50+ Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas That Will Never Lose Their Meaning

Couple Tattoo Ideas
Are matching couple tattoos your secret guilty pleasure? Because we collected as many ideas as we could in this article to satisfy your soul and heart and help make the right decision about getting one.

Probably every one of us at least once in our lives has thought about matching couple tattoos. After all, sometimes they look so cool! Of course, society imposes its stereotypes along the lines of “couples who share tattoos soon break up”. Is it worth believing them? It depends primarily on your perception.

But, besides jokes, there are some regularities regarding couples’ tattoos. It all depends on the reasons and grounds for these designs on the body. Perhaps that’s where we’ll start. 

Reasons To Get Matching Couple Tattoos: Is It Worth It?

Couple Tattoo Ideas

At first glance, it seems that almost always paired tattoos are done because of great love and the certainty that the couple will always be together. We may disappoint you, but, according to tattoo masters’ experience, most often the cause is more specific and concrete. Tattoo masters have noticed such motives for matching couple tattoos:

  • Representing couples’ shared milestones;
  • Marking the years spent together;
  • A mark about joint children;
  • To remember people they’ve lost;
  • A sign that they care deeply enough about one another to literally alter the way they look;
  • A creative way to express the profoundly intimate things they’ve experienced as a couple;
  • Stating that they belong to each other as a couple;
  • Emphasizing that they love each other and want to remember each other always; 
  • Numerous other experiences that couples share.

Overall it can represent a deeply meaningful and enduring partnership, or it can be a decision based on passion and impulsivity. 

Is it worth it? That’s a good question. The author of this article believes that there is no one-size-fits-all answer — it all depends on your motives. What author is sure of is that the tattoo must mean something more than a promise to be together for the rest of your life. You shouldn’t get paired tattoos in honor of a wedding, relationship month, or similar events. It’s all too much… stereotypical. After years of being together, the desire to get a couple’s tattoo will be much more conscious and you will be less likely to regret it later on.

Small Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas

Minimalism is an undying trend. And it’s hard to argue with it because minimalist tattoos usually look stylish, neat, and aesthetic. 

Small drawings act as a personal symbol of the couple. Such tattoos are not done for the attention of others but have a special meaning. It can be a number, the first letter of the name of the other person, a heart, infinity sign, or anything else important to the couple. Native drawings are performed in different places, often it is the ring finger or wrist. Usually, small tattoos are performed in black.

Cute Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas

The concept of “cute” is rather vague and has a different meaning for everyone. Some people think Pikachu is cute, while others think skulls with roses are cute. Often the basis of “cute” tattoos are cartoon characters, cute animals, or any other pleasant images. They may seem frivolous, but this is a misconception. After all, couples usually bring their special meaning to tattoos, and for them, they can mean much more than to all other people. 

Quotes in Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas

Joint tattoos in the form of inscriptions are considered the motto of the relationship. They are mostly done in English or Latin. It is possible to put one phrase for two or to write it completely in each of them. The inscriptions are often complemented by various drawings in the form of a heart, a key and a lock, the sign of infinity, and other elements. The most popular inscriptions are such as “You are my universe”, “One love, one heart”, “Only you”, and others.

Animals in Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas

Animals are some of the favorite motifs for matching couple tattoos. More often than not, couples stamp images of animals, considered symbols of fidelity, on their bodies.

  • 🦁 Lion and lioness. Most people associate these noble animals with greatness and self-confidence. In addition, a paired tattoo with the image of these animals symbolizes a strong relationship between people with the same values and views on life. Often images of a lion and a lioness are complemented by crowns. This means that the two people put each other first.
  • 🐺 The wolf and the she-wolf. Wolves are beautiful and strong animals that are loyal to their other half all their lives. Therefore, this tattoo is great for people who love each other.
  • 🐠 Pisces. A fish tattoo is a symbol of wealth. Therefore, it is worth putting it on your body for couples who want to succeed in business and improve their financial situation. Very often such tattoos are decorated with some additional signs. Most often the body of lovers depicts carp, whales, or dolphins. Such drawings look outstanding.

Unique Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas

Unique tattoos are always cool. They don’t have to reflect some strange object that doesn’t exist to be called unique. The point is to make ordinary objects special. Even the yin and the yang. You take a symbol and decorate it with flowers, and it already looks completely different. 

You have an ability to make any design unique, to capture your love story on the body in a way that no one else will.

Tips for Choosing (Creating) A Design for Matching Couple Tattoo

You know, when you are together, it seems that you will love this person forever and nothing can change your feelings. That’s normal. It’s brilliant. But unfortunately, we can’t anticipate what life has in store for us. Things can turn upside down at any moment and that’s not an exaggeration. 

That’s why the main advice to give when choosing a matching tattoo design is to think about the meaning. It should be valuable to both of you, but even if the person isn’t in your life, the tattoo won’t lose its meaning and value. Just like your own life — it’s brighter next to the person you love, but you’re also a self-sufficient happy person without him/her. 

 Also, share a few universal tips:

  • Start with an idea and find as many examples of it as you can! Consider different drawing techniques and styles.
  • No definite idea yet, but you have a desire to do a matching couple tattoo? Think about what you have in common. Your common favorite books, movies, computer, board games, zodiac signs, symbols of the year, totem animals, mythical and mystical creatures, etc. This is a real treasure trove of ideas! After all, you can depict them as you like — it all depends on your imagination and the talent of the artist.
  • Perhaps you have a common hobby, such as a favorite sport. Like snowboarding, diving, rock climbing, painting, or ballet? Any hobby can be embodied in a subject for a tattoo. 
  • Inscriptions, namely quotes, winged phrases, aphorisms, names — if there is something special to both of you, it can be a great basis.
  • Look at ready-made tattoos. Let’s say the idea is anchors on your wrist. Be sure to evaluate the examples. You’ll see what benefits both the drawing and the chosen area have. Also, get inspired, which is very important.
  • Save interesting sketches and photos. The master will use them as a basis.
  • Do not copy someone else’s work exactly. Take them as a basis. Let the master make changes and add uniqueness. Or better yet, make your own design.

matching couple tattoo


Tattooing today is a common thing. Many people tend to think that a paired tattoo combines strength and energy into one. Native signs adorn themselves not only young couples but also people of age. Anyway, we advise you to think more than one day before making such a decision.

Couples’ tattoos usually evoke mixed emotions. Some people are intimidated by the idea, while others are convinced that there is no better way to reinforce and show their feelings to their partner. However, if you feel you want to take this step in your relationship, then it doesn’t matter what others think. Doesn’t it?


💭What Is a Good Matching Tattoo for Couples?

A good matching couple tattoo will be meaningful to both of you and will not lose its meaning even if you break up. It can be any pattern because the main point is what it means to you.

💖Should I Get a Matching Tattoo With My Partner?

We do not advise getting a matching tattoo if you and your beloved recently met and can not be 100% sure of your feelings. But if you have been together for a long time, a matching couple tattoo can be a great way to highlight the experiences you’ve had together.

🤷‍♀️How Do Couples Choose Tattoos?

Everyone is individual, but a good approach is to study existing designs, think about what you have in common, and together with the master come up with a unique design for your future tattoos.

😏Is It Smart To Get Matching Tattoos?

Getting matching tattoos is a wise decision, as long as it’s not frivolous. When you really feel that it will mean something more to you than just drawings on your body.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑What Are Matching Tattoos?

Matching tattoos are a kind of tattoo that people do together (2 or more persons if it is not a couple tattoo). It can be the same drawings or different designs that have something in common or make sense only together.


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