Get Inked: 50+ Lovely Eye Of Horus Tattoo Ideas for 2023

Eye of horus tattoo
The Eye of Horus is easy to draw, but its meaning is not as simple as it seems. Find out how this tattoo will affect your life and where it's best to get it.

Ancient Egypt was a place where miracles happened. No one still knows what knowledge the early Egyptians possessed and how they managed to do what they did.

The eye of Horus is the most well-known symbol that has endured through the ages. Tourists prefer to bring from Egypt is this sign. But if you want to keep it on your body forever, then you need to know what exactly this sign means and how it can change your life. That’s what we’re going to talk about, and also share the greatest ideas for tattoos with the eye of Horus.

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Eye of Horus Tattoo Meaning

The term “eye of Horus tattoo” alludes to ancient Egyptian amulets and symbols that have survived to the present day. Ancient Egyptian mystical legends, cryptic facts, and symbols fascinate us by their enigma and inscrutability. The All-seeing Eye symbol’s alternate name serves as proof of this enigma.

A spiral-shaped line has been drawn around the image of an eye to represent the energy of perpetual growth and mobility. The all-seeing eye is also known as the eye of Ra, Ujad, Ouajet, Udiyat, and the eye of Ouajet. The symbol’s relationship to both the living and the dead is indicated by the variety of names that have been given to it. There was a black eye for the deceased, and a white eye for the living.

Eye of Horus
Eye of Horus

The tattoo version of this image has already become popular nowadays. The soul’s resurrection and the resuscitation of the dead are its symbolic meanings. There is an unending energy of life in the universe, thus this process cannot be stopped. This symbol denotes the continual flow of life and energy. The left eye of Horus represents the moon, healing, and protection, and its destruction was connected to a change in the moon’s phases, according to the traditional interpretation. In contrast, the right eye tattoo represents the sun.

It is believed that the owner of this sign begins to possess the ability to see the previously hidden essence of things. He begins to come into contact with the highest wisdom, revealing to him the secret knowledge.

A tattoo with the Eye of Horus facilitates:

  • The right choice of life’s path;
  • Career advancement;
  • Success in business;
  • Proper management of subordinates;
  • The right kind of business negotiation;
  • Achieving goals;
  • Protecting against manipulation.

Eye of horus tattoo

Meaning in Different Religions

Different religious sects have embraced the idea that heaven is watching over the man at all times. Buddhism places power and light in this symbol, Christianity puts light and strength, while Islam puts intellect and enlightenment at the top of the list. Native Americans refer to the eye of the heart, which represents a keen spiritual perception and highly developed intuition, as the all-seeing eye of the great spirit.

All the foregoing beliefs have the same meaning, which can be summed up as follows: God’s all-seeing eye sees everything, knows everything, and keeps watch over all human affairs. This is a defensive symbol that offers protection, support for the owner, and participation in the establishment of the global order. It will safeguard you from persons with malicious motives and envious thoughts.

Eye of Ra vs. Eye of Horus

Eye of Ra vs. Eye of Horus

Due to the numerous distinct legends that interpret the eye of Ra and the eye of Horus differently, there is uncertainty concerning them for many people. The perception of the eyes of Horus and Ra is typically the same, however, there are some outliers.

According to one version, the eye of Horus has different names for the left and right eye, where the left symbolizes the sun (Ra), and the right — the moon (Thoth). Thoth healed Horus’ eye after his fight with Set, his uncle who killed his father.

If we talk about Ra, he is sometimes associated with rage, strength, and cruelty because of the legends about him. Ra was an Egyptian pharaoh who was already getting old and weak, so people laughed at him and did not listen to him. He got angry and decided to punish them — sent the aspect of his daughter, the eye of Ra. She waged war on humans, killing them by the thousands in the form of a lion. 

When Ra saw how far things had gone, he decided to stop it, but his daughter didn’t want to stop anymore — she wanted blood. So he sent her 7,000 jugs of beer and pomegranate juice (which colored the beer blood-red) and they were poured over the surrounding fields. She got so drunk on the “blood” that she slept for three days and woke up with a hangover. Well, at least she didn’t want to kill anymore. 

Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus Tattoo Ideas

A tattoo with the eyes of Horus is not the most common choice among fans of tattooing, but some wish to get it among ladies and gentlemen because it has such a fascinating and even mystical story.

Single images of the eye of Horus on different parts of the body dominate the ideas, but maybe we can surprise you with something. Ready?


Minimalism is always relevant, and the Gore eye tattoo is no exception. Small images will look good on your hands, fingers, neck, shoulders, and even back. This symbol is quite simple to perform, and you will surely find a master who can accomplish the tattoo exactly the way you want.

On the Arm

The Eye of Horus is often tattooed on the arm, as it is convenient to place a small, neat design there. It is almost always done in black (sometimes a gradient is chosen, but also in black and white shades) and is rarely decorated with anything. This is because such a tattoo primarily plays not a decorative role, but rather a protective one.

On the Neck

The Eye of Horus is one of the few tattoos that people quite often get on their neck, especially on the back of it. This is because the small image of an eye on this part of the body strangely looks very organic — like a third eye, only not on the forehead, but on the neck. 

On the Chest

The chest is not the most popular place for such a tattoo, but it can be considered. Here you can afford a larger tattoo if you want. By the way, men more often choose this place, unlike women.

On the Back

If you’re considering the back for a Horus Eye tattoo, look at the top of it. In general, it is better to take the upper part of the body for such a tattoo, because the Egyptian symbol carries a large flow of light energy. 

On the Leg

The leg is not the best option for an eye of Horus tattoo if you are beating it, given the spiritual and symbolic meaning. But if you just like the symbol as decoration, the leg is okay too.


Sometimes tattoos with the eye of Horus are made in the form of compositions, combining them with other elements. This can change the meaning of the entire tattoo.

For example, a tattoo with the image of the eye of Horus in a triangle refers to the Masonic lodge. It is an entirely separate symbol, not related to Egyptian civilization. The Masons used this sign to indicate the Supreme Intelligence, which invisibly and constantly watches over the deeds of the lodge officers (stonemasons). It must be said that the attitude to such tattoos is very ambiguous. As, in fact, to the Masons themselves.

Eye of Horus Tattoo Placement

The eye of Horus tattoo can be applied to any part of the body that the future owner chooses. The drawing is done to the fingers, palm, wrist, hand, ankle, lower back, back of the head, back, shoulder, and chest since it may be applied in very small spaces. Depending on which eye is shown, the mark may be placed on the right or left side of the chest.

Overall, since a tattoo bears a strong spiritual connotation, we suggest placing it higher on the body. To maintain the sketch’s spiritual impact, make sure to use clear proportions when producing it. In addition, the eye of Horus must match the side of the location on the body: right to right, and left to left. The left side of the Ouajet acts as a guardian against negative energy, and the right side — helps in business. The tattoo on the back of the vertebral line protects against betrayal, and on the chest near the heart — from the spell.

Eye of Horus Tattoo Placement


Now you have an idea of the Eye of Horus tattoo, what it means, and where best to get it. Such a tattoo is very special and can serve as your protection or guide you through life. 

It doesn’t matter if you do a big tattoo or a small one; on your arm, neck, chest, or somewhere else. What matters is the meaning and energy you put into this. Maybe you already have an image in your head of exactly how you want to place your tattoo. If so, by all means, write down or sketch this picture because such sudden thoughts show what we truly want.


👁️‍🗨️ What Does Horus an Eye Tattoo Mean?

Its symbolic meaning is the resurrection of the soul and the return of the dead to life. The process of existence in the universe cannot be interrupted, as there is an eternal energy of life.

🤨 Is Horus the Left or Right Eye?

According to the ancient interpretation, the tattoo of the left eye of Horus symbolizes the moon, healing, and protection, and its damage was tied to a change in the phases of the moon, and the right eye tattoo corresponds to the sun.

👀 Why Do People Get an Eye of Horus Tattoo?

People chose the eye of Horus as a tattoo to give themselves divine protection both in life and after death.

💭 Why Do People Get an Eye of Horus Tattoo?

Any place in the upper body would work well for a Gore eye tattoo. Neck and arms for smaller tattoos, chest or back for larger options.


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