45+ Amazing Lily Of The Valley Tattoo Ideas To Be Inspired [2023]

50+ beautiful and gentle lily of the valley tattoos: designs in different styles on different body places are in our article. Bonus: secret tattoo meanings.

In many nations, the lily of the valley was an attribute of female deities and goddesses. For example, in Ancient Greece, it was a symbol of the goddess Maya, the patroness of spring and nature. And no wonder: after all, the lily of the valley is one of the first flowers that appear after the winter cold. It is very persistent, although delicate and beautiful.

Therefore, it is not surprising that there is a special attraction to this tattoo symbol among women. It is an excellent embodiment of their tenderness, femininity, and purity. Although, men can also apply such neat and minimalistic tattoo designs on the body. It can represent their love of nature, cheerfulness, fortitude, and desire to evolve.

In this article, we will tell you in detail about all the mysterious meanings of the lily of the valley tattoo. Also, you can be inspired by 50+ unique tattoo designs of this flower. Moreover, you can compare the interpretations of the lily of the valley tattoo and the meanings of other flower designs.

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Secret Meanings Of The Lily Of The Valley Tattoo

People are constantly looking for positivity around them: in books, in movies, in the weather, and even in the meanings of tattoos. And the lily of the valley tattoo follows this tradition perfectly because of its symbolism. For many, this flower is a symbol of hope, positive change, and life.

Moreover, the lily of the valley tattoo also has such meanings:

  • 🌷 Innocence;
  • 🌷 Harmony;
  • 🌷 Tenderness;
  • 🌷 Purity;
  • 🌷 Brittleness;
  • 🌷 Serenity;
  • 🌷 Openness to everything new;
  • 🌷 Dreaminess;
  • 🌷 Friendliness;
  • 🌷 Naivety;
  • 🌷 Sincerity.

45+ Handsome Lily Of The Valley Tattoo Ideas

Lily of the valley tattoo can be realized in various styles, on different parts of the body and in numerous combinations. We have collected all relevant and exciting designs in this set for you.


Small lily of the valley tattoos are from 2″ to 4″ (5-10 centimeters) in size. For such an idea to turn out to be gentle and prevent the contours’ thickness, the tattoo artist needs to use thin needles. By the way, their use is inherent in the fine line style. Therefore, small lily of the valley tattoos are often got in this style.

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With Text

One of the possible additional elements for a lily of the valley tattoo is text. It can be the name of someone dear to you. Thus, you will emphasize the purity of your feelings and kindness because these features are one of the meanings of a lily of the valley tattoo.

Also, you can add a quote or phrase to your tattoo, the meaning of which will emphasize your mood or character. Below we have collected 5 interesting quotes for you:

  • 💬 Stay positive. Better days are on their way;
  • 💬 I dwell in possibility;
  • 💬 You don’t find a happy life. You make it;
  • 💬 Think and wonder. Wonder and think;
  • 💬 Most people are nice when you finally see them.

With Skull

If you want to pick up an unusual and unique tattoo design, then a lily of the valley with skulls is what you need. This idea looks very unusual, especially with those skulls instead of flowers.

Also, this design has a deep meaning. To understand it, let’s immediately know the meaning of the skull:

  • 💀 Bitter truth;
  • 💀 Womanhood;
  • 💀 Forgiveness;
  • 💀 Death.

Moreover, the lily of the valley, which grew red fruits, was associated with people with tears shed due to grief. Therefore, a tattoo of a lily of the valley with skulls can mean grief and bitterness of the loss of a loved one.


Realistic lily of the valley tattoos are highly detailed designs. Sometimes, it may seem that this is a photo, not a tattoo. It is an absolute advantage that distinguishes the realistic style from others.

Such designs are usually more expensive than others. For example, a 2″ fine line tattoo of a lily of the valley will cost around $170, and a realistic tattoo will cost approximately $430, which is 2.5 times more. However, this is definitely worth the money because its realism is mesmerizing!

To get a realistic lily of the valley design in the way you intend it, contact a qualified realistic tattoo artist.


Traditional lily of the valley tattoos differ from other designs by their clear and thick outlines and limited palette of colors. Also, other flowers are often used as additional elements. For example, it can be roses or violets. These flowers have the following meanings:


  • ❤️ Love;
  • ❤️ Passion;
  • ❤️ Sensuality;
  • ❤️ Hope.


  • 💜 Modesty;
  • 💜 Tenderness;
  • 💜 Attractiveness;
  • 💜 Innocence;
  • 💜 Purity.
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Line work is another name for the popular fine line style. It appeared about 10 years ago and gained a lot of fans. Its main distinguishing feature is the formation of a pattern only with the help of lines, without filling it with color.

