55+ Knee Tattoos: A Unique Way To Personalize To Your Image

knee tattoos
Have you wanted to get an unusual tattoo for a long time, but can't choose a design? Then you’ve come to the right place! In our article, we will look at 55+ tattoo designs on the knee and talk about the symbolism of these sketches.

If you have been looking for an unusual place for a tattoo for a long time, then the knee would be a great option for you! Many associate this part of the body with strength, confidence, and resilience. Maybe that’s why knee tattoos are true works of art that not only catch the eye but can mean a lot to those who wear them.

In this article, we take a look at 55+ of the best unique knee tattoo designs. We’ll tell you about the history of these tattoos and share tips for choosing one and taking care of it after the session. So keep reading to get inspired and find a cool sketch.

Important tip ?:
Be sure to find a skilled tattoo artist, so he could implement the idea of your tattoo as qualitatively and accurately as possible.

The Symbolism Of Knee Tattoos

Tattoos on the knee are not only a bright accent but also a variety of symbols, such a design can be filled with deep meaning. Let’s take a closer look at what the various characters mean. 

? Rose: it can symbolize love, beauty, tenderness, passion, life, and death on the knee.

Example of a rose symbol on the knee
Example of a rose symbol on the knee

? Rhombus: on the knee, this symbol represents perfection and balance in life.

Example of a rhombus tattoo symbol on the knee
Example of a rhombus tattoo symbol on the knee

✔️ Lotus: eastern culture symbolizes wisdom, faith, and enlightenment when inked on the knee.

Example of a lotus symbol on the knee
Example of a lotus symbol on the knee

The Sun: on the knee, this symbol symbolizes life, strength, rebirth, and optimism.

Example of a sun symbol on the knee
Example of a sun symbol on the knee

?? Wings: this symbol means freedom and lightness on the knee.

Example of a wings symbol on the knee
Example of a wings symbol on the knee

? Lion: on the knee, this symbol can represent strength, courage, leadership, pride, and protection.

Example of a lion symbol on the knee
Example of a lion symbol on the knee

☠️ Skull: this symbol can mean death, risk, and strength on the knee.

Example of a skull symbol on the knee
Example of a skull symbol on the knee

Ups and Downs of Knee Tattoos

Tattoos on the knees look very impressive but also have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s consider them in more detail. 


  • Uniqueness: You can add unusual, unique elements to the tattoo, which will raise the confidence of the person who gets such a tattoo. 
  • Ability to hide the tattoo: Due to the convenient location, you can hide the tattoo at any time and not worry that someone will see it.
  • Covering Skin Defects: Skin flaws like scars and blemishes can be concealed by a tattoo on the knee. 
  • Aesthetics: Particularly when combined with other tattoos on your body or your choice of apparel, a professionally done knee tattoo can be quite elegant. It may be a means of highlighting your individuality and improving your appearance.


  • Pain: Tattooing the knee is one of the most painful procedures. The process hurts because the skin on the knee is delicate and thin
  • Disapproval: In some professions and some areas, tattoos may not be accepted, be sure to consider this before you put it on. 
  • Problem area: The skin on the knee is subjected to constant stress, which can make it difficult for the tattoo to heal. In addition, these place is often exposed to friction, and it can have a bad effect on the quality of the tattoo in the future.

Knee Tattoo Ideas

Knee tattoos are a unique option, but they may be an excellent way to express your personality and flair.

It can be stuffed into different styles and genres. But it’s important to understand that the knee is a place that is very susceptible to friction and can fade over time. It is very important to properly care for the tattoo on this place and to follow the recommendations of your artist to prolong the life of your sketch as long as possible. 

Well, let us take you through the world of amazing designs for knee tattoos, so you can choose the best one.

General Ideas

A tattoo on the knee will look beautiful and unusual in a black-and-grey or a graphic style. The main thing is to choose a design that will suit and complement you.

Let’s take a closer look at the design examples.

With a Grid

A grid tattoo on the knees might represent strength and stability, as well as perseverance and endurance required to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

A knee mesh tattoo would look best in a graphic, black-and-white, and realism style in such a location. Let’s take a closer look at examples of such tattoos. 

With Flowers

Knee tattoos with floral motifs is very meaning design. Roses are frequently connected with love and beauty, whereas lotuses are associated with spiritual awakening, and orchids — with exotic and sensual emotions.

Such tattoos are usually performed in the style of realism or abstraction. Let’s take a closer look at examples of such tattoos. 

Traditional Knee Tattoo

A traditional knee tattoo can be associated with masculinity, strength, protection, and the spirit of adventure

Usually, such tattoos are printed in the style of “old school”, which is characterized by bright and contrasting colors, bold outlines, and thick lines. Let’s take a closer look at examples of such designs.

