can. It can be nature or art, don’t limit yourself. See what styles of tattoos there are and which one you like best. Do you want a coloured tattoo or a classic black one? Based on all of this, put together a collection of works you prefer. The reference can be not the whole tattoo but only its part.

Pros&Cons of Simple Tattoos

Simple tattoos have several advantages, among others. They definitely have their charm. Let’s look at the pros and cons in more detail. 


  • Simple and easy tattoos are not time-consuming. In most cases, they are done in one session.
  • The smaller the area, the easier it is to take the pain. To find out the least painful places use the body sensitivity map.
  • Despite their simplicity, tattoos can carry a lot of meaning. With their help, you can express your love or capture significant moments in life.
  • Simple tattoos can be overlapped if you no longer like them. Some parlours even specialise in such things.
  • Such tattoos are also easier to remove if necessary.


  • If you want to make a subtle tattoo with thin lines, you need to find a specialized master in such work. Otherwise, there is a risk that the tattoo will be a blowout.

Ideas for Simple Easy Tattoos

We’ve put together a selection of inspiring references for you. Let’s start with the more universal ideas.


One word can replace thousands of others. It can be a word or phrase with enormous meaning.

Inscriptions tattoo
Inscriptions tattoo 2

Paired Tattoos

For Friends

Paired tattoos of friends have a very nice look. Such a small tattoo will stay with you for life, just like a best friend.

Paired tattoo

For Family Members

Probably the most touching tattoos are family tattoos. You can capture your bond with your sister or mother in this unusual way.

Paired tattoo

For Couples

The most traditional version of paired tattoos is for lovebirds. It can be rings, bracelets, special dates, or something meaningful just for the two of you.

Paired tattoo
Paired tattoo
Paired tattoo

It is not uncommon for newlyweds to choose a picture of a triangle. According to Plato, it is a symbol of a strong family. Young people thus bind the family ties by another thread, a symbolic one.

Triangle paired tattoo

Simple Easy Tattoos for Women

Girl with tattoo on the hand

Next, we move on to tattoo ideas for women. But be aware that the division into male and female tattoos is arbitrary. There are no rules any tattoo is suitable for both genders.

Rings and Bracelets

How about timeless jewellery? Just look at these exquisite designs. They will be a fabulous accessory for your body.

Rings tattoo
Bracelets tattoo


Do you have a pet dear to your heart? Why not imprint it on your body forever? Or maybe you have a totem animal. Go ahead, here are some ideas.

Animalistic tattoo
Animalistic tattoo
Animalistic tattoo


Who among us does not love the starry sky? It’s a mesmerizing sight worth capturing and immortalizing on your body.

Stars tattoo


This is the most classic and elegant option. Flowers look good on any place and body. If you don’t know what to choose — choose a floral theme.

Floral tattoo
Floral tattoo
Floral tattoo

Coloured tattoos look very beautiful. It gives them a natural look.

Floral tattoo
Floral tattoo


Show your individuality with a multicoloured gradient. Such an idea looks very original and unusual.

Colorful tattoo
Colorful tattoo

Simple easy tattoos for men

tattoo on the hand

Men also get simple tattoos, but a little more complicated and massive. 

Men's tattoo


In this way, you can show your love of nature and adventure. Such tattoos have simple lines but turn into a whole picture on the body.

Landscape tattoo
Landscape tattoo


Triangle is a popular idea for a tattoo. Often it is drawn isosceles. For men, the triangle carries a meaning that combines three components: physical and spiritual strength, wisdom, and beauty.

Triangle tattoo


Men also like this type of tattoo. Tattoo bracelets have a masculine character. And bring to mind tribal motifs.

Bracelets tattoo

Other simple ideas

Simple tattoo for men

Everything You Need To Know Before Getting a Tattoo

First of all, you must be 18 years of age to get a tattoo. In some states, you can do this earlier but with parental permission.

Give yourself time to think about the idea of a tattoo. It takes a long time to come up with a good “timeless” design that you won’t get tired of or go out of style over time. Think twice before inking a tattoo.

Find “your” master, with whom you will be comfortable. Keep an eye on his work. And also go to the parlour where (s)he works and check if there are clean. If you do not like something, it is better to look for someone else. 

Do not forget that each master has his own style. If you want a small tattoo with thin lines, you should not apply it to the master, who inks large drawings in a style of realism. Otherwise, there is a possibility that the tattoo will be a blowout. Such tattoos require filigree work with special needles and inks. This also applies to the cost of tattoos. You should not try to save money. Otherwise, you can get into all sorts of trouble.

Before the procedure, make sure the artist uses new disposable needles and wears clean gloves. Otherwise, there is always the risk of getting an infection. Or worse, of catching HIV or Hepatitis B.

Since our skin is constantly regenerating, the tattoo will fade over time. No matter how well the tattoo was done, it is an unavoidable process. After a while, you will have to come in for retouching.


We have collected over 50 simple and easy tattoo ideas to help you get inspired. Select the one that is most suitable for you.

When choosing tattoo ideas, you should pay attention to the style, colour, and placement of the future tattoo. Check the pain sensitivity map in advance to pick the location correctly. 

Think carefully about the meaning you want to put into the tattoo. What it will mean. Only then will it bring you joy and not get bored.


🤨Are Simple Tattoos Good?

Simple tattoos have their own charm. They look good and suit lovers of minimalism. Despite their simplicity, they can carry a lot of meaning. That’s why they are such popular.

⌚How Long Do Simple Tattoos Take?

On average, small, simple tattoos take up to an hour. But this number is relative. The time it takes to get a tattoo depends on various factors such as size, color, and placement. Colored tattoos take longer than black tattoos. Also, tattoos are carefully applied to bony areas or where there are many nerve endings to not cause damage. This also takes more time.

💭How To Come Up With Tattoo Ideas?

Gather your own collection of references. Browse the Internet for pictures you like. Also, be inspired by natureand art. Choose a placement for the tattoo, as not all ideas can be realized in some body areas. Decide on the styleand meaning you want to put into the tattoo. And at the end, gather it all together.

🩹What Is the Least Painful Place for a Tattoo?

Pain sensitivity while getting a tattoo depends on genderand the degree of pain threshold. For men, the least painful places are the forearm, inner hands, outer thighs, outer shoulder, and outerand inner bicep. For women are the forearm, back, outer thighs, calves, outer bicep, and outer shoulder.

👻Do Simple Tattoos Fade?

All tattoos fade a little over time. Our immune system gradually removes the ink from the body. Also, ultraviolet light breaks the ink into small pieces, which helps to remove it quickly. In places where the skin is thin and has weak blood circulation, tattoos don’t heal well, so they will fade faster, for example, on knees, feet, and hands.


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