Pretty Hand Tattoos: 35+ Inspiring Ideas [Unisex Edition]

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If you want an eye-catching design, the pretty hand tattoo suits you. There are so many inspiring ideas for men and women to get ink. Check out this article and choose one.

Hand tattoo is a new trend that is increasing its popularity more and more every day. But when did it appear? And is it a good idea to get a tattoo in this place? 

This article will tell you everything about hand tattoos – from history to meaning. In addition, we have collected the best ideas for a pretty hand tattoo that will suit both men and women. So what are you waiting for? Start reading now!

Why Are Hand Tattoos Popular?

The tradition of applying drawings on the hand has a long history. The most popular opinion is that the tattoo on the hand came from India, where there is a world-famous wedding ritual Mehendi. It consists of the fact that on the wedding day, the girl applies on the skin several patterns to bless her for a happy marriage and prosperity. When European women saw such beautiful and meaningful designs, they also started to make these patterns. Since then, the popularity of tattoos on the arm is only growing. In parallel with this, the meaning and design changed. 

A hand tattoo is a great design for many reasons:

  • βœ‹ Firstly, it is a unisex option. Both men and women can get the pretty hand tattoo because there is no prejudice against this placement, such as the lower back or ankle.
  • βœ‹ Secondly, it is an unusual location that attracts attention. If you want to impress others, a pretty hand tattoo is the best way to do this. Our hands are always in full view, and it will be difficult not to notice their drawing.
  • βœ‹ At the same time, it is easy to hide. You only need to choose a more minimalistic design, not the central area. You can disguise it as a ring on the finger.
  • βœ‹ Finally, you will have a unique hand tattoo because this area is quite painful, and few people dare to get any ink there.

The Meaning of Hand Tattoo Location

Due to the ancient origin of hand tattoos, their meaning has changed over the years. Also, it depends on the cultural characteristics of people and their traditions. We have done some research and sum up several significant meanings of a pretty hand tattoo:

  • Symbol of wisdom and knowledge: In some ancient civilizations, such as the Aztecs, Incas, and Egyptians, priests would ink images on their hands to perform rituals. The power of the Gods passes through this ink and gives them enlightenment.
  • Symbol of human energy: According to some cultures, the hand is the center of energy storage, responsible for intuition and connection with the universe.
  • A hand tattoo symbolizes a firm position and loyalty to the principles of life. If you put ink there, it means that you are a strong-willed and steadfast person. And you are not afraid to express yourself.

However, the hand is a small body part, several placement options to get the pretty tattoo. One of the most popular is the back of the palm. Besides, you can choose your fingers, hand edge, and palm.

Pretty Hand Tattoo Ideas

Even though the hand has a small space, there are many designs to apply ink there, from tiny minimalist drawings to large full palm tattoos. You can choose anything you want. But we recommend a preference for more minimalistic and restrained designs, as they look more elegant and are now in trend. 

Below you can check out the best inspirational collection of pretty hand tattoos that will match perfectly with your skin.

Pretty hand tattoo ideas

Fire Hand Tattoo

Fire is a symbol of life and powerful energy. People have revered this sign since ancient times all over the world. If you are an active person with a lot of strength to move through life successfully, this pretty hand tattoo is a great option to express the fire of your soul to the world. You can depict the flame with black or colored ink combined with a skull or a butterfly. It also looks perfect as a small flame ring on the finger. 

Rosary on Hand

There is no more spiritual and meaningful hand tattoo than the rosary. The symbol of faith and hope in a higher power follows us through life and protects us from evil. You can depict it in the pretty tiny beads on the finger or as a genuine necklace in 3D design. Rosary can go from wrist to your hand and be quite visible pretty hand tattoo.

Realistic Eye Tattoo

The trend for realistic tattoos doesn’t slow for a few years. If you like this style, you can enjoy your hand’s eye tattoo. Usually, it is a black and gray design with fine lines. You can add many details, including tears, rays, stars, and meaningful quotes. The best placement is the central part of the back of the hand.

Snakes on Hand

A snake symbolizes immortality, transformation, and renewal. Also, it is associated with femininity and the way to self-realization. 

A pretty hand tattoo with the snake is a perfect design to get ink. You can put the tiny reptile on your finger or depict a giant twisted snake that spreads to the forearm. Usually, this design is in black ink, but the colorful tattoos look fresher and more unique.  

Pretty Bird Hand Tattoo

Birds symbolize freedom and independence. The hand is the best location for this pretty tattoo. You can make it as a silhouette of the bird or a very detailed image. It also looks excellent in watercolor style. You can choose any bird. Here are the most popular options:

  • 🐦 Swallow;
  • πŸ•ŠοΈ Dove;
  • πŸ¦… Eagle;
  • 🐀 Hummingbird.

Botanical Design

Flower designs are a classical ornament for any tattoo, both for men and women. There are plenty of ways to depict botanical pretty hand tattoos. It can be a sizeable black&white ink or a small minimalistic bunch. Flowers can wrap around your hand or be a part of the sleeve tattoo. 

