60+ Amazing Kid’s Name Tattoos to Emphasize Your Bond

Kid’s Name Tattoos
Is a tattoo with the kid's name even a good idea? Yes and no — the detailed answer is in the article, along with 60 delightful tattoo ideas for every taste.

The birth of a child is a significant and solemn event for both mom and dad. Therefore, happy parents often decide to get a tattoo with the name of their baby. They want to express endless love, pride, or just a sign of how significant a child is in a parent’s life with such a tattoo. But is it worth it? And if so, which design to choose, and how might children react?

In today’s article, we’ll discuss these vital questions and share the coolest kid’s name tattoo ideas to consider. If you are intrigued, stay tuned for all the pitfalls and perks of this type of tattoo.

Make sure to choose a reliable tattoo master, because it is he who determines the final result of your tattoo.

Can I Get a Tattoo With My Kids’ Names on It?

The tradition of depicting the names of their children on the body dates back to ancient times. At that time, people thought that the name is a kind of talisman, and if it is immortalized, it can protect from trouble and misfortune. A tattoo with the name of the child can be called sacred. You know, everyone understands the importance of his name. So, to put an inscription with the name of the baby on the body means to perpetuate its energetic and protective function.

However, superstitious people believe that doing a tattoo with the name of a child is not worth it. Why? As a rule, the older generation leaves this world earlier. This means that a body with the name of a loved one will end up in the ground. This is considered not a good omen and can be considered as spoilage for death.

Belief says that it can shorten the life of offspring. For the same reason, you should not do a tattoo with a face, a footprint not only of a child but of any loved one.

The main omens:

  • • Influencing the child’s later life (both negative and positive);
  • • Creation of a strong energetic connection between children and parents;
  • • An inscription chosen incorrectly can cause negative events. 
Kid's name tattoos

If you do not believe in omens, then you need to decide why a tattoo with the name of your son or daughter is necessary before you do it. Many believe that they create a talisman for the child in this way. If it is done simply for beauty, it makes no sense to stab a name tattoo. Such drawings, as a rule, have no aesthetic sense.

Name tattoos are a fashion trend. Parents are trying in this way to emphasize their attitude and love for their children. However, it is not necessary to be guided by fashion trends, because the tattoo should be filled with meaning. 

How To Choose a Design for a Kid’s Name Tattoo?

Tattoos of this type can be applied as an independent variant or as a part of the composition. If large-scale images are not to your liking, then it is vital to pick the right font so that the tattoo would look sophisticated and fascinating. There is a great abundance of fonts, so it all depends on personal preference. 

The writing style with smooth, thin, rounded lines is the best fit for girls. This will emphasize the tenderness, fragility, and charm of the owner. Boys are characterized by a rough and massive font. By the way, parents like to translate names into different languages, such as Chinese or Nepali.

❌ We do not advise parents to get a tattoo with a child’s leg and a heart inside it. The image symbolizes sad events related to the continuation of the family. For example, it can call for miscarriages or the birth of dead babies.

kid’s name tattoo

Tattoo Designs

Trends change rather quickly in the art of tattooing, and this also applies to tattoos in the form of children’s names. What was popular for five years is now considered unfashionable. 

But that doesn’t mean you have to chase the trends. Your tastes may well be different from the general trend, and that doesn’t mean your tattoo will be any worse. That’s why we have tried to collect a variety of tattoo ideas with the name of the child, so you can pick up something for yourself.

Tattoos with names and the infinity sign are a separate popular segment. We didn’t include a section with them in this article because we wrote about these separately, as well as collected cool ideas and top fonts there.

Simple & Small

Neat little tattoos are one of the main trends in tattoos with children’s names. Since it is something personal, many people prefer not to accentuate the attention of outsiders on this inscription on their bodies. In addition, such tattoos look stylish and never lose their appeal.


Large tattoos are always a challenge, especially if it’s your child’s name. Nevertheless, many people choose this option, especially men. This way you can show the whole world how much you love and are proud of your child.

With Birth Date

The date of birth is most often found as an addition to the child’s name tattoo. These are quite popular designs that look simple but stylish with the right font. At least this way you will never forget when your child’s birthday is!

For Moms

Mothers always have a special bond with their children. Not surprisingly, many want to cement this bond with a tattoo. Sometimes it’s just a name, and occasionally it’s supplemented with a drawing.

