Ladybug Tattoo: Designs That Inspire And Bring Fortune [50+ Ideas]

Ladybug tattoo
A ladybug tattoo is exactly for you if you want a minimalistic but meaningful ink. Check this article to learn everything about this design.

When thinking about tattoo designs, sometimes we want to have something simple and meaningful on the skin. But it can be difficult to decide what we exactly need. In this case, a ladybug tattoo is a perfect option. Bright colors, image clarity, and a deep sense of the name are the best combination for the tattoo. 

Besides, there are various design interpretations, but we gathered the best options to inspire you. In addition, in this article, you will find ladybug tattoo meaning, and best places to get such a tattoo. Let’s read it now!

Why ladybug?

Ladybug is the cutest beetle of all the species that we know. There is a fact that it is the most common insect in the world. So everybody knows about the little red bug with small black dots. Because of its popularity, there are more than 55 names for the beetle. The Spanish call it the sun of St. Anthony. The Bulgarians recognize it as “God’s beauty”. Here are some legends and mysteries about it:

  • According to legend, European crops in the Middle Ages suffered from pests. The farmers began praying to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Soon farmers began to notice helpful ladybugs in their fields and miraculously saved crops from pests. Farmers began to call the red and black beetles “Our Ladybirds” or ladybugs. In Germany, these insects are called Marienkafer, which means “Mary’s beetles”. 
  • Another legend says that the god Perun turned his unfaithful wife into a “god calf.” The black spots on her back are the marks of lightning strikes: Perun punished his wife seven times with evil lightning. 
  • A thunderer, who had seven sons, discovered only one of them was his own. He tested them with fire, but only the seventh son stayed alive. In English, Sunday is “the day of the sun,” hence the ladybug.
Ladybug with a flower tattoo

The deep meaning of the ladybug symbol

There is no more positive symbol than the ladybug tattoo. The small size of the insect and its bright appearance will not leave anyone without a smile. All nations have regarded the ladybug as a symbol of goodness, prosperity, luck, and reliability. Let’s come closer to these characteristics:

  • 🐞 Luck: People in Chinese culture say if the ladybird lands on your body, it is a sign of fortune, and you will succeed in life and relationships.
  • 🐞 Goodness: This beetle helps people, and it is a messenger from heaven that the universe remembers about you and brings you all good to be happy. It surrounds you with harmony and gives you pleasure.
  • 🐞 Prosperity: Ladybug can enlist the help of heaven in any endeavor, adds determination and prudence, promotes development, and prevents the appearance of negativity in your life.
  • 🐞 Reliability: Ladybugs’ red and black colors are warning signs for predators. Thus, they protect themselves from death. Besides, like the Virgin Mary beetle, no one will kill them. In France, the ladybird amulet is popular for children to protect them against the evil eye and warn of danger.

In addition, the ladybug tattoo symbolizes love, friendship, happiness, and good deeds.

Ladybug on the leaf tattoo

Places of ladybird tattoo matters

As a ladybug tattoo has so deep meaning, it’s no wonder that the placement of the ink also has some sense. So, check out the most meaningful areas:

  • 🐞 Head: This location brings you success in your career, business, and relationships with colleagues. So you can get the ladybug tattoo on the ear or behind it.
  • 🐞 Arm: Ladybird tattoo on the arm gives you a good sign from the universe, and all your wishes come true. 
  • 🐞 Shoulder: Ladybug, there brings harmony in your life and the confidence that it will be measured and calm.
  • 🐞 Chest: this placement is close to your heart, so it means that you will have true and deep love in life.
  • 🐞 Back: Ladybird tattoo will help you to solve all problems throughout your existence.
  • 🐞 Leg: A tattoo design there will help you make the quick and right decisions to succeed.

As you can see, no matter what place you choose for the tattoo, the ladybug will allow you to have all the good and happy things in life.

Inspiring tattoo designs

You may think that ladybug tattoos can’t have many ideas for designs. And somehow, you are right, as a ladybird is a simple image. But due to the variety of tattoo styles, you can make it more complex and unique, even if it will be simply the beetle’s drawing. Also, we will help you as we gather the best ladybug tattoo designs for your skin. So check out the ideas!

