50+ Timeless Roman Numeral Tattoo Ideas To Inspire You

Explore the art of Roman numeral tattoos and learn how they turn ordinary numbers into symbolic ink.
From the origins of Roman numeral tattoos to creative design ideas, find inspiration for your new tattoo.

If you are bored with the usual number tattoos and want to discover this design from an unknown side, then you have opened the right article. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, Roman numeral tattoos also carry a sense of delicacy. The clean lines and minimalistic design create an overall classic and elegant look. It’s a way to make a statement without saying a word, allowing your skin to tell the story of an experience that has left an ever-lasting mark on your path. 

In this article, we’ll not only look at some stunning Roman tattoo designs, but we’ll also find out if the Romans got inked themselves. If you don’t know how to decode these complex symbols, we’ll tell you an easy way to read Roman numerals

When you decide to get a tattoo, you are taking a big step. However, a poor quality tattoo is not only an ugly image on your skin, but also a risk of getting an infection. To avoid this danger, trust the creation of your tattoo to professionals. In our handy catalog, you can find a tattoo artist you can trust.

What Does the Roman Numeral Tattoo Mean?

What Does the Roman Numeral Tattoo Mean?

Throughout history, numbers have been more than just a designation of quantity or time, they are a reflection of life and personal journey. Tattoos with dates or lucky numbers are one of the best ways to put a unique meaning that is important to you into visually simple ink. But why do people choose to get Roman numerals in particular? It’s simple, they look more mysterious and unique than the Arabic numerals we’re used to.

🤔 Interesting fact:
The numbers we use every day are called Arabic because Europeans borrowed them from the people of the East. But few people know that the Arabs also borrowed their numbers from the Indians.

Most often Roman numerals tattoos represent important dates in a person’s life or their loved ones, it can also be lucky numbers and even time. Let’s take a look at the most popular options.

  • Date of birth of the wearer or his or her significant other
  • Wedding date
  • Date or time of meeting a loved one
  • Date or time of birth of a child
  • Date or time of death of a relative or friend
  • An important date in the life of a favorite singer or actor
  • Lucky number

Do not limit yourself to this list, because the Roman numeral tattoo can be very individual and carry a meaning that only you understand.

 Roman numeral tattoo

How To Read Roman Numerals?

Roman numerals developed independently of Arabic numerals and have a completely different system of writing. It may seem complicated at first, but a little practice, and you’ll read them as easily as normal numerals. It’s like a fun math puzzle where combinations of simple numbers create more complex ones. 

If you are familiar with Roman numerals and reading them is an easy walk for you, jump straight to our collection of stunning Roman numeral tattoo designs!

Roman numerals

Roman numerals

As you can see in the picture, the numbers from one to three are very easy to recognize, but starting with four it gets harder. If the smaller number comes before the larger one, it means it’s time for subtraction. For example, IV — it means 1 before 5, resulting in 4. And if the smaller number stands after the larger one, then you need to sum them up. For example, in VI we see already familiar 1 after 5 (but the order is different now) they result in 6.

Did the Romans Have Tattoos?

Did the Romans Have Tattoos?

Despite the widespread use of tattoos among the peoples of Europe during that time, the average Roman would never have gotten a tattoo. They were familiar with tattooing but only gave inks to criminals, slaves, and soldiers. This sounds strange in today’s world where tattooing is considered an art, but in ancient Rome, it was considered as a mark of shame.

Romans did not make complex designs, because for them tattoos had only practical purposes. They were simple geometric symbols to mark criminals or the initials of a slave master. Dots were used to mark soldiers, those signs meant the unit they belonged to. Such tattoos had a simple purpose, even an ordinary citizen seeing a man with ink would recognize him as a runaway or deserter and could report him to the government. 

50+ Best Roman Numeral Tattoo Ideas

50+ Best Roman Numeral Tattoo Ideas

Despite the minimalism of Roman numeral tattoos, they can provide a wide range of stunning designs. The best tattoos start with unique ideas, so we’ve gathered a collection of Roman numeral tattoos, and are ready to inspire you. 

Let’s explore it together!

Important Date

Dates hold the memory of happy and sad days, they are a reflection of your journey and experiences. A Roman numeral tattoo is a whole story on your skin. It can be the day of your birth, the date when you achieved something outstanding, or the anniversary of some special moment. The elegance of the Roman numerals makes this date a timeless and personal piece of art and a reminder of the importance of this day on your journey.

Lucky Number

Each of us has one number that brings a bit of luck into our lives. Translate it into Roman numerals, and it suddenly becomes a good luck symbol that you will carry around with you. Some choose for themselves the number of their favorite tarot card, others the number of their zodiac sign, and some choose lucky Chinese numbers. For example, the Roman numeral 3 tattoos are very popular because in many cultures this number symbolizes good luck.

Date With Your Loved One’s Name

Combine the elegance of lettering and Roman numerals in your tattoo. It can be the day you met, an anniversary, or any moment that holds special meaning in your relationship. This tattoo will become a permanent declaration of love. Moreover, you can adorn your ink with flowers, hearts, beautiful patterns, and even swords.

Roman Numerals on a Clock

If you want to capture an important event on your skin forever but are looking for more detailed tattoos, then this design is for you. The Roman numeral clock tattoo will symbolically preserve that very moment, but other than that it reflects the constant running of time. These designs are often drawn in a black-and-gray realistic style. 

For fans of clock tattoos, we have an article with 55 clock tattoo ideas. Read it to know all about the deep symbolism of this design.

