Jungkook Tattoos and Their Meanings: Insider Info for Army [2024]

Jungkook Tattoos
Can’t find high-quality photos of Jungkook tattoos and their meanings? Find everything you need in our article! Bonus: photos of renewed tattoos in 2024.

Jeon Jung-kook (or Jungkook) is a very popular South Korean singer, member, and vocalist of the boy band BTS. In a 2019 survey, he even ranked as the third most-loved celebrity of the year in South Korea. So, now there’re thousands of his fans all around the world who want to know everything about his career, food preferences, private life, and… tattoos! 

Jungkook is one of the two BTS members who have tattoos, so there also have been questions about how many of them he has, what are their meanings, and many more. Therefore, we’ve decided to conduct deep research and find out everything you need to know about Junkook tattoos: where they’re placed and what they signify. As a bonus, you can find high-quality photos of designs that were renewed only a few weeks ago!

What Do Jungkook’s Tattoos Mean?

Jungkook tattoos

Currently, Jungkook has at least 14 tattoos, and almost all of their meanings have already been unraveled by fans. However, there are designs that are very difficult to see and guess what they symbolize so they remain a mystery.

In general, we’ve noticed this tendency: hand tattoos have well-known meanings and it is very easy to guess what they symbolize (especially ARMY and three “+”). It can be assumed that this was done in such a way as to show what the priorities are in Jungkook’s life so that the design is simple and clear.

When we talk about sleeve tattoos, most of the meanings are unknown and fans can only guess their true definition. It can be assumed that they contain a more private secret meaning. And since this part of the hand is often covered, they have their own special significance for Jungkook.

All Jungkook Tattoos

All Jungkook tattoos

All ARMYs know that Jungkook has a lot of tattoos but rarely shows them. So in most cases, only the most eagle-eyed ones could look closely at them and find their true meaning. We’ve made research, looked through dozens of articles, and gathered the most interesting definitions of Jungkook tattoos below!


Sleeve is a place where Jungkook has the greatest number of different tattoos. Most of them are mixed and partially covered with other designs, so there are at least 3 tattoos, the meaning of which still cannot be found because it is simply impossible to fully see them. However, most of the designs are clearly visible, so below you can find explanations for 6 Jungkook tattoos.

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There is a large image of a red eye on Jungkook’s forearm. It is assumed to be a woman’s eye. Therefore, fans guess that this is an image of the eye of a person dear to him: a mother or a girlfriend. If we consider the general meaning of such a design, it means protection and help in making correct and considered decisions.

Eye tattoo

Tiger Lily

One of the most detailed designs on Jungkook’s sleeve is a tiger lily. An unambiguously true fact about this tattoo is that this is the birth flower of his birthday (1 September). 

All flower tattoos always contain deep meaning. For example, сhamomile means simplicity and naivety of a person, rose — confidence and ambition, sunflower — cheerfulness and positive attitude in life. So, if Jungkook has such a tattoo, you can be sure that he was very attentive to the meaning of the design while choosing. 

Tiger lily


Also, Jungkook has 2 quotes on his forearm. They are supposed to be his life motos:

  1. “Make hay while the sun shines”, which means that you should take advantage of the chance to do something if the conditions are favorable.
  2. “Rather be dead than cool“, which is his life motto and lyrics from the Nirvana song Stay Away. Also, it’s the name of the song by Forever Came Calling, an American pop punk band.


Three Stripes

Three stripes on Jungkook’s arm are assumed to be part of the Korean national flag called the “Taegeuk flag”. It represents the East, the Sky, and the Spring. This trigram is one of four others that have different symbolism and represent harmony, balance, and movement as fundamental principles of life.

This Jungkook tattoo represents respect and devotion to his homeland and admiration for its traditional heritage.

Three stripes

Skeleton Hand

The definition of this tattoo isn’t really clear. But we can see an image of the skeleton’s hand showing a rock sign. Fans are sure that this minimalistic fine-line tattoo represents his admiration of rock music.

If we consider the general meaning of a skeleton tattoo or its parts, then it means a person’s willpower and readiness for anything. One of the less popular meanings is a person’s devotion to an idea, meaning that they will be faithful to it for the rest of their life.

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Skeleton hand


This one is pretty obvious. Jungkook is a very popular and talented singer. What is more, he has produced 3 BTS albums. Music is his passion and it’s clear that the image of a microphone symbolizes this. 


