55+ Best Shark Tattoos: Plunge Into The Depths Of The Sea

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Get ready to dive into the world of shark tattoos and discover their unique symbolism and style. We invite you to learn more about their meaning, as well as choose a design that's right for you.

There is one predator living in the depths of the oceans that arouses both fear and admiration: the shark. It is the embodiment of strength and aggression, and also represents all the power of nature. You can portray it on your skin and adopt some of the shark’s courage. 

The tattoo of a shark is a beautiful symbol that will help to overcome fears, to overcome difficulties, and become stronger. It will serve as a reminder of your ability to overcome challenges and doubts.

We suggest you dive into the wonderful world of the best shark tattoos, to discover their meaning and understand for whom such tattoos are the best. We also want to show you some original and unconventional tattoo designs. Are you into it? Then keep reading to be aware of all the details. 

What Does Shark In Tattoos Mean?

What Does Shark in Tattoos Mean?

The shark has a very deep and different meaning. Let’s take a closer look at what it means! 

💪🏻 Power and mightiness: Most often, the shark is associated with dominance because of its swiftness and aggressiveness. This tattoo is a kind of reminder that its owner is brave, resistant to hardships and difficulties, and can become cold-blooded in different situations. 

🌿 Survival and adaptation: The shark is well known for its ability to adapt to changing conditions and difficult situations. It has become a symbol of fortitude and the capacity to overcome difficulties.

⬛️️ Dangers and protection: There are people who associate the shark only with the threat of offense or attack. This predator often causes fear and terror in the eyes of its victims. But it can also mean protection from external threats and a reminder to stay alert at all times. Such a tattoo acts as a warning of potential dangers in this context. 

🌊 Oceans and freedom: The shark is a true symbol of the sea and water. This tattoo can denote a connection with liberty, the sea, and the spirit of adventure. It can also show passion and love for the water, surfing, or cruising. 

Symbols In A Shark Tattoo

We want to tell you about the existing symbols that will give your tattoo a unique and inimitable meaning. Let’s take a closer look at the elements you can use in combination with a shark:

🌹 Rose: These flowers represent passion, beauty, and security. It is also a combination of strength and struggle. 

Example of a shark tattoo with a rose
Example of a shark tattoo with a rose

⚓️ Anchor: It represents stability, sustainability, and love. This symbol means love and connection with water. The anchor is also a kind of symbol of devotion and attachment to certain principles and values. 

Example of a shark tattoo with an anchor
Example of a shark tattoo with an anchor

🌊 Sea Waves: You can liven up your tattoo a bit and give it some movement with waves. They can represent travel, change, and triumph over adversity.

Tattoo of a shark with sea waves
Tattoo of a shark with sea waves

The Shark’s Connection To Mystical Deities

The shark is a very powerful sign. In various mystical legends, it can have different meanings and connections to deities. Here are a few examples:

  • Polynesian mythology: Often, the shark and various mythical deities are associated with each other. In Hawaiian mythology, for example, the Kualaua is a deity that defends fish and takes the form of a shark. The shark is considered his messenger and a symbol of marine creature protection. 
  • Mayan mythology: The shark has a unique symbolism. It is linked to the deity of protection, Chak, who is represented by a shark’s head. They are also associated with wisdom and understanding in Mayan culture.
  • Japanese Mythology: The shark is related to aquatic deities in Japanese mythology. There is a mythology about a deity named Samaji who resides in the Kanto Strait and protects it from disasters.
  • Pacific Myths: In the mythology of some peoples, the shark is considered a sacred animal and a symbol of divine power. For example, in New Zealand Maori mythology, the shark may be associated with Tangaroa, the deity of the sea and fish.

Shark Tattoo Ideas

You can get a tattoo of a shark in different styles, it all depends on your personal preferences. But in this case, it is very important to find a good and proven tattoo master who will realize all your ideas. 

The choice of style usually depends on the personal preferences of each person. Let’s take a closer look at what options are available. 

The realistic style in tattooing refers to a technique in which the artist seeks to create an image that is as close to reality as possible and reproduces details and textures with great accuracy.

Tattoos are made in the traditional style most often distinguished by bright and saturated colors, as well as graphic motifs, they are also called a tattoo in the nautical style or oldskool. Nautical symbols such as anchors, waves, and compasses can be used to stylize a shark image.

