Galaxy Tattoo Ideas: 60+ Designs and Their Secret Meanings

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Explore the infinity of the Universe presented in 60+ galaxy tattoo designs. We’ve gathered only quality photos and secret meanings of ideas.

People are always interested in the unknown. Therefore, they make movies, books, comic books, TV series, and fairy tales about space. Galaxy designs also maintain leading positions among tattoos. In this case, the variety of such ideas is not limited: you can get the idea from a single moon to the entire universe.

Make sure to follow the next steps to get a tattoo you will never regret:

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✔️ Choose the least painful placement for it.

✔️ Pick the most skilled tattoo artist in your area.

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What Does a Galaxy Tattoo Mean?

The general meanings of the galaxy tattoo are:

  • 🌠 Eternity;
  • 🌠 Deviation from standards;
  • 🌠 Unrepeatability;
  • 🌠 Creative mindset;
  • 🌠 Dreaminess.

In addition, depending on the presence of other elements of the universe, tattoos’ meanings can change or be updated with new interpretations. In the table below, we have detailed the interpretation of all the most popular symbols of the galaxy.

The Universe’s Element

What Does a Galaxy Tattoo Mean?






Wish fulfillment;


Change for the better;
A pure soul;
Belief in the best.



Is There a Symbol for The Universe?

Is There a Symbol for The Universe?

The symbol of the universe is the Hindu symbol “AUM”. It is the most important symbol of Hindu culture. AUM is a representation of the Trimurti, a concept that unites the 3 major gods in the Hindu religion: 

  • ʕ Brahma – the Creator;
  • ʕ Vishnu – the Guardian;
  • ʕ Shiva – the Destroyer.

A person who receives an AUM tattoo wants to achieve inner harmony. Moreover, this tattoo design means:

  • Oneness;
  • Wisdom;
  • Intuition;
  • Creation;
  • Knowledge;
  • Cosmic principles.

60+ Galaxy Tattoo Designs to Get Inspired

The galaxy is a complex system of various elements. It is the same with tattoo designs: you can get a tattoo of the whole universe or some of its elements. Below we will also tell you which body parts are the best to get these designs on. 


The universe tattoo is popular with both women and men. You can get this tattoo idea in all sizes and styles. Also, you can add different elements to the tattoo design to make it more unique and attractive. 

For example, you can create a romantic story on your body by getting a design of a couple in love against the background of a galaxy. Such an idea would be great for couple tattoos. Also, it would demonstrate a deep and eternal connection with your loved one.


Simple galaxy tattoos most often consist of one or more small elements. It can be planets, constellations, and other celestial bodies. A distinctive feature of such designs is the use of dotwork style. Unlike other directions, this one uses dots rather than lines as the minimum drawing unit. It creates a distinctive look of the idea with smooth color transitions and shading using a higher dot density.

Also, below we list the meanings of additional elements:

🌎 PlanetsConstellation
Heaven’s protection;


In all cultures, the symbol of the moon was associated with supernatural forces. It can often be seen among Muslims because their religion considers the moon as a symbol of progress. Therefore, you can see it on the flags and coats of arms.

Also, in some cultures, the moon is a symbol of the feminine and has the following meanings:

  • 🌙 Motherhood;
  • 🌙 Femininity;
  • 🌙 Mysteriousness;
  • 🌙 The desire to know harmony;
  • 🌙 Rebirth.

Spiral Galaxy

The most common spiral galaxy tattoo idea is the Milky Way. It is not surprising because it is home to the solar system, our planet, and many other celestial bodies.

People who get such designs are characterized by decisiveness, which allows them to make crucial decisions and control their destinies. Beyond that, the spiral galaxy tattoo has the following meanings:

  • 🌌 Out-of-the-box thinking;
  • 🌌 Self-sufficiency;
  • 🌌 Mysteriousness;
  • 🌌 Deep inner peace;
  • 🌌 Success;
  • 🌌 The ability to find a common language with others.


Purple in design is a calming color that helps focus our attention. It is preferred by creative and extraordinary personalities who want to stand out from the crowd.

The purple color goes well with galaxy tattoo designs because they both mean mysticism, inspiration, mystery, dreaminess, and a creative mindset.

Also, the purple galaxy tattoo has the following meanings:

  • 💜 Unity of opposites;
  • 💜 True;
  • 💜 Repentance;
  • 💜 Wisdom;
  • 💜 Humility;
  • 💜 Moderation.