Behind the Ear

This is one of the latest Jungkook designs that he got while renewing his old tattoos a few weeks ago. Now he has a “7” behind his ear, which means all seven members of BTS. The interesting point is that all band members have such a tattoo but in different places. This little detail makes them even closer to each other and symbolizes their unity.

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Behind the ear


As we have said previously, Jungkook hand tattoos have pretty obvious meaning and everybody (even not ARMY) can guess what they symbolize. However, some tattoos still need additional explanation. And that’s just what we’ve done below. So don’t waste a minute and get to know all Jungkook hand tattoo meanings!

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This is probably the most eye-catching Jungkook’s tattoo. “ARMY” on his knuckles has two meanings. One means BTS‘s fandom name and another one contains the letters from BTS members’ names: 

  • A (V) – Taehyung, 
  • RM – Namjoon, 
  • MY– Min Yoongi, 
  • JM – Jimin (+ adding the J from his forefinger),
  • J – Jin, J-Hope, Jungkook. 

Also, the “A” in the inscription has no line in the middle and is inverted. Fans guess that this also can mean members’ initials (V, RM, and Yoongi). All in all, this tattoo is dedicated to his fanbase, meaning that he appreciates and truly loves them.



Many call this tattoo the “closed door” but in fact, it has a double meaning and symbolizes both the door as well as BTS logo. So this image is a mix of Jungkook’s professional life and personal. Such a design can also symbolize the desire to have personal space, the ability to keep secrets, and the deep and creative nature of a person.



Only true fans know the meaning of this design. Numbers “0613” signify June 13, the day BTS debuted. This tattoo is a perfect example of how you can get a meaningful design with a date that is close and important to you. This will allow you always see this design and remember all the joy and happiness you felt.



As for this tattoo, fans have a lot of guesses about its meaning. But the main thought is always the same – that this image symbolizes love and affection. However, in the general context, it can have a negative meaning: unhappy love, betrayal, mistrust of people, and fear of being deceived. But of course, we hope that this Jungkook tattoo has only good meaning and is associated with something joyful.

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Three “+”

If we talk about hand tattoos, he was first seen with them a long time ago, at the airport on September 19, 2019. And even back then he had this one. The main guess about the meaning of three “+” is that it symbolizes BTS and ARMY forever. Plus, it complements the general composition, adding a few more interesting details.

Three “+”


This tattoo on the middle finger is one that is not easy to unravel. At the same time, it contains a very clear image: woozy face emoji. Fans are sure that this design is an example of a tattoo that has been done “for fun” and it doesn’t have any sense to search for deep meanings here. 

But in any case, it makes the general composition more balanced and harmonious. If we take into account that there’re tattoos on the index and ring fingers, the design between them makes the image more visually appealing.



This crown tattoo means that ARMY are very important to BTS, that they are kings. In general, a crown tattoo has several meanings, including royalty, respect for oneself and others, the ability to make balanced and intelligent decisions, and justice. So maybe by getting such a tattoo he decided to show his love for ARMY and at the same time, include more deep meanings in this image.


Jungkook’s Renewed Tattoos: June 2024 Update

Just a few weeks ago, interest in Jungkook’s tattoos increased again. The reason for this is that he renewed some of his tattoos, many of which he made colored, or added new ones (the “7” tattoo behind the ear and “Polyc”, the name of his tattoo artist). Below you can see the before and after results. 


Jungkook is a very popular singer, songwriter, producer, and member of the BTS band. Now he has thousands of fans around the world. Many people want to know everything about their icon, including all info about their tattoos

That’s why we’ve conducted deep research and found the meanings of all Jungkook’s tattoos, described them in detail, and included high-quality photos of all his renewed tattoos! We hope that this article was useful and you got to know more about this celebrity!


❓ How Many Tattoos Does Jungkook Have?

Fans think that he has around 18 tattoos. But in fact, there’re only 14 designs that can be clearly seen, so all others remain mystery.

? Does Jungkook Have Permanent Tattoos?

Yes, all Jungkook tattoos are permanent.

? Are Tattoos Banned in Korea?

Yes. For many years it has been a crime and illegal activity. If you’ve made a tattoo you should’ve had to pay a fine of thousands of dollars. In some cases, it could have led to imprisonment.

? Does Jungkook Have an Arm Tattoo?

Yes! He has approximately 6 tattoos on his sleeve and 7 on the hand.


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