Cosmic Beauty: 70+ Pisces Tattoo Designs for Creative Souls

Pisces tattoo
What do Pisces tattoos hide behind? You will find it out in our article, as well as see more than 70 tattoo ideas for this water sign.

If you were born between February 19 and March 20, then you probably know that your zodiac sign is Pisces. Beyond the stereotypes, Pisces individuals are characterized by wisdom, adaptability, and a strong intuitive nature.

In this article, we covered Pisces tattoo meanings and astrological facts to help you pick the right sketch for your future Pisces tattoo. What’s more, we prepared 12 mesmerizing categories of ideas and designs that reflect the complexity of this water sign. Also, here you will find the top 5 placements to get a Pisces tattoo and a legend that tells about the “origin” of the Pisces constellation. Let’s dive into this celestial journey!

Here you can find a list of artists who will help to ink your future Pisces tattoo:

Meanings of Pisces Tattoos

You may have heard that if you are a Pisces, you are a sensitive, dreamy, and whiny person. But Pisces is about duality and people with this zodiac sign can also combine qualities such as wisdom, responsiveness, kindness, quick adaptation to the environment, and strong intuition. Therefore, here is what Pisces tattoos can mean:

  • ?️ Imaginative and dreamy personality
  • ? Adaptability
  • ☯ Balance and equilibrium, or duality
  • ✨ Human versatility
  • ? Connection to emotional depth
  • ? Creativity and intuition
  • ? Representation of water element (as Pisces is a water sign) 
Pisces tattoo

5 Surprising Astrological Facts About Pisces

Everyone knows their zodiac signs, but few people delve into astrology and are familiar with the facts below. Who knows, maybe after reading them, you will feel more connected to the sign of Pisces and want to give your future tattoo a little different, more personal meaning. 

  1. Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac, associated with the element of water. People who were born between February 19 and March 20, this is your sign.
  2. This sign is ruled by the planet Neptune — this planet in astrology is responsible for a heightened sense of intuition, a strong connection with emotions, and a natural inclination towards artistic and creative pursuits.
  3. The two fish swimming in opposite directions in this zodiac sign represent the dual nature of Pisces – one swimming towards reality, the other towards fantasy. This representation comes from Greek mythology.
  4. Astrologers say there is a difference between March Pisces and February Pisces. The first ones are more intuitive, and the second ones are more spiritual.
  5. Pisces are generally very friendly and always happy to help others, which gives an impression of them as a social sign. Despite their friendliness, Pisces likes to spend time alone, which makes them happy (this could be listening to music, meditating, praying, swimming or even sleeping). Pisces appreciate the opportunity to be alone with their thoughts. Even here the duality is evident.
Pisces tattoo
Sometimes we are not sure if the tattoo will look good on us or if it won’t bore us. If you have such doubts, get a temporary tattoo first to make sure that you choose the right design and the right place.

Mesmerizing Pisces Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women

The possibilities of tattoos are as vast as Pisces’ imagination. We’ve collected 12 categories of ideas for you to be inspired by. Tattoos with the sign’s symbols await you, everything from constellations to designs with the element of water.

Constellation of Pisces

We’ll start with an unusual idea. Constellation of Pisces tattoos are often chosen by people who like more minimalistic and fine lines. There can be many variations of this design. For example, just dots denoting the main stars, or small stars connected by thin lines, and you can add flowers and other celestial bodies (as in the second or third picture).

Yin and Yang Concept

Since Pisces is about duality, a harmonious balance of opposites, the Yin and Yang tattoo option is perfect here. This concept reflects the symbol of two fishes, intertwining light and dark to represent the dynamic and balanced nature of Pisces. You can depict two koi fish, one white with a black spot, and the other black with a white spot (as in the last picture).

Astrological Sign

The sign of Pisces looks like two fish turned in different directions and bound together. There is a more simplified drawing — two arcs turned in different directions and in the middle, a horizontal line crosses them. This is also a simple and minimalistic symbol to which you can add various patterns.

Mix of Signs

Sometimes you want a more complex pattern. For this case, we have an idea with a mix of signs. You can combine a Pisces constellation tattoo with an astrological sign, or Pisces and an astrological sign, or you can mix them all. Another fascinating idea could be to depict the sign of Pisces as a tarot card, as in the fifth picture. Choose any combination for yourself, and don’t be afraid to add details.

Pisces Skeleton

Pisces skeleton tattoos can be dark but also fascinating. It’s a way to express your mystique, perhaps a deeper meaning of life and death (as in the picture where one fish is flesh, the other is a skeleton). This is a cool tattoo for Pisces men and women who love mysticism and otherworldly themes.

Colorful Ideas

The lucky colors for the sign of Pisces are green, blue, and purple. You can either add these colors to the tattoo or use only one of them. The choice is great, both colors and variants of their combinations.

Scale Designs

This and the next two ideas focus more on symbols that are related to Pisces. Scales cover the body of fish and serve as protection against damage. This is a good choice for those who want to show their belonging to Pisces, but also add the additional meaning of protection and strength.

Female Goddess

A female goddess Pisces tattoo embodies the nurturing and compassionate essence of this water sign, adding a touch of divine grace to your ink. Venus/Aphrodite (Venus from Roman mythology, Aphrodite from Greek mythology) is often depicted on these tattoos, but it can also be an image of a mermaid.

Water Tattoos

Since Pisces is a water sign, also ruled by the planet Neptune (in Greek mythology, Neptune is the god of the seas and oceans), water tattoos will also be a good choice for Pisces. This is your element, and such a tattoo can serve as a talisman or personal symbol.