Words and Phrases

Words are powerful tools for expressing our feelings and thoughts. And there is no better place for meaningful and essential phrases than palms. This kind of hand tattoo is trendy. In addition, there is an opportunity for the tattooist to experiment with size and shapes. 

Also, you can combine different words with several fonts. Usually, all inscriptions are in black or gray ink, but you can choose another color for your tattoo. 

Mandala Inspired

A pretty Mandala hand tattoo is a great idea for those who love ornamental designs. Many small details and beautiful patterns personify the harmony of the universe and man. There are plenty of ways to depict a mandala on the hand:

  • You can put it on the center of the palm;
  • It can be a matching tattoo on both hands;
  • The large pattern from fingers to the wrist;
  • Fine line pretty hand tattoo with tiny dots and elements.

Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

There is no doubt that the butterfly is a totally female design. But who cares? Besides, there are many trendy interpretations of this old-school drawing. You can add several details like flames, stars, and flowers. Or get the minimalistic outline or micro realistic pretty hand tattoo. Also, it is an excellent image for matching ink.

Twinkle Stars

It is one more classic design that looks gorgeous as a hand tattoo. It can be one small star on your finger or a constellation on the rid of your palm. A trendy way to depict it is a combination of tiny fine lines, dots, and planets. You can create a piece of space in your hand.

Lightning Hand

The force of nature is lightning. It is said that supernatural abilities appear when it touches your skin. Get this beautiful arm tattoo to make yourself feel special. It is an eye-catching and unique design despite its simplicity. The lighting can extend to the whole arm or be only on the wrist. Also, you can choose white ink to make it more mysterious.

Artsy Lines on Hand Tattoo

If you are interested in some original abstract designs, look no further than the artsy lines on the hand. Its popularity is only growing, but you won’t regret it; get this pretty tattoo on your skin. A simple design with minimum colors but an impressive look will be the best decoration for your hands. It looks like a work of art and requires high skill from the master to create it.

Tiny Insects

Insects on the hand are a great idea to mimic that some of them sit there. You can choose micro realism or 3d design to create a realistic effect. The most popular insects are:

  •  πŸ•·οΈ Spider;
  •  πŸ Bee;
  •  πŸž Ladybird;
  •  π“†€ Dragonfly;
  •  πŸœ Ant.

You can get some details like leaves, flowers, lines, dots, or geometric shapes. The size depends on your preferences, but we can say that large and small pretty hand tattoos with insects look exciting.

Grunge Design

Grunge style combines unconventional images, collages, and vintage aesthetics on the skin. It can be synonymous with rebellion and expressiveness. The hands are the perfect place to apply this tattoo style. 

For the most part, grunge pretty hand tattoos consist of many small drawings that are unrelated, but together they create a complex pattern. Often images are combined with inscriptions. Colored ink is combined with black and gray ink. Usually, all these tattoos are in the hand poke technique, which makes them unique.

Dragon Designs

If you love Japanese culture but don’t want Sakura to appear on your skin, there is a pretty dragon hand tattoo. The typical red tattoo without any details looks simple but gorgeous. There is an option to get the reptile’s body on the forearm and a head on your palm. Also, you can do it in the traditional American style with bright colors. Or it can be a black&white ink tattoo.

Perfect Moon Hand Tattoo

The moon is a mysterious symbol for many people. It has a deep meaning of the cyclical nature of our existence. There are a lot of amazing ideas with a moon for a pretty hand tattoo:

  • πŸŒ™ Combine it with the stars or planets;
  • πŸŒ™ Put a minimalistic moon crest;
  • πŸŒ™ Get the whole moon cycle;
  • πŸŒ™ Add the moon on one palm and the sun on another.

No matter which idea you choose for a pretty hand tattoo, ensure proper care after getting inked. 


Having a pretty hand tattoo means expressing your deep personality. This ink breaks the standards of beauty and the concept of aesthetics. With all these trendy designs, you will show that tattoo on the hand can only emphasize your beauty and not vice versa. So if you think about new ink, the palm placement is a perfect idea. And even though it is a painful process, it is worth it.


πŸ€— Does a Pretty Hand Tattoo Affect My Employment?

The answer is no. There are many misconceptions about hand placement. But in recent years, employers have ignored appearance and unique features such as tattoos, scars, etc. Skills are more critical for getting a job.

❓ What Is a Perfect Pretty Hand Tattoo Design for a Man?

Palm placement is more prevalent among men. The hand tattoo with animals, geometric shapes, abstract lines, insects, flowers, etc., suits males. Everything depends on the design and the preferences.

⁉️ How To Take Care of the Pretty Hand Tattoo After Getting Inked?

Tattoo care is an essential process for proper healing and long-lasting results. You should follow the tattoo artist’s instructions, clean properly, apply a thin layer of moisturizing lotion or ointment and repeat these actions from two weeks to a month, depending on the size and complexity of the hand tattoo.


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