Become a Professional With Our Methods to Practice Tattooing!

We have analyzed and selected the 6 most effective ways to practice tattooing so that you can improve your skills and learn how to make quality and beautiful tattoos!

Do you dream of learning how to make a tattoo and become a professional, in-demand tattoo artist? Currently, the competition between tattoo artists is very high, and it is quite difficult to become an outstanding tattoo artist, but we know how to help you.

In our article, we have described in detail the 6 most effective methods of tattoo practice that will allow you to learn to tattoo at a high level from scratch. You will also find a list with the necessary equipment for the practice of tattooing, and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What Equipment Should Beginners Buy to Practice Tattooing?


To practice your drawing skills you will need:

  • Pencils/pens;
  • Non-toxic marker;
  • Paper;
  • Henna.

To practice tattooing you should purchase the following equipment:

  • Tattoo machine;
  • Power supply;
  • Foot pedal;
  • Clip cord;
  • Needles;
  • Tattoo machine & clip cord sleeves;
  • Inks;
  • Ink caps;
  • Spray bottle;
  • Stencil stuff;
  • Transfer paper;
  • Grips;
  • Tips;
  • Tubes;
  • Rubber bands;
  • Latex gloves.

The Most Effective Ways to Practice Tattooing

The profession of a tattoo artist is quite difficult, as it requires constant improvement of knowledge and skills. Beginning masters have been practicing and learning for years to make people high-quality tattoos that will delight them all their lives. Below we have outlined the best methods for practicing and improving tattooing. 

How to Practice Tattooing Without Tattooing


Drawing is an important part of learning and practicing tattooing. This makes it possible to find your style, develop and implement your designs or the wishes of the client, work out techniques, improve the work with shades and smoothness of movements, try new styles, and so on.

Below we have provided methods for practicing tattooing without tattooing:

Draw on Paper

The most common method is to draw on paper with a pencil/pen/marker/paint, and so on. This method is perfect for developing the ability to display the desired sketches, to gain skills in working with shades, practice different styles of tattoos, and more. Gradually, you will be able to draw more and more complex drawings, which will allow you to implement the most interesting and original tattoo ideas of your clients.

Draw on Objects

Drawing on paper is not at all like drawing on the skin, so one of the methods of practice is to draw on objects with a complex or unusual shape, structured objects, and so on. It can be a paper cup, fruit, or other items. This will allow you to easily make tattoos on any part of the body after a while.

Draw on Skin

The next method to practice tattooing is to draw on the skin with a non-toxic marker or henna. This will allow you to learn to draw on different parts of the body, practice the accuracy and smoothness of movements, reproduce the design on the skin, and make the right lines.

How to Practice Tattooing With a Tattoo Machine


After gaining skills in drawing on paper, objects, and the body, you can begin to practice tattooing with a tattoo machine. We recommend doing this under the supervision of an experienced tattoo artist to properly use the equipment and get acquainted with all the details and stages of the tattooing process.

Use Fruits


The practice of tattooing using fruit is quite popular and effective. Fruits have different textures, so you have the opportunity to learn how to work with them. In addition, because the fruits are curved, you can learn to make tattoos at different angles. 

We recommend using fruits such as banana, grapefruit, orange, melon, etc. They have thick peels that in turn allows you to train the required depth to get a necessary shade and line.

Use Pigskin

Another method is to use pigskin (pig ears are also often used). It is very close to human skin, has three layers: epidermis, dermis, and an inner layer, like human skin, so it is ideal for practicing outlining techniques, lining, and shading. You can buy it in a butcher store or online.

Use Silicone Skin


You can also use silicone skin to practice tattooing. It is ideal not only for tattoo practice for beginners but also for trying out a variety of styles and techniques for experienced masters. You can also find silicone skin in the shape of different parts of the body, which makes this practice even more realistic. We recommend practicing in the same conditions as you would tattoo a client.

You can buy silicone skin online or at tattoo shops. When choosing, we recommend paying attention to the possibility of stretching, ease of cleaning from excess ink, thickness, and quality of the material.

Never Use This Method of Tattoo Practice if You Are a Beginner

Tattoo Yourself or Friends

In the initial stages, we do not recommend practicing tattooing on yourself or other people. This can be dangerous because if you have no experience with the equipment and do not know all the hygiene and safety rules during a tattoo session, there is a risk of making a poor quality tattoo, hurting a person, or even infecting a client. 

Before you start practicing tattoos on friends or clients, it is desirable to hone your skills for a long time, using the methods described in our article. It is also important to make the first attempts to tattoo people under the strict control of a professional tattoo artist.


To become a professional tattoo artist, you need to hone and learn new techniques, styles, designs, etc. for years. To learn how to get a tattoo as well and as quickly as possible, we recommend that you first use methods such as drawing on paper with a pen/pencil/markers/watercolor, drawing on objects with an unusual shape, and drawing on the body with henna or non-toxic marker. 

Then you can practice with a tattoo machine. We recommend tattooing fruits (such as bananas, oranges, melons), and pig or silicone skin.

Having practiced enough with these methods, you will be able to please your customers with quality and beautiful tattoos!


❔How to Practice Tattooing With a Tattoo Machine?

You can use fruit, pigskin, or silicone skin to practice tattooing with a tattoo machine. We do not recommend tattooing people in the early stages, as it is important to gain experience working with a tattoo machine and practice tattooing using the above techniques before working with clients. More information you can find in our article.

🎨 How Can You Practice Tattooing Without a Machine?

You can use methods such as: drawing on paper with a pen/pencil/paints, drawing on objects such as fruit/paper cups, etc., and drawing on the body with a pen/non-toxic marker/henna. You can find more information in our article.

🕐 How Long Does It Take To Learn to Tattoo?

It usually takes beginners 1-3 years to become experienced tattoo artists. Tattooing requires constant practice and self-improvement. To learn how to get a quality tattoo as soon as possible, we recommend using the methods of practice described in our article.

🍊 What Fruit Can You Practice Tattooing On?

To practice tattooing, it is recommended to choose fruits with thick peels, such as melons, oranges, grapefruits, bananas, etc. You can find more information about practicing tattooing in our article.


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