60+ Pretty Hand Tattoos To Make You Feel Stunning

60+ Pretty Hand Tattoos to Make You Feel Stunning
Have you been thinking about a cute tattoo on your hand for a long time, but haven't taken the risk yet? It's a really complicated step, so it's worth exploring this question further. We told you all about this tattoo spot and shared some cool designs.

It is significant to do something good for yourself in life. And that “good” is different for everyone. For some it’s weekend trips, for others it’s new clothes, and for me and probably you, it’s tattoos. Yes, they truly make me happy, and I never tire of telling you more and more about them. 

Tattoos on the hands are bold and even provocative. Not everyone will dare to get a tattoo that everyone will see almost always. It has to be a thoughtful and weighted decision. That’s why you will benefit from this article, in which I will talk about all the features of tattoos on the hands and share my favorite designs.

Hand Tattoos Meaning

The palm itself does not affect the meaning of the tattoo, except that it can show the courage and openness of the person. However, depending on whether the hand is left or right, the meaning changes. 

So, tattoos on the right hand do those people who are not afraid to show hardness of character. After all, the drawings on this hand contribute to the strengthening of strong-willed qualities. 

The tattoo on the left hand can tell a lot about the person. After all, usually, such people are very subtle personalities, capable of picking up subtle “fluctuations of the universe”. They tend to idealize everything around them and take into account the opinions of those around them. However, they decide on their own.

Hand tattoos meaning

In addition to the hands, the fingers also matter. Astrologers believe that each of the five fingers on the hand corresponds to one of the planets of the solar system energetically:

  1. The middle finger is energetically connected to Saturn. It is the planet of power. Those born under the sign of Saturn tend to seek power, fight for their authority, and strive for leadership. A tattoo on the middle finger reinforces the connection to the planet.
  2. The thumb is energetically aligned with Mars. The planet energy reveals sexuality, with an excess of vitality, helps to be active in all spheres of life. The tattoo on the thumb, respectively, increases the “currents” of Mars.
  3. The index finger is the finger of Jupiter. Its energy is connected with financial streams and momentous events. If you are waiting for them, or you want to make them happen, a tattoo on the index finger is a great way to strengthen your request to the Cosmos.
  4. The ring finger represents Venus. It is the planet of feelings, emotions, and love. It is not in vain that wedding rings are worn on the ring finger. You can do without the standard rings, making a tattoo on the fingers. Such a ring can’t be taken off, can’t be lost.
  5. Little finger is the finger of Mercury. The energy of this planet represents intelligence and social mobility. That’s why the meaning of a tattoo on the little fingers is a striving for connection with people, knowledge, and self-improvement.

Hand Tattoo Ideas

Even though tattoos on the hands are not the most popular, many men and women choose them. Everyone will find something to their liking among these ideas.

Small Designs

I usually call small tattoos advantageous because they can be concealed and they can be shown. In the case of the hands, it does not work that way, of course, but a small tattoo still will look neat and not as noticeable as large compositions. And remember that you can put a lot of meaning even in the smallest drawing.

Rose Designs

The rose is an amazing flower that has gained enormous popularity in tattoo art. Today they are equally loved by both girls and guys, the only difference may be in the design of the sketch.

Rose tattoos are endowed with rich symbolism and have many meanings. Roses are the embodiment of beauty, a source of ineffable fragrance, a symbol of love, and all this with a hidden threat β€” thorns, which suggests that all this beauty is not without pain.


The designation of the butterfly tattoo is multifaceted. The strong connection of the human soul with femininity, beauty, tenderness, lightness, and grace is noticeable in the meanings of this symbol. Some consider a butterfly tattoo as a talisman of one’s beauty and youth. Another meaning of the symbol is freedom and independence. It is these qualities that the bearers of the tattoo wish to demonstrate to others.

Pictures on the hands in the form of butterflies indicate an overwhelming desire of the owner of the tattoo to be the master of her destiny. It is a striving for absolute independence.

Pretty Female Ideas

Girls can be incredibly creative when it comes to tattoos. Their tattoos often look very pretty and nice. 

Finger Ideas

I already told you how each finger has a certain meaning, so you can use that in your tattoo. Tattoo fans often like to create picturesque compositions of tiny elements on their fingers, and it looks really beautiful. But single tattoos look no less significant and cute.


For the most part, people choose an inscription with a text that could characterize them and convey their life values and principles. It can be a phrase or just a word. Often inscriptions are chosen in a foreign language. Here it’s significant to be sure of the correct translation, especially when it comes to hieroglyphics.


If you break down the mandala into its constituent parts, you will find that it consists of several levels. The base of the image is a circle (the word “mandala” translates as a sphere, circle), and there are several other geometric shapes inside β€” squares and circles. An inscription and drawings of plants or animals are placed in the center of the mandala as a symbol that carries the main meaning of the mandala tattoo.

This is a simplified image of the universe, where our world is one of the levels of the universe. The other levels are inhabited by the gods.

The outer circle of the mandala-style tattoo can be interpreted as harmony and integrity.


