15 Unbelievable Male Rib Cage Tattoo Ideas Catching Your Eye

Rib Cage Tattoo
Let’s amaze others with the 15 sexy male rib cage tattoo designs. We prepared the best crazy ideas and their significance for people who are not afraid of pain. Look through their meanings and get ready to book an appointment.

If you want to get a tattoo on your rib cage, you will find a lot of information about which you did not know anything before. One of these is that it can be pretty painful due to its thin skin and proximity near bone! We recommend you to choose a design with true meaning so not to regret about it later.

You can honor your close people with a quote tattoo design, or embrace your inner strength with a lion or dragon tattoo. It is also an incredible location for dream catchers and snakes. To help you get a unique design, we prepared the best 15 rib cage ideas. Happy reading!

The Best Male Rib Cage Tattoos Designs That Will Arrest Your Thoughts 

Unique Rub Tattoo Design

Tattoos from our artist Diamond Hawkins

Tattoos from our artist Lance Lloyd

Human creativity has no limits. And if you are looking for a place on your body where you can best portray your design and express yourself, then the rib would be the most ideal choice. Thanks to the rather large area on which you can get a tattoo, you have the best opportunity to develop a unique image design, turning it into a real work of art.

Dream Catcher Rib Tattoo

Dream catchers are beautiful handwoven objects designed to help someone sleep peacefully. The dreamcatcher tattoo has become quite popular because of its intricate detailing, making it visually attractive; a lot of people get these tattoos also due to their meaning, which can symbolize protection and spirituality.

Minimalist Rib Tattoo Design

Getting a simple tattoo on your rib can be the easiest way to make any outfit look more stylish. This type of ink is usually uncomplicated and lacks detail, so it won’t take long to get done.

Dragon Rib Tattoo Design

The dragon is a powerful creature representing strength, domination, and defiance. This tattoo will give you vibrant colors to match your personality.

Stars Rib Tattoo Design

Whether it be a single star or several, they are elegant and masculine when inked rib cage. The stars come from space and symbolize hope, spirit, & truth!

Snake Rib Tattoo Design

If you want to instill fear in someone, there is no better way than with a hyperrealistic serpent ink. Snakes are popular symbols with different meanings and importance across cultures; they’re universal yet full of symbolism, making them striking-looking.

Butterfly Rib Tattoo Design

Butterflies are a symbol of beauty and freedom. They can be tattooed in black or color ink to represent transformation, growth, change, all things that may remind your life experiences. 

Roaring Lion Rib Tattoo Design

If a man wants to show his strength, this is a perfect way. The tattoo looks great on ribs and symbolizes power with elegance.

Tiger Rib Tattoo Design

Tiger tattoos are popular among men who want an animal associated with strength, independence, and freedom. Chest tattoos can acquire both traditional and more modern motifs or even more realistic features that will beautify your rib cage.

Rose Rib Tattoo Design

Men who get rose tattoos often do so because they want to represent beauty and pain, remind themselves about the importance of caution in life, or give off an idea that they are passionate.

Heart Rib Tattoo Design

The heart is a symbol of love and passion in tattoos. You can choose an anatomically correct design or something more simple, depending on your personal preference — both are rich with symbolism, which often represents life’s essential moments like relationships or losses.

Quote Rib Tattoo Design

The rib cage is the perfect location for a quote tattoo because it’s large enough. You can go all out with your choices or just have one short phrase that means something special to you.

Rib Tattoo Black Bird Design

If you are looking for a tattoo that symbolizes wisdom, power, and free will, try this blackbird. Such tattoo design best suits those who associate themselves with well-experienced birds. 

Rib Tattoo Medusa Design

A Medusa is both a symbol of power, hunting, and war, so if you’re looking to make your tattoo design being mysterious, then this one could be perfect.

Angel Rib Tattoo Design

The angels represent balance and good deeds. They are often associated with righteousness. If you feel inspired by their symbolism or if your faith calls for a spiritual decoration on the body, then this would be an ideal tattoo choice.

The Most Suitable Styles for Male Rib Cage Tattoos



3D tattoos are perhaps the best option for people who want to create a unique and unusual design. But remember that not all tattoo artists can do it well, so be sure that you choose a professional one.

Asian Influenced


The Asian-themed tattoos are an excellent investment in skin modification and require many hours to complete. These ribs tattoo style has bold outlines with illustrative shading, adding dimensioned with vitality.



From the most remote Amazon jungles to the lands of Africa, tribal motifs have always been of particular importance to a code group of people. They represent strength and protection for those who wear them and pride about their culture. Each tribal tattoo contains images of geometric shapes, plants, or animals and is of great importance, unique to each tribe.

Neo-Traditional Rib Tattoo


Neo-traditional tattoos are a stunning reminder that the old is new again. Bold lines, traditional imageries, and structures are mixed with neon colors to produce an eye-catching effect in modern art form on your skin.


Rib tattoos are always in fashion, and they’re perfect for any man who wants to make his side tattoo stand out. Side ink can also be more subtle or simple depending on your preference — which is something that doesn’t come along often with other types of body art. If you decide on your design, get ready to book an appointment with our best tattoo artists.


🥊 Is the Rib Cage Tattoo Painful?

Yes, the chest is one of the most sensitive body places, because the nerve endings and bones are behind a fairly thin layer of skin. Therefore, it is quite painful getting a tattoo in this area.

💵 How Much Does a Rib Cage Tattoo Cost?

You can expect to pay around $700 for a medium-sized tattoo. This price varies depending on the size and design.

🤔 Is It Worth Getting a Rib Cage Tattoo?

Even though the skin in this place is very thin, which means that getting a tattoo here is quite painful, it is still a good place to turn all your ideas into reality. So, make reasonable decisions.

😍 Are Rib Cage Tattoos Hot on Guys?

Of course. Of course. This place is very popular among men for tattoos because it is perceived by the environment as very hot and sexy.


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