Gentle & Meaningful: 60+ Rose Tattoo Designs Just for You

Rose Tattoo
Rose is the queen of flowers and the princess of tattoos. What does one of the most popular symbols for tattoos mean, and 60+ amazing designs are already in the article.

What are the most popular tattoos? If you think about this question, you will probably name at least five to ten options, among which will be a rose. This flower is deservedly considered the queen of flowers, as the lion is considered the king of animals. 

But what does the rose mean in tattoos, why do men and women like it, and does color matter? We’ve uncovered all of these questions in a recent article, as well as collected the best variety of rose tattoo ideas that you’ll love.

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The Meaning of the Rose Tattoo

The meaning of the rose tattoo

The meaning of the rose tattoo today is one of the most profound and versatile. Among all other flowers depicted on the body, the rose is the most gorgeous and trendy flower in tattoos. During its long history, the rose has become frequently used in tattoos and a universally recognized symbol not only for women but also for men.

The rose is a symbol of love, beauty, youth, purity, holiness, and rebirth. It embodies almost all of the positive qualities that exist.

In the West, the rose, along with the lily, takes the place of the lotus in the East as a sacred flower and is very close to it in its symbolic value. The rose represented eternal life, eternal joy, and memory in funeral rites. Sometimes the rose also symbolized silence and an intimate secret.

Rose leaves symbolize joy, thorns — sorrow, and the flower itself — glory. 

Among other things, the rose often serves as a source of inspiration. Thus, in Persian mysticism, there is the story of the nightingale in love with a rose, who sings and dies from the thorns of love and stains it with his scarlet blood. Thus, the rose also becomes a symbol of the unattainability of the object of love and a source of inspiration for poets and musicians.

Rose Tattoos for Men

Curiously, the rose, which began to grow in Persia, was originally the flower of men. It was guys, sailors who went on long voyages, who began to use this symbol as a tattoo on the body for the first time. Such a tattoo had the meaning of longing for their wives and devotion to them.

Nowadays, a guy for whom his beloved woman is of great importance stuffs such a tattoo. So if you see a man with such a tattoo, know that his heart is engaged, and this love for a long time.

Rose tattoos for men

Rose Tattoos for Women

A rose tattoo without thorns on a women’s back, shoulder, or hand means she loves someone, ardently and truly. If, however, there are thorns, it suggests that this feeling brings her suffering, or it is not mutual.

There is another meaning: a rose with thorns means that true love can not do without sacrifice, and the girl is ready to sacrifice herself for the sake of the person she chose. If you see a combination of a rose and a cross on the girl’s body, it means that she is grieving for a loved one who died.

Rose tattoos for women

The rose is so popular that there is probably no place left where people do not tattoo it. However, there is a pattern here, as with other tattoos.


The arm is the most popular place for tattoos in general and images of a rose in particular. They are made both small and medium, and even an entire sleeve. If you are going to get a rose tattoo on your arm, think about how often you will want to display it and take that into account when choosing a particular spot on your arm.

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Girls who get tattoos on their legs are independent and self-reliant. They choose for themselves: a tattoo is a way of self-expression or a manifestation of sexuality. After all, the girl herself decides whether to show the picture to others or not.


Rose tattoo on the back is very popular among young girls. They want to emphasize their femininity and sexuality. Roses look spectacular and beautiful both in black and white and in color.


The rose tattoo on the whole hand is chosen by people who are not afraid of the opinion of others. To fill the drawing requires great patience and willpower, the process is painful — the skin in this place is the thinnest.

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Behind the Ear

Many girls like small neat rosettes behind the ear. Such a tattoo is easy to hide with hair, and at the same time, it emphasizes your tenderness and femininity.

Popular Combinations

Roses like to tattoo not only alone but also in combinations with a variety of elements, from skulls to butterflies. We have collected for you some ideas of the most popular compositions.

Skull With Roses

Skull with roses can have different meanings and depends on the overall design of the tattoo. A skeleton head with a rose flower next to it symbolizes the loss of a loved one. It is often complemented by an inscription in the form of a name.