The shark tattoo can be depicted with mythical elements or in unexpected scenarios in a neo-realistic manner. The portrait style is ideal for a tattoo depicting a shark. This helps to accurately recreate emotions and character traits.

The Japanese tattoo style known as isozyme frequently features depictions of aquatic creatures. The shark can be represented with typical Japanese art features such as waves, flowers, and dragons.

On The Arm

Most often, the shark on the arm can symbolize the strength and confidence of the person and the solution to his problems. 

The realistic style is ideal for depicting a shark tattoo on the hand because the design will look as clear and believable as possible.

We suggest you look through the possible ideas for such a tattoo.

On The Leg

A tattoo on the leg usually means the ability to adjust to difficult life situations and cope with problems. 

Most often, tattoos in this place are done in the traditional style, with the addition of elements such as inscriptions and clear lines. 

Let’s look at examples of these designs in more detail. 

Spine Shark Tattoos

If you get a shark tattoo on your back, it will mean that you have protection, support, and redemption. To achieve maximum authenticity and clarity, such a tattoo is usually done realistically.

It is also very important to understand that such a tattoo on the back will perfectly complement and decorate your body, adding a piquant zest. 

Let’s take a closer look at examples of tattoos. 

Small Shark Tattoo

If you don’t want to put big designs on your body, but still dream of tattoos, then small designs are a great option for you. Also, sketches in little sizes look very beautiful and gentle. 

Usually, small tattoos are done in a minimalistic style. 

Let’s take a closer look at examples of such tattoos. 

Sleeve Shark Tattoos

A sleeve is a tattoo that covers most or all of the arm area, from shoulder to wrist.

For such a design, you need to have many variations of sketches in your head to get a complete picture in your hand. It can be created either in black and white or in color, using different shades to create the desired effect. 

We suggest you look through the possible ideas for the best shark tattoo.

White Shark Tattoos

The white shark is one of the most formidable, toothy, and unpredictable predators in the world. It can symbolize strength, power, and resilience.

Most often such tattoos are performed in a graphic style, this gives them clarity and linearity.

Let’s take a closer look at an example of such designs. 

Japanese Shark Tattoos

If you want to add something unusual to your tattoo, then look out for a rope. It symbolizes the strength, reliability, and resilience that a person must have to overcome hardships and adversity.

Let’s take a closer look at examples of such designs.

What Is the Negative Symbolism of Shark?

A shark tattoo has many positive meanings. However, it is worth understanding that it also has negative interpretations, so let’s examine it in more detail. 

  • Terror and menace: Some users of a shark tattoo may be frightened because it indicates aggression and people may associate it to a possible threat or attack. 
  • Detachment and ruthlessness: In nature, the shark is characterized by its independence and ferocity. Therefore, the tattoo can mean coldness and loneliness. 
  • Criminal associations: In some situations, the shark tattoo can be connected with the criminal world or with certain gangster groups or their emblems.

However, you must remember that what is important is the meaning that you put into the tattoo and what you believe in. 

❗️ An important recommendation:
You need to find a tattoo artist who will neatly and sterilely perform his work. The quality of your future tattoo will depend on this.


In conclusion, we would like to say that the tattoo of a shark is a very deep, mythical sign, which will be a kind of symbol of struggle and confrontation for you. It represents strength, resolve, and power, as well as mystery, danger, and terror.

Many users get shark tattoos as a tribute to their love and devotion to the ocean. For some, it can be a symbol of adaptation and survival, while for others it can be a reminder to overcome their fears. These tattoos can easily help express the intention to overcome difficulties, not to give up in hard times, and always have courage. 


🚤 What Does the Shark Tattoo Mean to Sailors?

Sailors get tattoos depicting a shark because they see a very deep meaning in this symbol. This predator can carry protection and support. Also, some sailors believe that the shark can defend against hurricanes and storms.

🦈 What Does a Shark Tattoo Symbolize?

Sharks are said to be excellent survivalists and adaptable creatures. Tattoos of this type can indicate the ability to overcome barriers, adapt to change, and persevere in difficult conditions.

❓ What Does a Mako Shark Tattoo Mean?

The mako shark is considered one of the fastest predators in the ocean. Such a tattoo reflects the energy, the desire to move and achieve their goals constantly.

🙏🏻 What God Is Associated With Sharks?

In some legends, the shark is associated with the god Apoatha, the guardian spirit of sharks in some Australian Aborigines. He is considered the patron saint of sharks and is responsible for their protection and well-being.


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