70+ Matching Tattoo Designs for Couples, Friends, & Siblings

Matching Tattoo
70+ matching tattoo ideas for couples, lovers, married, friends, siblings, and more. Choose one that will perfectly emphasize the depth of your relationship.

Matching tattoos are designs for people who feel a special connection with each other and want to show the depth of the relationship to the whole world. There are a lot of such ideas, and they suit different categories of people: friends, siblings, children and their parents, lovers, married couples, and so on.

We took this fact into account and grouped 70+ stylish matching tattoo designs, listed their meanings, and explained whether it’s a good idea to get similar tattoos.

A soulmate is not found. A soulmate is recognized.

πŸ’‘ Note:
Deciding on the idea of a tattoo can be difficult for various reasons. We analyzed them and created a step-by-step guide to choosing a tattoo idea.

Are Matching Tattoos a Good Idea?

Are matching tattoos a good idea?

Getting a matching tattoo is a good idea. Such a design is a reflection of your joint hobbies, years spent together, children, and so on. Also, people around you will immediately understand that you are very close to your soulmate.

However, keep in mind that sometimes matching tattoos can last longer than relationships between people. Therefore, the decision to get a design should not be impulsive. Once you have an idea for a matching tattoo, think it over for 2–3 weeks. If, after this period, you will not change your mind, then you are ready for 100%.

πŸ’‘ Note:
In addition to matching tattoo ideas, it is also necessary to determine the place on the body. Therefore, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the least painful body places to get a tattoo.

70+ Meaningful Matching Tattoo Designs

Matching tattoos are an opportunity to express your feelings and emphasize the uniqueness of your relationship with another person. It could be your partner, siblings, parents, or friends. Depending on this, the design and plot will be different. Accordingly, its meanings will also be different.

Based on this, we selected designs for all the potential categories of people who are interested in matching tattoos, supplemented them with unique ideas, and listed their meanings.

Let’s move on!

For Couple

A matching tattoo idea for couples and lovers can be any symbol, sign, or plot associated with relationships. Think of situations in your life that are most iconic or gifts associated with your loved one to choose the most suitable design.

When choosing such an idea, it is worth considering some aspects. The design’s style should suit both: the guy is unlikely to agree to get a tattoo that is too delicate, and the girl – too massive. Therefore, you should choose an idea and show it to your tattoo artist. He will help to make it perfect for you and your loved one.

πŸ’‘ Note:
50+ meaningful matching couple tattoos are waiting for you! Check them out and get inspired to create your design.

For Married

The most popular ideas for matching tattoos for married couples are dates or each other’s initials. These inscriptions are often accompanied by an infinity symbol ♾️, which indicates that your love has no limits and will last forever.

πŸ’‘ Note:
You can find more infinity sign tattoos for married with meanings in this article.

You can also often find designs with crowns. They have the following meanings:

  • πŸ‘‘ Luck;
  • πŸ‘‘ Permanence;
  • πŸ‘‘ Pure love.

For Best Friends

Matching tattoos are also about devotion to your friend. The main meanings of such designs are shared interests, hobbies, and experiences. You can use them as sources of inspiration for designs.

You can also use phrases that have gone viral. For example, you can get a β€œf.r.i.e.n.d.s.” tattoo which refers to the series of the same name. It is the personification of friendship in the media space.

πŸ’‘ Note:
More tattoos for best friends are waiting for you in this article!

For Sisters

Sisters have a special bond from birth. However, you can also get a couple tattoo that will highlight the depth of your relationship. As for designs, you can choose the one that connects you through memories. For example, maybe you had some kind of joint symbolic entertainment like riding a swing.

πŸ’‘ Note:
Sisters often get tattoos on their wrists because it is almost painless to get a design in this place. You can check out 5 more wrist tattoo ideas for girls to get inspired.

For Brothers

In the case of matching tattoos for brothers, the situation is the same as with designs for sisters. You should choose a symbol or plot that is associated with your soulmate. Also, you can just choose a certain idea that is not connected with your relationships.

For example, for men, the king’s card tattoo will be symbolic. Therefore, below we list the meanings of this design:

  • πŸ‘‘ Power;
  • πŸ‘‘ Courage;
  • πŸ‘‘ Determination;
  • πŸ‘‘ Friendliness.

For Siblings

If you want to get a matching tattoo for siblings, you should consider ideas that complement each other. For example, it can be a design consisting of several elements. Each of the siblings will have a specific one highlighted. It would mean that each is an individual, but together they form one whole.

πŸ’‘ Note:
The most common designs for siblings are small ones. Therefore, we offer you to get acquainted with 55+ male and 100+ female small tattoos for inspiration.

For Mom and Daughter

There is an invisible bond between mother and daughter. However, not everyone wants to just feel it. Some want to show its depth to others. In this case, you should consider matching tattoos for mom and daughter.

One of the most concise designs can be a couple heart tattoo. It can be just symbols or mini compositions with initials and inscriptions. Such ideas will have the following meanings:

  • πŸ’œ Love;
  • πŸ’œ Bravery;
  • πŸ’œ Devotion;
  • πŸ’œ Attachment.

Also, it is generally accepted that the purple heart symbolizes love for parents. Therefore, if you want to emphasize your affection for your mother, choose this design.

For 3 Friends

As a matching tattoo for 3 friends, you can choose a shared composition, which will consist of complementary elements. In this case, its meaning will be similar to that of a sibling tattoo: individually, each of the friends is a unique person but together they form one whole.


Small tattoos are the most popular matching ideas. First, they can be done quickly and almost painlessly. Secondly, such a design can be easily supplemented or covered with a new one.