Another common sense is to play on the contrast of values inherent in the rose and skull: the contrast of life and death, beauty and decay. It is this symbol of duality that recalls the eternal struggle between good and evil, beauty and ugliness, and the belief that new life comes after death.

Another option is a skull with a rose in its teeth. Such a tattoo speaks of the owner’s desire to live one day at a time.

A Rose With an Inscription

If the inscription is a name, the tattoo is an expression of warm feelings towards a loved one.

Dagger With Rose

This combination means an expression of love/hate. Instead of a dagger, it can be a sword, a blade, or a knife. Another meaning is the cruelty of life.

Rose With a Clock

A rose with a clock can symbolize eternal love, when even time is not an obstacle. Another meaning is a reminder that beauty is not infinite, and it passes with time.

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Rose and Wolf

The rose tattoo with a wolf is a symbol of romance. Since wolves are monogamous by nature, these tattoos can symbolize devotion to one partner.

Other Common Combos

Some other popular compositions with roses include:

  • A rose with a cross is made in memory of a loved one. It can also have a religious meaning.
  • A snake with a rose is a symbol of seduction. It can also mean a loss of innocence and beauty.
  • A rose with a butterfly is a symbol of love.
  • Anchor with roses means constancy in love, honesty, and faithfulness to your partner.

Does Color Matter?

Rose is a symbol of love and sensuality recognized all over the world. The flower depending on the color conveys the depth of human feelings:

  • The golden rose is the emblem of the Pope and means perfection. 
  • The red rose means love, desire, passion, and completeness. 
  • The white rose, as a flower of light, symbolizes fidelity, virginity, innocence, and spiritual revelation.
  • The blue rose has become a symbol of the unattainable and impossible.
  • The pink tone of the flower is a demonstration of genuine appreciation. A lighter shade expresses admiration, a rich deep pink tone is gratitude.
Rose tattoo
  • Owners of burgundy roses flaunt their qualities, such as poise and mental harmony.
  • Tattoo roses in bright orange tone indicate the possession of the bearer of a huge flow of energy, determination, enterprise, as well as sexual desire.
  • The yellow color can not be called unambiguous. Many people consider the yellow rose as a sign of separation, in other interpretations it is happiness and success, friendship, and brand-new initiatives. It’s up to you to decide.
  • A separate consideration requires a black rose. The color black can not be called a positive meaning. It denotes parting, the collapse of feelings, insurmountable grief, inner emptiness, and death. Quite often, this tattoo is seen in the typical melancholic, or people with a complex of symptoms of a broken heart. However, some interpretations state quite the opposite meaning: the purest love and true devotion of the bearer of such a tattoo. It is definitely a symbol of great rarity, as it is very difficult to find a real black rose.

However, you should not focus only on the color of the print. The full composition of the tattoo is important: the presence of stems, thorns, other flowers, and objects. Each detail complements the overall picture and indicates the individual state of the tattoo owner.


The rose is perfectly combined with other flowers and objects and looks spectacular on any part of the body. A tattoo with a rose is suitable for any gender and age, its symbolism does not lose meaning over time and can be gradually supplemented with other elements. In addition, this tattoo is very common among tattoo artists, and it will be easy for you to find your perfect one. 

If you decide to opt for a rose tattoo, we advise you to consider the location, color, and presence of other elements in the tattoo so that the final result reflects as accurately as possible what you wanted to say with your tattoo.


? What Does the Rose Tattoo Symbolize?

The rose is a symbol of love, beauty, youth, purity, holiness, and rebirth. It embodies almost all the positive qualities that exist.

? What Does a Black Rose Mean in a Tattoo?

The color black can not be called a positive meaning. It denotes parting, the collapse of feelings, insurmountable grief, inner emptiness, and death. However, some interpretations state quite the opposite meaning: the purest love and true devotion of the bearer of such a tattoo

? What Does a Red Rose Tattoo Mean?

The red rose means love, desire, passion, and completeness.

? What Is the Most Common Flower Tattoo?

The most common flower for tattoos is the rose, both among men and women.

? Where Should I Put a Rose Tattoo?

The rose tattoo can be done almost anywhere on the body. But most often people choose arms, legs, back, and neck.


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