Black and White

Black and white tattoos are the easiest to make because they require the use of only one color. Transitions and dimming are carried out by reducing the concentration of black. However, for such a design to turn out the way you intended, it is also necessary to turn to a qualified tattoo artist.

Also, the black and white tattoo galaxy design is the coexistence of opposites symbol.

Black ⚫ color means severity, night, magic, fear.

White ⚪ – spirit, purity, light, and clarity.


Geometric shapes and symmetry provide the galaxy tattoo design additional meaning. This idea symbolizes harmony and tranquility. Also, the right angles of the figures mean the following:

  • 🔺 Justice;
  • 🔺 The power of the mind over the body;
  • 🔺 Openness;
  • 🔺 Honesty.

✍️ Note:
If you want to find an experienced tattoo artist who makes geometric tattoos nearby, check out our list.


A galaxy sleeve tattoo is the coolest idea one can choose to get. Of course, these designs are painful, may require more than one session to create, and cost $1,000-$6,000. However, the sleeve tattoo design will make you and those around you will be amazed as if they are looking at the night starry sky.


The wrist is suitable for small galaxy tattoo designs. This body part allows you to make a mysterious tattoo idea that will be faintly visible to others. They will want to consider it, so be prepared for constant attention from other people.

✍️ Note:
The wrist is a popular place for couple tattoos. So if you and your soulmate decide to get this design, you can check out 50+ couple tattoo ideas.


The forearm is one of the most popular places for a galaxy tattoo. Designs in this place often do not cause severe pain because there is a thick layer of muscles under the skin. Therefore, you can bring to life a design with many colors and elements that requires several sessions of tattooing and still not feel pain.


The shoulder galaxy tattoo has several advantages over other places on the body:

  • 🤩 Durability. The shoulder is not exposed to ultraviolet light. Therefore, the black or colored pigment will not fade and your tattoo will stay beautiful longer.
  • 🤩 Little soreness. The shoulder, like the forearm, has a thick layer of muscle and fat. It will reduce pain during tattooing.
  • 🤩 Volumetric. The shoulder roundness and the muscle relief allow you to get a voluminous tattoo of the galaxy.


The back allows you to get a great galaxy tattoo design. As a sketch, you can choose the design of the starry sky, several celestial bodies, or something more unusual. For example, you can focus on galaxy octopus tattoo ideas.

This design is worth considering because the inhabitants of Crete considered the octopus a symbol of the beginning of creation and the mystical center of the universe. Also, this symbol has other meanings:

  • 🐙 Immortality;
  • 🐙 Wisdom;
  • 🐙 Eternity.


If you want a bold and meaningful galaxy tattoo design on your chest, go for the black hole idea. First, it looks amazing because of the contrast and depth of the colors. Secondly, the symbol of a black hole is associated with the mystery and inevitability of the hailing.

This celestial body is a reminder that there are forces in the world that we can not curb. Therefore, a tattoo of a galaxy with a black hole means self-improvement and the desire to get better.


The outer part of the thigh is a large area that allows you to get a medium to large tattoo. What’s more, you can choose the design to get on both thighs. In this case, we suggest you consider the idea of ​​a calm and violent galaxy.

This design means peace and chaos, which are integral parts of our world. Each person should master these elements to find out how to solve all kinds of problems.


Arm galaxy tattoos are often abstract designs. You can get a composition that will consist of seemingly incoherent elements. However, with a detailed acquaintance with the interpretations, you will understand what they mean.

For example, a tattoo of a galaxy with a music cassette will mean that you like this type of art and strive to reach unprecedented heights in it.


Galaxy designs are very attractive because they use a wide palette of colors and contrast. They also have many meanings, the number of which increases when you add new elements to the overall composition.

Choosing the design can be difficult despite the general similarity of all such ideas. Therefore, we have collected 60+ galaxy tattoos for you and explained their meanings.

I believe if there is some sort of higher power, the galaxy is it.

– Oliver Gasspirtz.


❓ What Is the Meaning of the Universe Tattoo?

The galaxy tattoo means eternity, deviation from standards, unrepeatability, creative mindset, and dreaminess.

☀️ What Does the Solar System Tattoo Mean?

The solar system tattoo means harmony, conciseness, wisdom, calmness, the desire to achieve global goals, and self-perfection.

🌍 What Do Planet Tattoos Mean?

The tattoo of each planet of the solar system has its meaning:

🧠 Mercury – intelligence;

💖 Venus – beauty;

🌱 Earth – life;

🦁 Mars – courage;

🍀 Jupiter – luck;

💪 Saturn – strength;

🕊️ Uranus – freedom;

📿 Neptune – spirituality.


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