You Won’t Regret the Result: Top 10 Denver Tattoo Artists

Tired of looking for a professional tattoo artist from Denver? Read our article and quickly choose the best one of 10 artists!

Tattoos are a thing that is very important to everyone. Everybody sees their tattoo in a special way and wants to get a quality result. Therefore, the most important thing, in this case, is to choose the right design and a professional tattoo artist who will help to implement all your ideas.

Do not rely solely on the advice of acquaintances or friends. This is a serious matter that requires attention and responsibility. That’s why we present you with this list of the best tattoo artists in Denver, where you will find exactly what you need!

Best Tattoo Artists in Denver

Gina Ilczyszyn

Gina has been tattooing for more than 9 years and worked at the tattoo salon “Da Vinci” in Wantagh (where the most qualified and professional tattoo artists of this city work) before moving on to Denver.
All her works are very carefully done and no matter how complex the design, she will be able to do it. She perfectly makes realistic, ornamental tattoos and traditional designs.

Mark Scott

Mark began this apprenticeship in 2017 with “Til Death” (one of the most popular tattoo parlors in Denver) and after 2 years of working with some amazing artists who taught him everything about tattoos. 

Don’t assume that Mark doesn’t have that much experience. After 2 years of hard work, he has learned more than some tattoo masters in 10 years. Gradually developing his special style, he improved his technique and later achieved incredible results. Now he can professionally perform American and Japanese tattoos.

Adam Mir

Adam Mir is a professional tattoo artist from Texas who moved to Denver for a new experience. All his works are very bright, made in a special style. Also, because of his style with bright images and clear lines, there can be clearly seen his love for comics. Now he does tattoos with original illustration style which elements can be seen all over his works.

Now, after 4 years of work, he can professionally embody your design in an illustrative style, American, Japanese traditional, or black and gray.

Brett Herman

Originally from Boulder County, Colorado, Brett Herman is more than just a tattoo artist. His love of art began in high school, and though he’s gone in the musical direction for a while, a hobby just can’t replace an obsession. 

After university, he finally chose the path of tattooing for himself. His favorite styles are illustrative and photorealistic work, although he can do more than that. He has already curated multiple art shows and has had his work exhibited at over 75 different events, many of those held in some of the top galleries in the world.

Brett Herman

Even though Brett is mostly located in Denver, he owns one of Los Angeles’s most reputable tattoo shops, Hidden Los Angeles Tattoo and Fine Art, for almost a decade. His schedule is usually jam-packed, but you can still get in touch with him through us!

Jonathan Penchoff

Jonathan has been tattooing for 13 years, and due to his unique style, his work can be found all around the world. His tattoo style primarily depicts animals and female heads, but he can work at almost any style.

If you want to make a detailed portrait on your body, this tattoo artist will make it as similar and accurate as possible. Also, if you are a fan of Harry Potter and want to get a tattoo related to it, Jonatan will easily and happily implement your idea!

Danny Elliott

Danny Elliott has been in the tattoo industry for nine years. His tattoos are unique because they are very bright, three-dimensional, and made with all the wishes of the client. 

He aims to create hyper-realistic designs which have special dynamic color schemes. What is more, he’s also been trying to push his work in a more surreal direction. Through this, he can make the imagery seem like it’s melting or morphing into something else — an original piece of art for someone.

David Robinson

This man’s experience is simply amazing because David has been tattooing for over 18 years! Now he is a member of “Til Death Denver”, one of the most popular tattoo parlors in Denver. 

His works have very clear lines and bright colors, so always are striking. His style can be described as modern traditional with an emphasis on skulls, butterflies, and snakes. But of course, he can easily implement all your ideas.

Clinton Lee

Clinton is a master of traditional tattoos, he uses iconic images and shows them in a special and truly unique light. His works are made in a special ornamental style, with unrepeatable patterns.

His tattoos can be seen both on large and on small one-time orders, which he makes using bold lines for a lasting effect. He works professionally in several styles: American, Japanese traditional, ornamental, and blackwork.

Annelise K

Annelise is a tattoo artist who has recently settled in Colorado, but her roots are from Northern California. Growing up there she received her BFA for printmaking.

Due to the fact that it is well known in botanical and ornithological drawing, she can draw plants and birds in a very detailed way and as close as possible to reality. Also, she works in American folk and black ink styles.

Ben Granillo

Ben Granillo is a professional tattoo artist from Colorado. Thanks to big experience (more than 10 years), he clearly understands what the client wants and helps him to implement his ideas as clearly as possible.

His tattoos are bold and colorful, making them easy to read. He works in traditional American, Japanese, Polynesian, Maori, and Inuit styles. So if you like the style in which he works — this is your perfect tattoo artist!

History of the Tattoo Industry in Denver

In the 50s, when the tattoo industry was just growing, there was only one tattoo parlor in Denver where you could get a quality and professional tattoo. It was called William’s French Niley store near Colfax (main street) and Speer (neighborhood).

Years later, the Denver Post wrote in its article that the location was a “deliberate move to avoid rough, tough clientele,”. After 50 years, the number of tattoo parlors has increased significantly, especially on the main street of the city – Colfax. Today, there are many licensed tattoo parlors, which have become home to many professional tattoo artists.

In 1978, Colfax had only four tattoo parlors, which has already allowed the famous Capitol Hill newspaper to call it big business, although the tattoo industry has only just begun its active development.


🏆 Who Is the Best Tattoo Artist in Denver?

There are several tattoo parlors in Denver that employ true professionals. In general, when choosing a tattoo artist, it is important to ask him to provide examples of work and certificates. There are several skilled tattoo artists in Denver with extensive experience: Jonhatan Penchoff, David Robinson, and Ben Granillo.

💸 How Much Does a Tattoo Cost?

Tattoos are not a cheap pleasure. But if you want to get quality work, then the price will be appropriate. Medium-sized tattoos cost from $ 150 to $ 450. Hiring a tattoo artist usually costs from 120 to 150 dollars per hour, and the prices depend on how long it will take. The minimum cost is about $ 30, the maximum is about $ 4,000.

💡 How Painful Is a Tattoo?

Whether a tattoo will be very painful for you — depends on your pain and the place where you get a tattoo. If you do it on the face, palms, or other places where the skin is thin — it will always hurt. At the very least, this is a very uncomfortable procedure.


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