Compositions are one of the most popular solutions when it comes to tattoos on the hand. Many different symbols create a story whose meaning is fully understood only by the tattooist and the tattoo owner. It looks gorgeous and mysterious, but at the same time, it is worth remembering that updating such a tattoo will be more complicated and fussy.


The ornaments look distinctive and unique. They immediately make you think about what kind of culture this is, and what it means to combine all these symbols into one drawing. Often such tattoos on the hands are done first with henna, and then people go to the tattoo masters to ink a drawing forever.

How Can a Hand Tattoo Influence Your Life?

A tattoo is always a good idea, but a tattoo on the hand is still a controversial issue. The fact is that there are many pitfalls that you may not have thought of at first. 

First, such a tattoo will always be in plain sight. That is, you either wear gloves or demonstrate your drawing on the skin to all and sundry. You need to be prepared not only for enthusiastic comments but also for the hate that is sure to appear sooner or later. People love to judge, that’s a fact.

Second, some employers will definitely take notice. It depends on the field of work and the region where you live, but it’s better to research both of these factors first so you know how the job will treat your tattoo. If you are already in demand and they want to work with you, of course, there will be no problem.

And thirdly, tattoos on the hands lose their appeal most quickly. Hands are constantly subjected to mechanical influence and therefore you will have to renew the tattoo quite often to keep its pristine appearance. And, of course, don’t forget about the pain. Hands are one of the most painful areas because there are a lot of bones and few muscles. 

How can a hand tattoo influence your life

Rules To Know Before Getting a Visible Tattoo

  • 1. The location of the tattoo. The drawing can be placed on the hand in different ways.  There are options to pad the tattoo on the hand itself, fist, palm, or fingers. This will all depend on the sketch, its size, and its theme. It is better to pick up a drawing with the tattoo master at the meeting, trying it on the hand at once. This is also significant because it is one of the most visible places, which can not be hidden. Treat the choice of the sketch, the master, and the exact place of the tattoo very responsibly.
  • 2. The skin of the hands is quite sensitive and constantly exposed. Hands are often in contact with water and other substances that can affect the tattoo ink. So, it is vital to use a good, quality pigment for the drawing. The areas on the fingers and the rib of the palm are particularly dangerous in this regard. The skin is often renewed in these areas, and the tattoo may be erased or blurred.
  • 3. The hand has a rather embossed surface. This can complicate the work of your tattoo artist. Therefore, the professionalism of the specialist and how well he can depict a drawing on the skin according to the selected sketch play a significant role.
  • 4. It is believed that the painfulness of tattoos on the hand is quite high. The fat layer in this place is minimal, so the nerve endings are concentrated very close. 
  • 5. Tattoo artists do not tattoo on your hand unless you have other visible tattoos on your body. For example, if you do not have a tattoed sleeve, or tattoos on the neck and other exposed places, many masters will refuse you. This is because tattoos on the hands are considered job stoppers.
Rules to know before getting a visible tattoo

Do People Regret Getting Hand Tattoos?

Most people have no regrets about their desire to get a tattoo in visible areas and that they did it. But it’s not all so clear-cut.

First of all, a lot depends on your age. At 16-20 years old, you think you are making a conscious decision, but a lot of things happen in life during these few years, and the outlook often changes. What was vital at 16 is no longer important at 20. And sometimes tastes and desires just change.

That’s why we don’t advise you to run out and get a tattoo at 16, even if your parents don’t have anything against it. It’s better to wait a few years β€” you’re going to live with it all your life anyway.

Secondly, some people regret getting a tattoo too soon because of their careers. It all depends on the professional field, but not having tattoos does make it easier for many to find a job. Every year such prejudices diminish little by little, but if you get a tattoo on your palm, you need to consider the job search factor anyway. 

Rules to know before getting a visible tattoo


You really should weigh the pros and cons before getting a tattoo on your hand. This is an important decision that will change your life in one way or another. Don’t make it quickly β€” give yourself enough time to think about it.

If it’s your dream and you’re ready for the pain and consequences for the sake of beauty and pleasure, do it. Lots of people get tattoos on their hands and feel wonderful about it.


πŸ€— What Is the Best Hand Tattoo?

The best tattoo on your hand is the one you dream about. There are no good or bad designs. Of course, your tattoo should not offend other people’s feelings, but there are no other rules. By the way, if it is vital to you, the rose is one of the most popular options for tattoos on the hands for both men and women.

πŸ€” What Does a Hand Tattoo Symbolize?

The meaning of the tattoo on your hand depends on which design you choose. The place of application does not play a role in this case.

πŸ™Š Do Hand Tattoos Fade Easily?

Tattoos on the hands fade faster than on other parts of the body since the hands are constantly exposed to mechanical impact from the outside and are one of the most active parts of the body.

😲 How Painful Is a Hand Tattoo?

A tattoo on the hand is one of the most painful places to get a tattoo because there is a lot of bone and little tissue.

πŸ’­ Do Hand Tattoos Affect Jobs?

It depends on the job and the region in which you live. If you’re a teacher, military, or judge, then yes, it will make a difference. If you work in IT or music, it’s unlikely to have an impact.


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