40 Sexy and Crazy Lip Tattoos Ideas to Discover in 2022

Do you want to get a really crazy and sexy tattoo? Here you will find 10 original lip tattoo ideas to try in 2022! Look through the drawbacks and benefits before getting such tattoos. We prepared 40 beautiful designs that must attract your attention.

There is no shortage of creative and bold tattoos for your lips. The inner lip tattoo can be a little more painful than others, but it’s worth the pain in exchange! There are many types of them; some are permanent, while others last mere moments before they fade away into nothingness.

Best Tattoo Ideas on Your Lips

Lettering Lip Tattoo Designs

Tattoo gallery from our artist Katana Byerly

Love Lip Tattoo


Diamond Lip Tattoo


Dollar Tattoo on Lip


Reptiles Lip Tattoo


Sexy Lip Tattoo


Emoji Tattoo on Lips


Skull Lip Tattoo


Flower Lip Tattoo


Names Tattoo on Lips


Moon Lip Tattoo


Celebrities Who Got Inner Lip Tattoo

Paris Jackson

lip tattoo ideas Paris Jackson


lip tattoo ideas Ke$ha

Kendall Jenner

lip tattoo Kendall Jenner

James Charles

lip tattoo James Charles

Ethan Dolan

lip tattoo Ethan Dolan

Miley Cyrus

lip tattoo Miley Cyrus

Zonnique Pullins

lip tattoo Zonnique Pullins

Lip Tattoos: Positives and Negatives

Lip Tattoo Positives

If you are scared of getting a lip tattoo design, some pros come along with it. 

  1. They are trendy: The lip tattoo designs are a super hot trend, as you can see from all of Hollywood’s celebrities. They know that these tattoos won’t last forever, so they wear them proudly on their social media pages, and there has been an increase in popularity for this style.
  2. You can easily hide them: The inside of your mouth is a private place, and nobody should have access to it but you. That’s why some people get inner lip tattoos, so no one can see what they’re hiding in.
  3. Lips tattoos are temporary: Lip tattoos are the best decision for people who want a tattoo but aren’t sure if they’ll keep it forever. They’re easy to remove if you switch your mind in the future.
  4. Great place for funny tattoos: The lip tattoo designs are perfect for adding fun to your skin. They can be hidden easily, so you won’t have any problem with them showing everybody what’s on top of yours.

Negatives of Lip Tattoos

You might be tempted to get a lip tattoo, but you must know the risks before going through with this. 

  1. They fade quickly: If you want a lip tattoo design, know that they are temporary and affordable. The average time for this type of body art is just a few weeks to a year!
  2. The design cannot be unique: Lip tattoos are super popular among people who want a simple design that’s not too intricate. The lip has such wide space; it can be challenging to make complicated tattoo designs work well on this body area.
  3. They hurt a lot: The lip is a compassionate place to get tattooed because of its proximity to other parts of the body. Some people may experience a little discomfort, while others cannot take any more than they already have.
  4. The risk of getting an infection: Getting a lip tattoo can be hazardous and may increase your risk of infection. The mouth is where bacteria thrive, so this will only make things worse for you.


There are many pros and cons to getting a lip tattoo, but if you still want one despite the risks involved, then make sure your artist has been adequately trained. Make an informed decision by confirming whether they sterilize their equipment between sessions before allowing anyone else to use it.


⌛️Do lip tattoos last only several years?

The durability of lip tattoo designs is not what you would expect. The average time length for these tattoos to last, on average, ranges from 1-6 weeks, with some lasting up to 3 months.

🍾Can I drink fizzy liquids after getting a lip tattoo?

The first few days after getting a lip tattoo can be challenging. To avoid irritation, try not to drink anything fizzy or acidic for an extended period — it’ll help with the healing process.

😱Are lip tattoos painful?

Lips are extremely sensitive, so it’s no wonder that they’re one of the most painful areas to have tattooed. The client has to hold their lower lip open and keep it perfectly still during this process.

💋Can I kiss my boyfriend after getting a lip tattoo?

To protect yourself from infection, you must avoid kissing after getting a lip tattoo. This will help prevent viral or bacterial infections and scarring on your newly inked lips.