Moreover, the lines should be very thin. Due to this, the tattoo artist needs to use thinner needles, which are more challenging to work with because one wrong move will make the lines thick and ruin the design.

The use of fine needles requires a high level of professionalism from the tattoo artist. Otherwise, the outlines and lines will be too thick, and the design will lose its distinctiveness. Therefore, you should only visit qualified fine-line tattoo artists.

Black and White

The black-white lily of the valley tattoo is a simple and elegant design. Such tattoos are easier to get because the artist does not need to use different colors. Also, you can always turn them into a color idea.

However, the meanings of the black and white lily of the valley design deserve the most attention:

  • ☯ Elegance;
  • ☯ Severity;
  • ☯ Upbringing;
  • ☯ Wisdom;
  • ☯ Calmness.


Colored lily of the valley tattoos also have advantages. Firstly, these are more delicate designs that will always attract attention. Secondly, each color that is used in the tattoo has its meaning. If you know them, it will be easier for you to decide on the color of your tattoo.

💙 Blue
Mental purity;
💛 Yellow
💚 Green
💕 Pink


The forearm is one of the best body places to get a tattoo. Firstly, it allows you to get a design of almost any size. Secondly, the tattooing process is almost painless because the forearm has a thick layer of muscles and few nerve endings. Thirdly, you can easily hide your tattoo under the sleeve of your clothes.

Also, the skin on the inside of the forearm is less susceptible to aging. Therefore, over the years, your lily of the valley tattoo design will remain unchanged.

If you want to complement your design with other elements, check out 15+ forearm tattoos for inspiration.


Lily of the valley tattoos on the wrist are most often medium or small because this body part is not really large. Also, such designs contain a few additional elements so that the tattoo looks neat and not overloaded.

It is believed that tattooing in this place is quite painful. However, it all depends on your pain threshold. If you can’t stand the pain, you should use anesthesia, which is applied to the wrist in the form of an antibacterial gel.

In this article, we talk about the least painful places to get a tattoo.


A lily of the valley tattoo on the shoulder has several advantages.

  • Volumetric. The roundness of the shoulder allows you to get a voluminous lily of the valley design.
  • Fading protection. The shoulder is usually hidden from the sun’s rays. Therefore, your tattoo will not be exposed to UV rays and will not fade.
  • Aging protection. The skin in this place is not subject to aging and the appearance of wrinkles. Therefore, the design will retain its appearance for a very long time.
You can check out 50+ female and 50+ male shoulder tattoo ideas to select additional elements for the lily of the valley design.


The lily of the valley tattoo on the ankle is mostly chosen by girls. They often wear open shoes and clothing that allows the tattoo to be visible to others. Also, this design can be chosen by those who want to hide some flaws on the leg, such as scars.

Meanings of Tattoos with Flowers

Floral themes have long been one of the most popular tattoos in the world. It is because many people want to get a tattoo as a body decoration. And what can decorate better than flower designs?

But each flower has different meanings that are worth familiarizing yourself with before getting a tattoo design on your body. Through the interpretations of tattoo ideas, you can find the most suitable to your character and life principles.

Tattoo meanings

Rose 🌹
Strong character;
Ability to stand up for yourself.

Peony 🌷

Lily 🌺
Pursuit of development;
Inner purity.

Daisy 🌼

💡 Interesting fact:
Sunflower designs 🌻 are also very popular and widespread flower tattoo ideas. They have always been associated with kindness, beautiful mood, loyalty, and strong love. In our article, you can read more about their interpretations and find 70+ cheerful sunflower tattoos.


At first glance, it may seem that all lily of the valley tattoos will be very similar to others and will differ only in the place where they are gotten. However, there is a wide variety of them, and they all differ in the presence of various additional elements, colors, styles, and meanings.

Therefore, in this article, we have collected 45+ lily of the valley tattoo ideas, explained their meanings, and mentioned what designs of other flowers mean.

The modesty of the lilies of the valley is charming.

After you’ve chosen a lily of the valley tattoo, get acquainted with the list of tattoo artists who will be able to implement your design professionally.


💐 What Do Lily of the Valley Tattoos Mean?

Lily of the valley tattoo means beauty, elegance, kindness, meekness, sympathy, innocence, purity, love, and family happiness.

📖 What Is the Lily of the Valley Tattoo’s Biblical Meaning?

The lily of the valley blooms in early spring, which is why the Bible associates it with the second coming of Jesus Christ.

☠️ Is a Lily of the Valley Dangerous?

Lily of the valley fruits contain poisonous substances, so you should strictly refrain from eating them.


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