Strength and Power: 55 Fallen Angel Tattoos To Lift Your Spirits

Fallen Angel Tattoos
Want a fallen angel tattoo but can't find a cool design? Then you've come to the right place! We found 55+ of the best tattoos, so you can make your dreams come true.

You can have many sketches on your body, but if you are looking for something special, a tattoo of a falling angel might be just what you need. We have been looking for the right designs for a very long time, and now we are ready to present them to you. 

A bonus from us: you get tips on tattoo care, the finest styles for your chosen sketch, and recommendations from the best and most trusted tattoo artists. So let’s dive into the world of myths, legends, and beautiful designs together.

What Does a Fallen Angel Tattoo Mean?

A fallen angel tattoo is a design that depicts an angel who, according to legend, was cast out of Paradise for rebelling against God. In culture and art, the fallen angel is usually depicted as a symbol of rebellion, fall, sin, or disobedience. Such a tattoo can come in a variety of forms and aesthetics, such as stylized and realistic imagery or abstract symbols.

fallen angel tattoo

Biblical tradition serves as the foundation for the Fallen Angel tattoo’s meaning. According to what is recorded in the Book of Life, Lucifer led a third of God’s army in a rebellion against his creator. These angels were banished from Paradise because they disobeyed God and failed to carry out his instructions. The Fallen One’s basic symbolism is the decision between right and wrong, submission.

An example of a fallen angel tattoo in the religious world

An example of a fallen angel tattoo in the religious world

Depending on the environment and the wearer’s personal beliefs, a culture’s interpretation of the fallen angel tattoo might vary. This design, however, is typically linked to images of rebellion, disobedience, and rejection of conventional norms.

The meaning of the fallen angel tattoo can be stretched to indicate disobedience to social norms and expectations, as well as a reluctance to blend in or act in accordance with them. It can also represent freedom of mind and independence. 

An example of a fallen angel tattoo in modern culture

An example of a fallen angel tattoo in modern culture

Meaning of Symbols in Tattoos

A fallen angel tattoo has several symbols, each of which may have a unique meaning based on the situation and cultural customs. The following are some of the most typical signs that can be utilized in such a tattoo.

πŸ‘Ό Wings: a symbol of freedom and lightness, as well as an expression of the desire to soar above the mundane and achieve higher goals.

🏹 Bows and arrows: a symbol of struggle and an expression of the desire to defeat the enemy or overcome difficulties.

πŸ”₯ Flame: a representation of fervor and intensity that also connotes danger and devastation.

βœ–οΈ Cross: a religious and spiritual sign that can also be used to convey sorrow or melancholy.

😈 Horns: a sign of power, but they may also be a sign of the devil or a desire to stand out from the crowd.

These symbols can be combined or applied in many ways to produce a one-of-a-kind tattoo that expresses the wearer’s uniqueness and personality. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the use of symbols connected to national, cultural, or religious traditions may be viewed by society as disrespectful or offensive. Thus, caution and respect for cultural norms and values should be exercised.

Fallen Angel Tattoo Ideas

A fallen angel tattoo may be the height of a person’s strength, spirituality, and personality. People who are looking for a tattoo that depicts their darker sides or their struggles with life’s challenges may find it interesting. Such a tattoo can also appeal to someone who like mystical and religious themes. 

So, let’s take a look at the sketches we picked up. 

On the Leg

A tattoo of a falling angel will look very beautiful and unusual on the leg. Most often it is printed in a black-and-grey style, with wings spread out. Some add colored details or inclusions.

On the Arm

Such a tattoo appears quite striking on the hand, especially if the size is appropriate. Users often pick realism, which is sometimes augmented with details such as the sun and outspread wings. Let’s take a closer look at examples of these designs.

On the Stomach

The falling angel tattoo on your stomach looks cool. Usually, it is made in a realistic style, and this design can be complemented by elements such as a sword and feathers. Let’s take a closer look at examples of sketches.

On the Back

The back tattoos of an angel falling seem to be quite meaningful. The major feature of these tattoos is the ability to fill the angel with spread wings, which looks absolutely stunning. This design is usually hammered in the traditional style. Let’s look at several illustrations of this type of tattoo in more detail.

