Top 10 Tattoo Artists In Nashville: Get Your Tattoo Right Now

Make your dream tattoo come true with one of the top 10 Nashville tattoo artists. We prepared a list of well-experienced tattoo artists. Bonus: find out something new for yourself about the history of tattoo development in Nashville.

Nashville is a must-see for any music lover. Over the years, it’s become one of America’s top destinations to visit with family and friends because there are so many great things available in this beautiful city! You can see some concerts at various venues around town or take an extra-long weekend trip.

Nashville has a fantastic selection of talented artists who are perfect for any traveler looking to add new artwork during their trip. In fact, there are several artists and shops with ties to the popular TV show ‘Ink masters’ that you’ll want to visit! Let’s check them all out and book an appointment today.

The Best Tattoo Artists Profiles in Nashville 

Scroll Down and See the 10 Best Tattoo Artists You Should Consider in Nashville

Nathan Mickle

Nathan Mickle is a traditional tattoo artist with an extensive collection of vibrant tattoo works. He specializes in American and black and grey styles, but has also created some unique paintings that are sure to get your attention. Nathan has 10 years of experience in tattooing.

With each tattoo, he makes an original piece of art suitable to the person’s personality and style. He mixes many different techniques to create bright colors with bold lines for his clientele who want something unique about their new ink.

Hayden Combs

Hayden Combs is a Florida-bred tattoo artist born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. He started a career as a tattoo artist at 18 when he left home to pursue art and hasn’t looked back since. He specializes primarily in all styles and does custom work on request.

Cait Keiffer

Cait Keiffer has been pursuing her dream of being a tattoo artist from a young age. When this artist dropped out of college to pursue tattooing full time, she was already known as one of the best masters in her field.

Chris Saint Clark

Chris Saint Clark is a renowned actor, writer, and tattooer who has been in the industry for over 10 years. He currently lives with his wife in Nashville, Tennessee, where he operates Kustom Thrills Tattoo, which became known as ‘The Pioneer Of Kulture.’

When Chris first started tattooing, he was only 17 years old. His mentor and employer at the time was Tony Olivas of Sacred Heart in Atlanta, who offered to teach him all about painting portraits for a living.

Adam Wakitsch

If you want your next tattoo to be something that will last forever, then Adam Wakitsch is the best artist for you. He has an amazing talent and can create custom tattoos just as well on paper or skin with his own two hands. He is co-founder of ‘Kustom Thrills Tattoo’.

Forrest Pollock

Forrest Pollock is a native of Nashville, TN, working as an artist in the Neo-Traditional tattooing scene since 2007. His inspiration comes from Metal & Blues music scenes and surrealist painters like Picasso or Vincent van Gogh. Forest has been a guitarist playing on the local scene for more than 24 years, but his true calling is being a tattoo artist.

Ryan Thomas

Ryan’s tattooing style varies depending on the project. He started his career in Toledo, Ohio, before relocating to Nashville when he was 20 years old. His works include traditional and neo-traditional designs and many Japanese ones that he creates for customers at B13 Tattoo Parlor.

Teddy Butler

Teddy Butler, a well-known tattoo artist in Nashville, started his career when he was just 16. He got into it because of Ryan Thomas, another talented local tattoo artist who impressed him enough to work within this industry. Teddy’s work speaks for itself. He can do anything you need, from a simple black and grey tattoo to full-color designs that will last forever.

Jason Ponce

Jason Ponce is a tattoo artist who has been in the tattoo industry for over 7 years. He moved from South Carolina to Tennessee after his apprenticeship and now works at Lone Wolf Tattoo Company, where he’s been since 2013. He’s an award-winning tattoo artist with a degree in Graphic Design. Jason was born and raised on the south side of Chicago but now lives and works in Nashville.

Elisheba Israel Mrozik

Elisheba Israel Mrozik is an artist who was born and raised in Memphis, TN. She graduated from college with honors in Computer Arts. Art isn’t just something that Elisse does for fun; it’s what drives her every day. 

Elisheba is a tattoo artist who has been awarded for her work in many categories. She won the award as TV’s Nashville Artist 2015. 

Elisheba’s favorite things to tattoo are portraits, ink splatter, and watercolor paintings. She is constantly exploring new tattoo ideas. She loves the freedom to try different styles and genres without worrying about running into any creative boundaries or losing work opportunities.

History of Tattoo Development in Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee, is a city with an exciting history regarding tattoos. As more and more people have started traveling here, the number of tattoo shops in the area has also dramatically increased. With a population of 610,000 and the presence of 27 different parlors on Yelp for “tattoo” in Nashville, you’re sure to find what your heart desires. 130 businesses listed under Google Places also describe this city as competitive. 

Queen of Hearts is the oldest tattoo shop in Nashville. Queen of Hearts Tattoo is a tattoo studio first established in Radcliff, KY, and then moved to Nashville, Tennessee. It’s currently located just south near the new soccer stadium. Queen of Hearts is a studio where you can find 4 artists working and specializing in various media. Their minimum order size is $80, but they don’t charge for custom work.

The Most Popular Tattoo Shops in Nashville

  • Art Immortal Tattoo – art Immortal Tattoo is a great place to get inked! The studio has spacious and comfortable booths that give you the sense of privacy, security, or comfort necessary for your tattoo experience.
  • Black 13 Tattoo Parlor – black 13 Tattoo Parlor offers unique and diverse tattoo designs in town! With their broad range of styles, you’ll find something for every taste. 
  • Gold Club Electric – gold Club Electric Tattoo is the place to go if you’re looking for a unique ink drawing that will last forever. The staff has artists specializing in different styles, from American traditional and portraiture to custom lettering or bold geometric designs.
  • Music City Tattoo – music City Tattoo is the place to go if you’re looking for a private, clean tattoo studio with quality service. The artists specialize in custom designs and do their best work by appointment only here.
  • Safe House Tattoo Studio – there are seven artists at Safe House Tattoo Studio with over 40 years of experience in the industry. They create body art that ranges in different styles, sizes, and colors to suit anyone’s taste.


⌛️ How Old Do You Have To Be To Get a Tattoo in Nashville?

The minimum age is 18. However, you need to have written consent from your parents or guardian.

💸 How Much Is a Tattoo in Nashville?

The price of tattoos is based on size and detail, but the average shop’s rate is $80 per hour. For larger, more extensive work that may require several sessions to complete will cost from $100-150 per hour, depending on the tattoo master.

📝 Does Nashville Require a Tattoo License?

Tennessee law requires that you be at least 18 to get a tattoo license. If you want to work in the tattoo industry in Nashville you must have to be a licensed tattoo artist.


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