Neotraditional ladybug tattoo

Neotraditional style incorporates bold outlines, a bright but limited color palette, and less shading. Also, it is more detailed and has a great depth of measurement of the drawings. In this style, you can insert a traditional ladybug look in an unusual plot with many details and deep colors.

Monochromatic designs

Although the ladybug tattoo is always done in color, since it is a very bright bug, you can get a monochromatic black tattoo. It looks very stylish and fresh, especially with thin lines. It is the best solution for black and white tattoo connoisseurs who want a lucky mark on their skin.

Flying ladybug

The flying ladybug is a great dynamic design. You can depict it in a cartoon or realistic way. Use a watercolor technique for the wings or replace them with angel wings. An interesting place for a flying ladybug tattoo is the elbow bend. You can mimic the flight as you bend and unbend your arm.

Micro realistic tattoos

Micro-realistic tattoos are the trend of 2022 and are gaining popularity every day. A ladybug tattoo in this interpretation will look alive on your skin. In addition, it is great that it can be very small. But remember that you should find an experienced tattoo artist, as this is a very complicated technique.

3D ladybug designs

Another way to get a realistic ladybug tattoo is with a 3D design. This kind of ink is always impressive in its truthful appearance. You can place it on your feet, arm, or shoulder to look like a ladybug has landed on you.

Matching tattoo ideas

There is no better idea for matching tattoos than the ladybug design, as it symbolizes friendship. You can combine it with hearts, flowers, or some other spots. The best location seems to be the arm.

Floral ladybird

If you want to give your tattoo a romantic feel, choose a floral ladybug design. Since many flowers are available, they will be one hundred percent unique. This design looks perfect in both color and black ink. A ladybug tattoo with flowers is a win-win option.

Ladybug’s life tattoos

If to think, the life of a ladybug is perfect. Fly from flower to flower, eat other insects and enjoy spending time in the fresh air. Isn’t it a dream?! Keep this plot on your skin for notification that life is great. Also, you can make this ladybug tattoo design in a cute cartoon style.

Ladybug inscriptions

A meaningful quote, the motif of your life, or an important date can easily match the ladybug in a tattoo. You can insert them in several ways and also use different fonts. Locating this design in a more visible place like the wrist, shoulder, or chest is better.

Tattoos with hearts

The heart is a perfect addition to the ladybug tattoo as this beetle symbolizes love and goodness. It is an excellent idea to make the ladybug in the shape of a heart. Or you can get ink with the heart inside. Also, you can experiment with lines or make some love-story tattoos.

Geometric ladybird designs

Pay attention to the geometric ladybug tattoo if you want an original and impressive design. It is a great idea for those who like clear lines and sharp angles. Geometric ladybug tattoos are usually done in black ink, but you can try experimenting with colors.

Ladybug and clover tattoo

How about a tattoo design for extra fortune? Clover is a world-famous sign of good luck. According to research, only one plant in 5,000 has four leaves. There is an option to put a beetle on the leaf. Besides, you can add some magic with stars, dots, and small rays. Ladybug and clover are a perfect pair.


The ladybug tattoo is a very special and meaningful design. It is the best way to bring good luck and happiness into your life because this cute bug expresses only goodness and evokes positive emotions.

This design is bright and simple, but we have collected unique ideas. With these modern interpretations, you can have impressive ink on any body part. We explained the meanings of its placement and symbolism. So, choose a ladybug and enjoy your tattoo!


🧐 Where is it better to locate a ladybug tattoo?

As a ladybug tattoo is usually a small and minimalistic design, you can choose any body area to get the ink. The most popular are the back of the neck, behind the ear, wrist, shoulder, and feet.

❓ Does a ladybug tattoo suitable for men?

Ladybug is a perfect unisex tattoo design. If you are unsure about this drawing, choose a geometric or monochromatic tattoo style. Also, you can make some abstract ink.

👀 Does a ladybug tattoo fade quickly?

It depends on the style of the tattoo and the intensity of the color. Usually, a ladybug tattoo has bright colors and bold lines, so it fades slowly. But you can also use a tattoo correction and renewal service if you see fading ink.


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