Spider Web Knee Tattoo

The tattoo of a spider web on the knee has the meaning of stability and prosperity. On the other side, it can also have the meaning of confusion, fear, and lack of understanding. So here it is necessary to be very careful and properly consider the meaning before you score a tattoo with such a symbol.

Usually, a tattoo with such a symbol is tattooed in a traditional and realistic style. Let’s take a closer look at examples of such designs.

Tattoo Above Knee

An above-the-knee tattoo is a drawing that is placed on the thigh above the kneecap. This area is frequently used for massive and elaborate designs that might extend down the leg.

Most often, tattoos in this location are tattooed in a realistic style, which allows you to create maximum detail and realism in the image. Let’s take a look at examples of such sketches.

Tattoos on the Knee With Animals

Tattoos on the knee with animals have a very strong meaning, which gives strength and confidence. For instance, the image of a lion can symbolize power, courage, and royalty. And a design with a wolf can embody endurance, loyalty, and independence.

Most often, these tattoos are done in a new school style or traditional style. 

It is important to remember that your future tattoo primarily depends on the right choice of  the artist. Therefore, it is necessary to take it seriously and carefully.

Let’s take a closer look at examples of some knee designs with animals.

Knee Tattoo Care

As we’ve said before, the knee is not exactly an easy place to get a tattoo! That’s why it’s very important to take proper care after the session, let’s look into this in more detail. 

  1. Follow your tattoo artist’s instructions: each tattoo artist may have his or her care suggestions. Make an effort to listen to and follow their instructions.
  2. Do not remove the film from the tattoo early: master’s application of film helps to avoid infection while also preserving the color and quality of the tattoo. After a few hours, the film may usually be removed.
  3. Do not touch the tattoo with dirty hands: for the first several days following tattooing, you must avoid contact with bacteria and dirt. If you wish to examine your tattoo, wash your hands properly and proceed with caution.
  4. Apply ointment to heal: your master will most likely advise you to use a specific healing ointment on a fresh tattoo on your knee. For the first few days, apply the ointment thinly to the tattoo 2–3 times each day.
  5. Avoid sunlight and water for several weeks: during the first days, it is important to avoid sunlight so that the pigment from the tattoo does not fade. And then you have to use SPF cream for the rest of your life to keep the tattoo in good condition. Also, you should try not to get the tattoo wet and not swim in bodies of water so as not to get an infection. 

By sticking to these simple rules, you can extend the life of your tattoo and not worry about your ink looking bad

Common Mistakes When Choosing a Tattoo on the Knee

When choosing a tattoo on your knee, you may encounter different problems. We’ve found the most common issues and are ready to tell you about them, so you’ll be prepared!

  • Incorrect size and proportions: Choosing a design that does not match the size and form of the knee is a common mistake. Tattoos that are too big or too little might appear odd and uneven.
  • Poor design: Choosing a low-quality design can result in an unattractive or poorly done tattoo. Therefore, it is very important to find a good tattoo artist who can implement the sketch you have chosen qualitatively. 
  • Incorrect style choices: Tattoos on the knee can be done in a variety of styles, and some of them may look out of place. Japanese images, for example, may appear strange and overly subtle on the knee, but classic and realistic tattoos may look better.
  • Inappropriate image: It is critical to select a tattoo that is appropriate for your lifestyle and ideals. The image you choose may be with you for the rest of your life, so it must be relevant and compatible with your personality.


Tattoos on the knee are a great way to express yourself. They provide an opportunity to express individuality and your values, creating a unique and memorable image. However, choosing such a design is a serious decision that requires thorough consideration. 

Therefore, before making such an important decision, carefully analyze all the pros and cons. It is important to know that not every artist will be able to realize your idea qualitatively. So do not spare time and effort in choosing a tattoo master! 

Let’s take another look at three of the most popular tattoo designs on the knee. 


❓ Do Knee Tattoos Hurt?

Tattoos on the knee can be quite painful because the skin is close to the bone and nerve endings. But the level of pain depends on your pain threshold.

? What Tattoos Work Best on the Knee?

Tattoos with animals, geometric patterns, flowers, and spider webs will look best on the knee. However, it is important to remember that the choice of design is an individual decision.

? Do Knee Tattoos Stretch?

Knee tattoos are prone to stretching and changing over time. The knee is a constantly moving and stressed joint. This can affect the appearance and contour of the tattoo, so you need to be prepared for that.

✨ How Can I Protect My Knee Tattoo?

To prolong the life of your knee tattoo, you need to make sure you use SPF cream (especially in summer), avoid unnecessary friction and trauma, and maintain proper hygiene. You also need to follow the advice of your tattoo artist.


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