San Judas Tadeo Tattoo: History And Symbolism

San Judas Tadeo Tattoo
Let’s find out who is Juda Tadeo and who can get a tattoo of him. Read our article and find out everything you need to know about this design and find unique ideas for yourself!

If you analyze in which parts of the world tattoos are most often done with it, it is Cuba, Mexico, Latin America, and other countries where Spanish is spoken. The Saint is also known as Jude Thaddaeus or Apostle, and he has a notably large following among those who believe in lost causes. However, he is much more than just an apostle. Most often, Judas’ tattoos illustrate his essence, which is very close in meaning to the person. Therefore, his image can be found on many people around the world.


Jude Thaddaeus is an apostle, also known by many names, including Jude the Apostle and Lebbaeus, which means Judas Iscariot in Greek. He was one of 12 apostles who accompanied Jesus during his ministry until it came time for him to be arrested by Roman soldiers. Some people claim that Judas Thaddeus was the brother of Jesus and the author of the Book of Judas in the Bible, but this is only an unsupported theory that is not very popular. His best-known description is that he was an apostle for 12 years with his master until Judas betrayed him during the trial of Pontius Pilate.

There was a time when adherents of the Catholic Church believed that there were two different people called Judas Thaddeus, but modern Protestants generally disagree with this theory.

Speaking of the early life of Judas Thaddeus, we cannot get enough information. Most researchers note that he was born in the same area of southern Lebanon and northern Israel where Jesus is believed to be born. Some even believe that Judas was a cousin of Jesus, which means that his mother was probably the sister of St. Mary. Also, researchers state that Judas proclaim the word of God in Libya and Mesopotamia before being seized by the religious authorities for apostasy.

Some say he died a martyr at around 65 CE, while others maintain that he was executed by sword or beheaded, which may explain why you’ll find portraits showing him with an ax — the weapon used when someone has their head cut off. His remains are still present at St. Peter’s Basilica, where they have rested since he was buried in Egypt over two thousand years ago. 

Also, it is believed that he was buried with Simon the Zealot (one of the Twelve Apostles), but few believe it. Some say that they were both martyred, while others believe it was just a coincidence and this man has become known as Patron Saint of Lost Causes because his spirit will always be found at home in any event. Many hospitals worldwide have been named after Saint Jude, most notably St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Chicago. This religious figure is highly respected around the world and many hospitals are named after Judas Thaddeus, one of the most famous is St. Judas Children’s Research Hospital, located in Chicago.

Judas Thaddeus Is the Saint of Lost Causes

If you are wondering why this apostle’s tattoo is so popular, the answer is quite simple. Often people under the name of Judas do not mean Judas Thaddeus, but Iscariot who betrayed Jesus. This error is so common that even in the Bible St. Judas stands out like Judas, but “not Iscariot”, to avoid identification with the traitor to Jesus, Judas Iscariot. Therefore, such popularity is caused by simple inattention and not a strong immersion in the history of this apostle.

When Saint Judas Thaddeus wrote a letter to the Eastern churches around 60 A.D., he was in desperate situations, and not much had gone right for him since his childhood days as an apostle of Jesus Christ. The patron saint of lost causes is remembered because people can identify with this story; they have been persevering through tough times without any guarantees about what’s coming next. Those being hunted for their faith should stay brave and strong like Jesus did when he was on earth.

Saint Jude told those suffering in times of trouble that they have strength because God is always there with them, even if you can’t see him or hear his voice directly. He also constantly reminded the followers that with them is God who protects, and loves them, and the faith which they must keep in their hearts. Therefore, this is one of the few reasons that made him known as the patron saint of desperate affairs.

The San Judas Tadeo Tattoo Symbolism

The San Judas Tadeo Tattoo Symbolism

Tattooing this religious figure on your body is a very responsible step. You might be doing it for a variety of reasons, but in most cases, people who wear this symbol are desperate or know others who are suffering greatly without any relief from their pain.

The image of Judas is a particularly popular tattoo for imprisoned people, for whom they can symbolize a difficult life situation and hopelessness. Tattooing this image on you can only mean two things: you are committed to prayer; you are a prisoner.

When people need money, they often turn to saints like Saint Jude. With so many people struggling to survive, it’s no wonder that some would turn towards any help they could get. Saint Judas Thaddeus may be the last hope for these individuals. His influence is undeniable with those who invoke his name in times of need or distress because accidents can happen at any time, which means you should never take chances when there are things that matter most — your life.

San Judas Tadeo Tattoo Ideas

Pay special attention and look in detail at these Judas Tadeo tattoos. They should give you some great ideas and if they don’t, just email us, and we’ll be happy to help.


San Judas Tadeo offers hope and protection for those who require him. Some people get tattoos with Judas Tadeo to always be sure that he is with them, and that they can count on his support. The people in need of jobs, love, and community are always there waiting for help from anyone. This man has always been there with open arms to take on any case that comes his way. If you have decided for yourself that you want to get a tattoo with Judas Tadeo, then look at these unique designs once more and book an appointment with one of our best tattoo artists.


❓What Does Judas Tadeo Tattoo Mean?

Judas Tadeo’s tattoo is a symbol of people’s desperation. Juda is a saint of lost causes, so many people pray to him for help, a job, or love.

📿 Who Is San Judas Tadeo?

There are many different stories about Judas Iscariot, but it is said that he was one of 12 apostles who accompanied Jesus during his ministry until the time came for him to be arrested by Roman soldiers. The most widely recognized characterization says this man served as an apostle with his master for twelve years, and then later betrayed them all at Pontius Pilate’s trial.

🤔 Are Judas Tadeo Tattoos Popular?

The tattoo of Saint Judas Tadeo is extremely popular among prisoners, and it can mean two things: you are committed to prayer or behind bars. Behind every criminal’s skin there lies a hatred that they cannot overcome with prisoner-like behavior; this image shows them their fate if they choose the wrong paths in life.


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