For Dads

Men who come to the tattoo parlor often consider the family as the main priority in life. That’s why they want to immortalize it in drawings and inscriptions. Men most often choose hidden places for this purpose. Such tattoos are distinguished by brevity, filled with meaning, even if it is just the name of his kid. 

Sometimes dads still choose more complex compositions or make tattoos in a fairly large size, because many of them do not pay attention to the beliefs and want to show their love for children in this way.


Nowadays, floral motifs are very popular in name tattoos because they can be combined beautifully in designs. From a distance, it will appear to be just a flower, but up close the stem turns into a name — and that’s just one example. 


It’s always great when there’s an opportunity to create something unique, from car builds to tattoo designs. If you have an idea that only lives in your head and you haven’t seen anything like it yet, make it happen! In the meantime, we have collected unusual tattoo designs with a child’s name for your inspiration.

Exciting Compositions

Some parents like to get creative and come up with fascinating compositions in which they inscribe the name of their child (or children). It could be a family tree, the rhythm of a heartbeat, the time of birth on a clock, or footprints — basically anything. We only recommend discussing and finalizing such a design with your tattoo artist.

How Can Children Perceive Such a Tattoo?

Children are very unpredictable, and it is hard to foresee how they will react to a tattoo with their name on it. Some will think it is cute, and some will be embarrassed.

We recommend discussing this with your child if he or she is of a mature age. Prepare some arguments and discuss them calmly. 

If your child is very young and you want to get a tattoo of his name, consider small tattoos that you can easily hide. First, large name tattoos don’t make much sense and rarely look presentable. Second, sometimes kids get bullied at school when classmates find out that their parents have a tattoo of their child’s name. If possible, it’s better to protect your kid from such situations.

What if I Have a Second Kid After the Tattoo Is Done?

At first glance, it seems that if you have two children, it is fair to put the same tattoo with their names, so that no one will be offended. But that’s a rather one-sided view.

If you have a second child after you’ve had your first kid’s name tattoo, don’t rush to repeat a similar tattoo (unless you feel a burning desire to do so, of course). We advise you to wait until the second child is older and discuss it with him. He may not want you to get the same tattoo with his name on it. Or maybe you can come up with a design together. For example, tattoos with names in your child’s handwriting look very touching and special.


Best Places for Children’s Name Tattoo

The location of the tattoo means a lot. This is why it is necessary to take seriously the place of its tattoo. For example, if you choose between the right and left hand, here are some tips.

  • • The tattoo on the right hand is the warranty to strengthen the strong-willed qualities, but also the possibility of evasion from the outside world and its factors.
  • • The image on the left hand is the “oscillation of the universe”. A person whose name will be imprinted on this hand will become idealized by the world and excessively close and vulnerable to criticism. 

Sometimes children’s names are typed on the wrists or shoulders.

  • • The wrist is an amulet place. If you type your child’s name here, it means that he will always be surrounded by tenderness and care. It is also a symbol of the softness of character.
  • • The shoulders are an attraction of looks and self-expression. A child whose name will be stamped on this part of the body will have such qualities.

Kid's name tattoos


A tattoo with a child’s name is a special thing that will play an important role in your life. If you feel the need to do it, then put aside all fears. And if your child doesn’t take the tattoo well, let her or him know that Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie also have tattoos with their kids’ names, so it can’t be uncool.

However, take your decision slowly. You can also think about other ideas. It might not be a name tattoo but, for example, something completely different (some ideas for inspiration). Remember, you’re getting a tattoo for life, so feel free to take time to think about it.


🤔 Where Can I Get My Kid’s Name Tattooed?

The location of the tattoo means a lot. The most popular places are the arms, shoulders, wrists, back, and chest.

🧒 Should I Tattoo My Kids’ Names?

Some people consider a tattoo with the name of the child as a talisman, while others are afraid to do it because of superstitions that in this way you can shorten his life. It is up to you to decide whether to trust these beliefs or not.

👀 How Can Children Perceive a Kid’s Name Tattooed?

Children are very unpredictable and it is hard to foresee how they will react to a tattoo with their name on it. Some will think it’s very cute, and some will be embarrassed. But you can always talk to your child and find a compromise.

👯 What if I Have a Second Kid After the Tattoo Is Done?

We advise you to wait until the second child is older and discuss it with him. It is possible he may not want you to get the same tattoo with his name on it. Or maybe you can come up with a design together.


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