As we mentioned above, Pisces is a water sign. You can go beyond the Pisces symbols and choose something related to the beautiful liquid. So feel free to check out our 64 water tattoo ideas for your inspiration.

Ideas for Men

All the ideas above are suitable for men, but if you want something more brutal, here are a few Pisces tattoo male options. For example, variants with the sign of Pisces and an arrow, the use of darker colors in tattoos, or simple but sharp designs appear quite masculine.

Ideas for Women

If you can’t get enough of the femininity in the ideas above, here are a few designs that convey delicacy, sophistication, and fluidity.

For Couples and Friends

Lastly, we offer a few of the best Pisces tattoo ideas that you can share with your loved ones and close friends. Here are examples of matching tattoos for couples and friends.

What about making a couple’s tattoo more diverse? You can find interesting matching tattoos for couples and enhance your Pisces tattoo.

Top 5 Perfect Placements for Pisces Tattoos

After looking through numerous Pisces tattoos, we have been able to identify five popular places on the body for this type of art. Let’s take a look at them.


Let’s start with the forearm tattoo. Almost anything can be placed in this area, from small signs to large detailed designs. The fact that you can cover your tattoo with a sleeve, or open it up if you want, makes this spot even more versatile. This is probably the most popular place for women’s and men’s Pisces tattoos.


The ankle is an intimate place that lends mystique and reveals your zodiacal identity with every step. Although there is not much area on the ankle, it is sufficient to portray lovely Pisces or constellations.

Rib Cage

Ribs invite you to create intricate patterns that gracefully follow the natural curves of your body. Imagine fish swimming elegantly along your ribs, or the celestial constellation of Pisces adorning this area. Pisces tattoos on the rib cage reflect your inner depth and resilience, boldly declaring the deep nature of your zodiacal spirit.


Although the back offers a large space for a Pisces tattoo, it is more common to choose small tattoos. It can be placed, for example, in the middle of the shoulder blade closer to the neck, or in the center of the back. Pisces tattoos on the back offer a breathtaking tapestry, symbolizing the boundless imagination and emotional currents that define you.


Elegance meets symbolism when a Pisces tattoo adorns your collarbone. This delicate and refined arrangement allows you to create subtle yet effective designs that emphasize the contours of your necklace. Whether it’s a small constellation, a pair of fish in a harmonious dance, or a symbolic sign, the best Pisces tattoos on the collarbone exude sophistication and celestial charm.

The top placements on your body don’t mean you have to choose just those. Check out our guide on how to choose the best placement for a tattoo and learn the tips and tricks for doing so.

The Legend Behind the Pisces Constellation

In Greek mythology, the invasion of Typhon played a significant role in the creation of the Pisces constellation. Typhon, a monstrous creature with several heads and terrible strength, sought to overthrow the gods from Olympus and wreak chaos on the world. Terrified of the impending threat, the gods tried to flee and transform themselves into various animals to escape Typhon’s wrath.

During this violent time, Aphrodite, the goddess of love and fertility, and her son, Eros, the god of carnal love, found themselves in a dangerous situation. In an attempt to escape the fierce Typhon, they turned into fish and plunged into the Euphrates River. However, to keep themselves apart in their nautical guise, they tied themselves together with a cord.

Their clever maneuver not only saved them from Typhon but also earned them the gratitude of the gods. As a reward for their ingenuity and to immortalize their bond, Zeus placed the bound fish in the night sky in the form of the constellation of Pisces. Thus, the legend of Typhon’s invasion was intricately woven into the celestial canvas, symbolizing the resilience, unity, and strength of the family bond in the face of adversity.

Pisces constellation from Urania's Mirror
Pisces constellation from Urania’s Mirror


Here we have learned the mysterious story of how the constellation Pisces came to be. Along with this, you now know about the meanings of the Pisces tattoo, as well as familiarize yourself with different ideas and designs for future tattoo sketches. We hope that you have already chosen the place you want to get a Pisces tattoo. 

The best part is that after considering all of these ideas you might come up with your own. We will be glad if this article helps you with that. Get a tattoo, personalize it with your meaning, and let your choice make you happy.


♓ What Does the Pisces Tattoo Mean?

A Pisces tattoo usually represents the zodiac sign associated with those born between February 19 and March 20. The tattoo often reflects traits such as creativity, intuition, wisdom, and responsiveness.

? Can Koi Be Used for a Pisces Tattoo?

Yes, using koi fish in a Pisces tattoo is creative and symbolic, but it doesn’t stop there. Although koi fish are not directly related to the Pisces zodiac, they symbolize strength, perseverance, and transformation. Their use can add a unique touch to your Pisces tattoo.

? Is the Pisces Tattoo a Female-Only Thing?

Of course not, the Pisces tattoo is not gender-specific. It is a personal choice that can be made by people of any gender. The design and style of the tattoo can be chosen according to personal preferences. You can check out our options for men and women again.

✨ How to Customize My Pisces Tattoo?

You can customize your Pisces tattoo by adding elements that have personal meaning to you. Consider incorporating dates, flowers, colors, mermaids, scales, or symbols that resonate with you into your tattoo. Also, discuss your ideas with an experienced tattoo artist who can help bring your vision to life.

? What Tattoo Is Lucky for Pisces?

Pisces is associated with the water element and is ruled by Neptune. Symbols such as the trident, dolphins, or elements that evoke feelings of fluidity and intuition may be considered successful for Pisces tattoos. Alternatively, consider lilies and orchids as a future tattoo or as an addition. The tattoo can be done in green, blue, or purple ink (or all at once).


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