50+ Awe-Inspiring Girly Foot Tattoos in Different Styles

Girly Foot Tattoos
Finding a decent idea for a girl's foot tattoo is daunting because the Internet is full of all sorts of trivial pictures. But we have collected the most selected designs for you and explained all the features of such tattoos.

If you are reading these lines, you probably adore tattoos as much as I do. Well, I doubt you’d google articles about foot designs if you hated them. It’s quite likely that once you saw someone have a tattoo on their foot, realized how beautiful it was, and couldn’t get the image out of your head.

It happens to me every time I start to want something badly. But if it’s ice cream, I’ll just go to the store, and if it’s an ink, I have to think about it. Tattoos on the feet are not the easiest option, they have both ups and enough downs. Today we will talk about these features and how to get an ink on your feet to keep its beautiful appearance for a long time. And, of course, we have prepared for you the coolest ideas for female tattoos on the feet, which will not leave you indifferent.

Only an experienced master can perform such a complex tattoo as a foot tattoo. If you haven’t yet chosen your master, check out our directory with 1000+ qualified tattoo artists ready to bring all your craziest ideas to life.

What You Need To Know Before Getting a Foot Tattoo

When you want to get a tattoo, you are most often guided by emotions, although you need to involve an unconscious mind as well. Tattoos on the foot require a conscious approach and attention to detail to get a great result. So we’re going to tell you exactly what you need to know before you jump to the ideas.


Women’s leg tattoos can have different sizes, but taking into account the peculiarity of this place, more often a small or medium tattoo is imposed. The size of the drawing directly depends on its location.

If you wish to make a tattoo on the foot, it is necessary to decide on the location. It is generally accepted that the most suitable place for the drawing is the line running along the outside of the foot. In this place, the skin over the years is more roughened, so the pain sensations here will not be as pronounced. Drawings printed on the outer side of the foot will be more prone to fading.

  • The best option for the location of the tattoo on the foot is the upper part of the ankle. In this case, the image will keep the outline and not change color for a long time.
  • One of the variants is a paired tattoo, in which a part of the picture is placed on one leg, and the second part is applied on the other leg or even on the partner’s leg. By combining them, you get the full picture.
  • Tattoo on the sole. This is not the most popular option. First, such a picture is worn for a short time, and the image will lose its original appearance. Secondly, it is problematic to work in this area, especially for people who are afraid of tickling. In addition, the drawing will become less noticeable after a visit to the master pedicurist.
  • The most common option is the side of the foot. In this place, the drawing looks especially beautiful and effective.
  • The safest and most popular option is the tattoo on the ankles.
If you are not sure that feet is the finest option to get a tattoo, read our article about tips and tricks to choose the best tattoo placement.
Girly foot tattoos

Why Girls Choose Foot Tattoos

A tattoo on the foot for girls is a way to emphasize the elegance of the legs and their sexuality. However, ladies understand that the accent on the feet can lose relevance over the years. This discourages many women from tattooing on their feet.

Varicose veins and a tendency for tissue swelling make tattoos unattractive. Diseases come with age, along with the desire to get rid of the tattoo on the foot made in youth. Girls look at photos of Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Aniston, and Elizabeth Hurley, and understand that even celebrities are haunted by foot problems. 

On the other hand, life is short, and it makes no sense to give up your desires just because you think about what will happen in your old age. After all, no one knows how long he will live. So maybe we should enjoy every minute of it.

Why girls choose foot tattoos

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

We’ve gathered fifty of the best ideas for women’s foot tattoos to inspire you and help you decide on your choice. But remember, the most precious tattoo is the one you create yourself (or with a tattoo artist).


Tattoos in the style of minimalism can be seen on young girls who want to see on their bodies small inks, but very personal ones. And let’s not hide, it looks fantastic sometimes. So, the minimalist tattoo is great for those who do not want to decorate a decent part of themselves beloved, but there is a desire to make a really beautiful aesthetic ink.


Flowers are one of the most popular choices for a girl’s foot tattoo. The main meaning is joy and vitality. Although, in some cases, they are a symbol of grief and unexpected losses. But it all depends on the specific flower because each carries its meaning.


A butterfly symbolizes independence and freedom of movement. In natural conditions, the insect has no problem rising, flitting from flower to flower, so this pattern shares ease and a sense of freedom with the wearer. Feet are the basis of our movement, so the butterflies on the feet have both symbolic and aesthetic meaning.

