How To Fade A Tattoo In 2024: You Need To Know This!

Fade A Tattoo
Fading the tattoo should be safe for the skin, but at the same time effective. How to achieve this at home? Read in our article!

When it comes to tattoos, for some reason, no one ever says that you may not like the result. One effective way to remedy the situation is to cover up the unsuccessful design with another one. However, to do this, you often need to fade the tattoo that you will be correcting. Today we will tell you about how it is possible to fade your tattoo successfully.

Main Things You Should Know About Tattoo Fading

There are three main patterns of behavior when you need to fade your tattoo.

  1. Do nothing: accept the bad design and hope that other tattoos or your style can somehow compensate for this moment.
  2. Apply to special salons for a laser tattoo removal service. This option is good if you are serious about getting rid of your tattoo. However, it is worth knowing that this is often painful, quite expensive, and time-consuming a couple of sessions will not be enough here.
  3. To fade the tattoo with improvised means. We will talk about this method today. This option is the most successful if you already know that you will cover the unsuccessful design with a new one. To do this, you need to fade the old tattoo no pain and fast enough!

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“Working” Methods How You Can Make a Tattoo Fade

It’s time to learn about the most common homemade tattoo fading methods. Read the article to the end and choose the option that is ideal for you!

Using Skin Lightening Agents

Lemon or Lime Juice & Hydrogen Peroxide

Exfoliating Tattooed Skin

Lemon and lime juices are natural brighteners that can help fade tattoos. Some people are even using them for pigmentation and other skin features that require lightening.

To lighten skin with lime or lemon, do the following. Choose one of these fruits and squeeze the juice. Apply freshly squeezed juice to the tattoo 2-3 times a day. You can do this with a cotton pad. This method works well for black tattoos (they will turn light brown) and does not work well with colored inks — green, blue, etc. By the same principle, you can use hydrogen peroxide instead of juice.

Also, glycolic acid and lavender essential oil have good brightening properties. However, we do not recommend mixing several clarifying agents in any way. Since this will not make them more effective, it can cause a dangerous chemical reaction.

Tattoo Removal Cream 

Tattoo Removal Cream
BESTOPE Safe Permanent Tattoo Removal Cream

Another good fading method is to use a special tattoo removal cream. Such a product can be not only in the form of cream but also a lotion or gel. They are specially designed to remove ink from the skin.

Remember whichever product you use for fading, there is no 100% guarantee that it will be able to fade your tattoo. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, consult with your tattoo artist if there are any recommendations for tattoo removal products. It is also worth considering that such products contain harsh chemicals that, if used incorrectly, can leave scars on the skin.

Exfoliating Tattooed Skin

Sugar or Salt Scrub

Sugar or Salt Scrub

Exfoliation is an effective method that helps with tattoo fading. Exfoliation removes dead skin, thereby helping the brightening agent penetrate deeper. Logically, the scrub itself does not in any way affect the degree of ink brightness, but it plays a key role in tandem with skin lightening agents that directly discolor.

Buy a sugar or salt scrub for this step. Keep in mind that if you have sensitive skin, vitamin C scrubs are the best choice, as it is especially good for keeping your skin clear and soft. You can also make a DIY scrub using white or brown sugar, shea butter, Epsom salt, honey, coffee grounds, and aloe vera gel.

So, apply a small amount of exfoliant to the tattoo you want to discolor. Rub the scrub all over the surface of the design and rub with the pumice stone vigorously over the area using circular motions. Do this for a minute. Apply light pressure with the pumice stone, but don’t rub too hard.

Next, rinse the tattoo area thoroughly with warm water. Repeat the exfoliation procedure 2-3 times a day for a month. After that, you can apply brightening agents, but first let the skin calm down spread it with moisturizer and wait a couple of hours. The essence of fading is to do it gradually, without scoffing at your skin.

More Professional Solution

Laser Removal Procedure

More Professional Solution

The only clinically proven method of fading is tattoo laser removal. During the procedure, concentrated streams of light are used to break up the ink deep beneath the surface of the skin. While laser tattoo removal is incredibly effective, it is neither cheap nor quick: it may take up to six sessions before you see results. Also, before the procedure, be sure to consult with a dermatologist. Your safety comes first!


There are many ways to fade tattoos, from home remedies to clinically proven ones. The main thing is to choose the method that suits you in all aspects, and also remember about the safety of your skin. Be sure to check with your tattoo artist and dermatologist before start fading process.


⏳ How Can My Tattoo Fade Faster?

Whichever fading method you choose, it takes time and regularity. But the safest and most effective way to remove an unwanted tattoo is a laser.

🎨 Is It Possible To Fade a Tattoo?

Yes! You can fade your tattoo using skin lightening agents, sugar or salt scrubs, laser removal procedures, etc. Read more in our article!

🍹 Does Lemon Juice Fade Tattoos?

Yes, lemon and lime juices are natural brighteners that can help fade tattoos. Apply freshly squeezed juice to the tattoo 2-3 times a day. This method works well for black tattoos (they will turn light brown) and does not work well with colored inks — green, blue, etc. By the same principle, you can use hydrogen peroxide instead of juice.

🌿 Does Aloe Fade Tattoos?

Aloe vera might not harm your skin, but it probably won’t do much to remove tattoo ink. You can use skin lightening agents, sugar or salt scrubs, and a laser removal procedure to fade your tattoo. For more info read our article!

🧊 Can Salt Remove a Tattoo?

Yes, salt can help, but only when paired with lemon juice. Salt penetrates deep into the skin and makes the ink fade out, and the vitamin C in lemon juice replenishes the skin. Together they help to discolor the tattoo.


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