With Feather

The feather symbolizes lightness and freedom, adding elegance and deep meaning to your ink. This combination creates a visually striking tattoo and shows that remembering this date gives you wings.

To find more awesome feather tattoo ideas, check out our article. With our collection of 65+ designs, you’re sure to find an idea for your next tattoo.

With Roses

Combine the timeless beauty of roses with the classic appeal of Roman numerals. Such a tattoo will not only tell the world the story of your love but also symbolize its growth. This design will turn your skin into a canvas on which emotions and memories bloom, like in a beautiful garden.

Roses are one of the most popular tattoo designs that will suit both men and women. If you like elegant black rose tattoos as much as we do, read our article with a collection of awesome designs.

Couple Tattoo

Love connects hearts, and a Roman numeral tattoo can help you strengthen that bond. Choose a date that is meaningful to both of you and turn it into an elegant couple design. This shared symbol will be a constant reminder of a moment that belongs to both of you.

Wanted to get a couple tattoo for a long time, but still can’t decide on a design? Especially for you, we have gathered a collection of 70+ couple tattoo ideas that will suit couples, friends, and even siblings.

Best Placement Options for Your Roman Numeral Tattoo

When it comes to elegant ink like a Roman numeral tattoo, it is important to choose placements that will look more than stunning. The minimalistic design allows you to place them even on your finger, and adding feathers or roses can turn a small tattoo into a bigger piece. Many men choose to get Roman numeral tattoos on the chest and women opt for the wrist, while the forearm is an equally favorite placement for both.

Before making a final choice, we advise you to check the tattoo pain chart, because getting tattoos on some parts of the body may be more painful. If you are sensitive to pain and want to avoid unpleasant sensations, tattoo artists recommend choosing the outer parts of the arms and legs, as the sensations will be less intense there. If this is your first tattoo, try to avoid joints and areas with delicate skin.


Without a doubt, the forearm is the most popular location for tattoos of all designs. This location is perfect for both small ink and larger-scale designs. Whether it’s a date that changed your life or a lucky number, a forearm Roman numeral tattoo is a stylish and noticeable option.


A chest is a symbolic choice for a Roman numeral tattoo. Located here, the tattoo becomes a symbol of emotions and experiences hidden in the depths of the soul. Chest Roman numeral tattoo is a classic placement for men who are not afraid of admiring glances. 


Delicately depicted, the numbers on the neck draw attention at every glance. It is a sophisticated choice for those who like to stand out. But you need to know that Roman numerals tattoo on the neck can be painful, as the skin here is very delicate. Also, be ready to sit for a while in an uncomfortable position so that the tattoo artist can work on your ink.


This tattoo looks very elegant and remains one of the most popular options among women. It is like a personal watch that always shows the most important moment in your life. This tattoo can also be painful, but tattoo artists believe that even if it is your first tattoo, you should not be scared and give up the idea of getting a Roman numerals tattoo on your wrist.


If you prefer something small and delicate, the finger is the perfect place for a Roman numeral tattoo. Despite its size, it carries a whole world of meaning. Even though your hands are always in plain sight, such a tattoo is low-key, so this design will suit both men and women. 

When choosing such an option, it is important to take into account that the process of application will be quite painful. Also, since the skin on the hands often interacts with water and soap, the ink can blur faster.

How Do I Find a Tattoo Artist for My Tattoo?

Tattoos such as Roman numerals or lettering require skill and careful tattoo artist work. To ensure that your new tattoo does not become a disappointment, we advise you to choose your tattoo artist wisely. Some people are lucky enough to know someone who will make all their ideas a reality, but what about those who have not found their perfect match in the tattoo world? We are here to help you with this difficult task.

The InkMatch offers you a combination of easy search and selection among the best professionals in the tattoo industry. On this interactive map, you can find the best tattoo artists in your state in one click. All you have to do is choose a tattoo artist, fill out a short form, and get a booking confirmation for your session! Our team handles all the details of coordinating with the artist, so you won’t have to worry about it. If we are unable to find a suitable date, we can help you with choosing a new tattoo artist.  


Whether it’s a birthdate tattooed on your wrist, a wedding anniversary elegantly depicted on your collarbone, or a lucky number hidden on your ankle, a Roman numeral tattoo is a unique way to leave a memory on your skin. In this article, we looked at all the options above and even more in our catalog of designs. We found out what the meaning of Roman numeral tattoos can be, and whether the ancient Romans got inked. 

We hope our article was helpful to you, and that you found inspiration in the elegant lines of Roman numerals.


❓ Did the Romans Have Tattoos?

No, there is no reliable historical evidence that the ancient Romans, who were considered free citizens, received tattoos. But we do have evidence of tattoos being given to criminals and slaves so that everyone would know their status in society.

💬 What Does a Roman Numeral Tattoo Mean?

A Roman numeral tattoo is usually a specific date or number. People often choose important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, or significant life events. These tattoos serve as a personal and often symbolic way for people to mark significant moments in their lives.

🤔 Is a Roman Numeral Tattoo a Good Idea?

Many people find Roman numeral tattoos meaningful and stylish, especially to honor important life events. The simplicity of Roman numerals gives the design a classic and timeless feel. It is important to carefully choose a date or number that has true meaning so that the tattoo remains personally meaningful over time.

📆 How To Write 2023 in Roman Numerals?

To write 2023 in Roman numerals, you use the symbols MMXXIII. In Roman numerals, the letter M stands for 1000, and two M’s next to each other stand for 2000. By adding XX for 20 and III for 3, you get a 2023. In our article, we have detailed how to read Roman numerals.


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