Explore even more cool butterfly tattoo ideas in our another article.


Different inscriptions are popular on almost all parts of the body as tattoos, feet are no exception. You can choose a single word, or you can choose an entire phrase, placing it along the foot. If you want to keep the lettering a secret, place it so that summer shoes can hide it.


One of the most popular styles of the 21st century is ornamentation. In the olden days, people put ornaments on the body only for weighty occasions. The tattoo had a special meaning and was a kind of identifying element. Today, however, for some, the tattoo serves as body adornment and some still put special meaning into it.

Character traits, life purpose, hardships experienced, and other meanings can be hidden under the pattern. Many people tattoo this style as a personal totem.

Unique Designs

Fantasy is unique, and everyone has a different one, depending on their life experience and type of nervous system. That is why many girls choose not the classic tattoo themes but something unique. This section has variety in all its glory: from intricate compositions to minimalistic paired tattoos.

Does It Hurt To Get a Tattoo on My Foot?

A few areas of the body have a reputation in the tattoo community for being the most painful. These include the ribs, the armpits, the elbows, and, of course, the feet.

There are a lot of nerve endings on your feet. Add to that the fact: your feet do not have a significant layer of fat to protect your bones and tendons from the vibrations of the tattoo machine. 

But that also doesn’t mean that getting a tattoo on your foot is going to hurt like hell. Each of us has a different pain threshold, which means that the process will feel different, too. 

Also, do not forget that the location of the tattoo on your foot is also important. Thus, the least painful part for a tattoo on the foot is along the outer side of the foot.

The skin in this area becomes rougher over the years due to constant friction with shoes and exposure to other external factors. Some people find that the hardest part of getting a tattoo on the foot is keeping your feet still during the process.

Are you afraid of pain? Find out the least painful places to get a tattoo and choose the one!
Does it hurt to get a tattoo on my foot

Peculiarities of Foot Tattoo Care

If you have decided to get a tattoo on the foot, you should consider that it is the most problematic part of the body in terms of care after the procedure. It is more often exposed to infection, so you should follow all the advice the master of tattoo gives.

Many recommend doing such a procedure in the summer. This will allow you to wear gentle shoes or do without them at all. If possible, taking a few days off is better until the wound heals.

A few universal tips:

  • After the session, it is not recommended to wet the leg and expose it to direct sunlight.
  • Be sure to lubricate the area with an alcohol-free wound-healing agent.
  • It is recommended to forget about closed shoes for 2-3 weeks. And you’d better avoid tight shoes. For complete healing, the foot should be free from pressure from the outside.
  • It is necessary to wear thin cotton socks at this time.

Remember, that drawing on the foot later will look as good as properly cared for.

Peculiarities of foot tattoo care


Tattoos on girls’ feet are simply beautiful. Although this is a rather complicated place for tattooing, an experienced master can handle it, and you will get the desired result if you follow all the rules of care.

If you have a few potential tattoo spots, we still advise you to choose a less complicated one than the foot. But if you feel strongly about your choice, take responsibility for the entire process so your tattoo will last as long as possible. Choosing a sketch is just as significant a part of the job, so take enough time to look for ideas to create your unique design based on them.


😰 Do Tattoos on Feet Hurt?

Yes, tattoos on the feet are considered one of the most sore spots, but it all depends on your pain threshold. If you choose a place that is not on the bone, you won’t be be suffering so much to get a tattoo.

🦶 Do Foot Tattoos Wear Off?

It is believed that tattoos on the foot wear out faster. You can choose a place that is not as often exposed to mechanical impact (friction), but you will still have to renew it more often.

👁️‍🗨️ What Does the Ankle Tattoo Mean?

The ankle itself does not make much sense as a place for a tattoo. It all depends on the design you want to do.

👠 Can You Wear Shoes With a Foot Tattoo?

The first time you get a tattoo on your foot you will have to do without shoes. It is desirable not to walk at all for some time until the tattoo begins to heal finally. This is required to keep its appearance for a long time in the future.

🤔 Is It a Good Idea To Get a Tattoo on Your Foot?

You’re going to have quite a bit of hassle with a tattoo on your foot, so it’s hard to say how good an idea it is. If you have patience and a great desire, then yes, but if it’s just a passing fad, it’s not worth it.


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