Fallen Angel Tattoo With Inscriptions

Tattoo of a falling angel with text is not as common. They look so inimitable. Usually, users add the names of their loved ones or important phrases with a special meaning. Most often, the best angel tattoo designs are printed in a realistic style. Let’s take a closer look at examples of these sketches.

Broken Fallen Angel

A tattoo of a broken fallen angel looks very mystical and sad. It usually can symbolize a loss of faith, a struggle with one’s demons, or other personal problems.

One of the most popular styles for this tattoo is the realist style. The tattoo can be done with maximum detail, with an emphasis on textured elements such as broken wings, broken bones, etc. Let’s look at the examples in more detail.

Angel with Broken Wings

An angel with broken wings is a symbol of fall, loss of innocence, vulnerability, and pain. Such design can be done to commemorate a loss, a difficult time in life, or as a reminder of the need to keep hope and faith. Let’s take a closer look at examples of such tattoos.

Where Would a Tattoo in This Style Look Best?

So let’s talk about how to choose the right spot for the sketch, so you won’t regret it later. 

❗️ Important:
Regardless of the selected place for the upcoming tattoo, you need to find a proven and good tattoo master, who will be able to implement your idea as best and as qualitatively as possible.

A falling angel tattoo can look attractive on different parts of the body, depending on the wearer’s preference. Some of the most well-liked places for such a tattoo are:

πŸ“Œ Back: This is one of the most popular places for tattoos. It allows for a larger, more elaborate tattoo that can be shown or hidden depending on the mood and circumstances.

Example of a fallen angel tattoo on the back

Example of a fallen angel tattoo on the back

πŸ“Œ Arm: Depending on the size and specifics of the selected sketch, a tattoo on the arm may be tiny, or more visible. It is also a convenient place, so you can reveal the tattoo or hide it depending on the situation. If you add unusual elements, such as clouds or feathers, you get a tattoo of a fallen angel which will look unique due to the details. 

Example of a fallen angel tattoo on the arm

Example of a fallen angel tattoo on the arm

πŸ“Œ Chest: A tattoo of a fallen angel might seem incredibly sentimental and spiritual on the chest. To emphasize the tattoo’s figurative significance, realistic colors may also be employed.

Example of a fallen angel tattoo on the chest

Example of a fallen angel tattoo on the chest

πŸ“Œ Leg: A tattoo on this place can be handy for people who want to hide their tattoo at work or in more formal situations. 

Example of a fallen angel tattoo on the leg

Example of a fallen angel tattoo on the leg

πŸ˜‡ More inspiration:
We’ve got some cool angel ideas for you from our talented tattoo artists. Hurry up to see the gallery with angel tattoo ideas!


The fallen angel tattoo is a very powerful design that may serve as both a lovely body ornament and a deep philosophical message. It reminds that each of us has our own “angel” and “demon” within us, and we choose who we listen to. 

After all, if you make the correct decision and acknowledge our actual nature, the fallen angel can always ascend to his throne. This can serve as both a stunning embellishment and a sobering reminder that we are each responsible for our lives and choices.

So let’s have another look at the top 3 most trending designs.


πŸ‘ΌπŸ» What Does a Fallen Angel Tattoo Mean?

A tattoo of a fallen angel may represent one’s battles with their own inner demons or difficulties in life. This is a very strong sketch that conveys no brokenness and strength of spirit.

❓ What Do Broken Angel Wings Symbolize?

Broken angel wings can be a sign of emotional distress, trauma, loss, or other types of sorrow. They may represent melancholy, disappointment, suffering, and loss, particularly if the tattoo is in honor of a deceased loved one.

πŸ“Œ What Is the Best Place for a Fallen Angel Tattoo?

The choice of location for this tattoo depends only on personal preferences and desires. The fallen angel looks most spectacular on the chest, leg, or arm. It is very important to choose the right place and find a good tattoo master who will bring your idea to life.

πŸ‘§πŸΌ Why Do People Get Fallen Angel Tattoos?

The fallen angel is associated with rebelliousness and defiance. People may choose this symbol to express their unwillingness to follow societal norms and expectations. It is also very important to consider that this tattoo is a symbol of struggle and defiance.


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