The Most Effective Way To Make a Temporary Tattoo With Perfume in 2024

How to make a temporary tattoo with perfume
We have tested and offered you the most effective way to apply a temporary tattoo using perfume.

Are you planning to get a tattoo, but first you want to see how it will look on you? Or do you just want to change your image for a while and keep up with modern trends? A temporary tattoo using perfume will easily help you with this. This method is fast and easy to use. Also, you don’t need expensive or hard-to-find materials. 

In this article, you will learn an effective and long-lasting way to apply a temporary tattoo. The whole process will take you no more than 15 minutes. We’ve also added some tips on how to make a temporary tattoo last longer.

How To Make a Temporary Tattoo With Perfume

Below we have described in detail the process of making and applying a temporary tattoo. We recommend applying the tattoo to scrubbed and cleansed skin so that it lasts longer.

What You Will Need:

✔️ Printer paper
✔️ Printer
✔️ Perfume
✔️ Scissors
✔️ Vessel
✔️ Towel or cloth

💻 Step 1: Choose a Tattoo Design

First, you need to find a sketch. Choose based on your preferences and the area of ​​the body where you plan to get a tattoo. We recommend looking for sketches in Google, on the sites of tattoo parlors, or on sites with tattoo sketches. 

There are a huge number of tattoo styles, such as trash polka, graphics, minimalism, realism, etc., so choosing a tattoo sketch is quite a difficult task. If you find it difficult to decide on a tattoo design, we recommend that you read the article with step-by-step instructions for choosing a tattoo.

🖨 Step 2: Print the Selected Tattoo Sketch

We recommend printing the selected sketch in several sizes so that you can choose the best one. Also, make sure that the sketch has a white background.

✂️Step 3: Apply Perfume to the Tattoo Sketch

After printing the sketch, you need to cut off the excess paper using scissors so that you only have a sketch and a small indent on the paper. Then sprinkle generously with perfume on both sides. We recommend that you do this from a distance so that the ink does not leak and the sketch does not deteriorate.

Be careful
The sketch must be completely saturated with perfume. Make sure there are no dry areas.

💧 Step 4: Dip the Sketch in Hot Water for 3-5 Minutes

Next, you need to place a sketch soaked in perfume in a vessel with hot water for 3-5 minutes. We recommend keeping it in water longer to get the best result.

💦 Step 5: Sprinkle Perfume Again on the Sketch and the Part of the Body You Plan to Tattoo

The next step is to carefully remove the sketch from the water and apply perfume on it again liberally. It is also necessary to sprinkle perfume on the area of ​​the body on which you will be tattooing. 

⏳ Step 6: Transfer Your Sketch to an Area of ​​Skin and Place a Hot Towel Against It for 2 Minutes

Next, put a sketch to the skin and carefully distribute it so that every detail of the future tattoo is perfectly imprinted. Dampen a cloth or towel with hot water and place it against the tattoo. Be careful not to burn your skin. Hold the towel or cloth for two minutes, pressing it against the sketch as hard as possible.

👍 Step 7: Remove the Hot Towel and Carefully Peel off the Paper Sketch

Remove the towel or cloth and carefully peel off the sketch. In case small pieces of paper remain on the tattoo, soak your finger in water and carefully remove them. Congratulations, your tattoo is ready!

How To Make a Temporary Tattoo Last Longer

Below are tips on how to make your temporary tattoo last as long as possible. We recommend that you adhere to all of the following guidelines to keep the tattoo lasting.

❌ Do not scrub the tattoo

Scrubbing or rubbing too much will certainly damage or erase the tattoo.

✅ Apply talc or baby powder to the tattoo daily with a soft brush

Baby powder and talc are both absorbent, so they soak up oils on the skin, making the tattoo more durable.

❌ Do not apply oils, lotions, or soap to tattoo

Oils and lotions soften the tattoo, making it less durable. Clean the areas around the tattoo without getting on the tattoo itself.

❌ Reduce physical activity

During sports, sweat is released and the skin rubs against clothing. This reduces the durability of the tattoo.


If you want to try a tattoo on yourself, you don’t necessarily need to get a tattoo or buy temporary tattoos with boring designs. This article described an effective way to create a temporary tattoo using a perfume with any image you like in just 15 minutes.

We also indicated 4 tips for increasing the duration of the tattoo, namely: avoid using scrubs, do not apply lotions, oils, and soaps to the tattoo, apply talcum powder or baby powder to the tattoo daily and reduce physical activity. Using our method with perfume and tips, you can get a quality tattoo with a cool design!


❓How To Make Tik Tok Tattoos With Perfume?

You need to find and print a sketch, spray perfume on the tattoo and immerse it in hot water for 3-5 minutes. Then reapply the perfume to the sketch and the area of ​​skin where you are going to get a tattoo. Next, you need to carefully apply the tattoo on the skin and hold a hot cloth on it for two minutes. Finally, remove the sketch. Tattoo ready!

🏡 How To Make a Temporary Tattoo at Home?

You can easily make a temporary tattoo at home thanks to the method with perfume. This method allows you to make a tattoo with any design in just 15 minutes. Another great advantage is that you do not need hard-to-reach materials.

⏳ How To Make a Temporary Tattoo Last Longer?

For increasing the tattoo duration, some methods such as avoiding scrubs, do not apply lotions, oils, and soaps to the tattoo, apply talcum powder or baby powder to the tattoo daily and reduce physical activity.

🧴 How To Make a Temporary Tattoo Without Hairspray?

The method of creating a temporary tattoo with perfume does not require hairspray, so you can try it. You will not need hard-to-reach materials. In just 15 minutes you can get a long-lasting quality tattoo


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