Among all the small matching tattoos, one of the most popular is the moon and sun design. It will have the following meanings:

πŸŒ“ Moon and sun – harmony and balance in relationships.

πŸŒ™ Moon:

  • Mysteriousness;
  • Magic;
  • Appeasement.

β˜€οΈ Sun:

  • Light;
  • Good;
  • Life energy.


The avocado is a meaningful symbol that is often used in matching tattoos. Translated from the Aztec language, avocado is the “fruit of love.” Therefore, such a tattoo will symbolize your feelings for a soulmate or a loved one.

Also, an avocado tattoo has the following meanings:

  • πŸ₯‘ The beauty;
  • πŸ₯‘ Youth;
  • πŸ₯‘ Tenderness.

Ying Yang

For couples in love, a Ying Yang matching tattoo means ☯️ not just passionate love and harmony but deep feelings and unwavering loyalty to a person. However, the main meaning of this design is harmony and balance in all aspects of life.

Be sure to consider a Ying Yang matching tattoo if you feel like you complement each other perfectly with your soulmate.

πŸ’‘ Note:
The Ying Yang is a meaningful symbol, but if placed correctly on the body, you can give it more symbolism. Therefore, we suggest you read the article with tips and tricks on choosing tattoo placement.


Matching tattoos with puzzles are perfect for people who want to show that they are perfect for each other and complement the characters. Such designs may contain other meaningful elements such as a key and a lock, which means that only one person knows the way to another (like one key to one lock).

Also, the puzzle tattoo has other meanings:

  • 🧩 Passion for solving complex problems;
  • 🧩 Mysteriousness;
  • 🧩 Desire to find your calling.


Flowers are one of the most common symbols in tattoos. So, you may come across similar matching tattoos. Depending on the flower, the idea will have different meanings. Therefore, below we list the most popular:

πŸ’› Sunflower

  • Good mood;
  • Love;
  • Loyalty;
  • Longevity.

πŸ’œ Violet

  • Sensitivity;
  • Responsiveness;
  • Modesty;
  • Decency.

πŸ’™ Forget-me-not

  • Memory;
  • Loyalty;
  • Love.

πŸ’‘ Note:
You can find more sunflower tattoo designs to get inspired in our article.


If you have a very meaningful date with your soulmate and want to get a matching design, this idea is for you. You can place it anywhere. For example, if it is a wedding date, get it on your finger in the form of a ring.

You can also often find tattoos on the inside of the arm. It will be an intimate design because only your soulmate will know about its place. Such a tattoo is easy to hide from strangers under the sleeve (even short ones).

πŸ’‘ Note:
If you want to complement the matching tattoo on the arm, check out 80+ male and 50+ female arm tattoos to get inspired.

Top 10 Tattoo Artist to Make Your Design Become True

Choosing a tattoo artist is a very important step in getting a tattoo. In addition to ensuring the quality of the design, they are also responsible for the safety of the process. Therefore, when choosing a tattoo artist, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • βž• Safety. Ask tattoo artists what steps they take to avoid infection and whether they use gloves, disinfectants, and moisturizing cream for skin protection. If they do not have such inventory, it is better to look for others.
  • 🎨 Style. It is necessary to know in advance what tattoo styles the artist works in. For example, everyone can implement a small tattoo. However, they will look more advantageous with thin contours. They can be implemented in minimalist or fine line styles.
  • πŸ’Ό Portfolio. Ask tattoo artists to show you their portfolios, so you can visually find out if they are worth your attention or if it is better to look for other artists.

Below we have compiled 10 highly skilled tattoo artists based on the above characteristics.

NameStyles and LocationExamples of work
Lawn L Lewis
Lawn L Lewis
See more examples of work
East Brunswick
Ben Krist
Ben Krist
See more examples of work
American traditional
Jay Carpenter
Jay Carpenter
See more examples of work
Black and Grey
Megan Mitchell
Megan Mitchell
See more examples of work
Animals, Color
Niko Peralta
Niko Peralta
See more examples of work
American traditional
Jeff Malota
Jeff Malota
See more examples of work
American traditional
Black and Grey
Traditional Japanese
Virginia Beach
Irina Shapiro
Irina Shapiro
See more examples of work
Dan Kline
Dan Kline
See more examples of work
American traditional
Pedro DeLeon
Pedro DeLeon
See more examples of work
Black and Grey
Benjamin Zikmanis
Benjamin Zikmanis
See more examples of work
Black and Grey, Animals


A matching tattoo is a worthwhile idea that will become a symbol of the relationship between soulmates. Of course, you should not get it immediately after you think about it. It is worth waiting 2–3 weeks to make sure that it was not a fleeting desire but a deliberate act.

However, you can choose a design even at the initial stage of making a decision. Therefore, we have collected 70+ matching tattoo ideas and described their meanings so that you can choose the most suitable one.

πŸ’‘ Note:
After choosing a matching tattoo design, check out the list of highly qualified tattoo artists who will make your idea a reality.


πŸ€” Are Matching Tattoos a Good Idea?

Yes, because such a design will emphasize the depth of your relationship. However, wait 2–3 weeks after the idea of getting a tattoo has visited you, so the decision is balanced and you do not regret it.

🧐 Why Do Others Get Matching Tattoos?

There can be many reasons for getting a matching tattoo: a significant event in life, a desire to express feelings, emphasize the depth of relationships, and so on.

πŸ€β€πŸ§‘ What Do Matching Tattoos Mean?

Matching tattoos signify loyalty, affection, and the depth of a relationship.

☝️ Where Is the Best Place To Get a Matching Tattoo?

It depends on several factors: the level of pain, the desire to make your design visible or hidden, etc. We’ve done a deep analysis and provided several tips that will make your choice much easier.


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