60+ Best Daisy Tattoo Ideas & All You Must Know About Them

Daisy tattoo on the soulder
Picking a perfect daisy tattoo design can be difficult and time-consuming among the thousands of ideas on the Internet. We've chosen the best 60 ideas to make it easy for you to select.

Tattoos have become a fashion trend in the last few years. More and more people decorate their bodies with them, wishing to emphasize their individuality and originality. Some people apply a tattoo as a sign of fashion trend, others — for beauty and the desire to stand out from the crowd, and a few thus convey a certain message to society.

But many tattoo owners do not even think about the meaning of the applied images. Sometimes a beautiful personal picture can symbolize negative phenomena and attract troubles and misfortunes. So, what does a gentle and touching daisy say, and what does it mean? We will tell you everything you need to know about this symbol and also share cool ideas for such tattoos, which you will definitely want to bring to life.

Daisy Tattoo Meaning

The meaning of the daisy tattoo had a criminal direction at the end of the last century. Women who were prisoners, but were afraid of mockery and evil intentions, applied to themselves the image of this cute flower. There was a widespread belief that the drawing could purify its wearer.

Tattoos with a daisy are very popular in the territory of the former Soviet Union. But this flower receives a little less attention in the West, even though it is native to America.

There are several meanings of the daisy tattoo:

  • Strengthening magical properties. Those who are fond of magic and witchcraft believe that this tattoo opens the gift of foresight.
  • The embodiment of goodness, purity, and simplicity; a symbol of youth, love, and innocence. The tattoo gives its owner the ability to attract good luck. More recently, the chamomile has become a symbol of domesticity and love for the family. And each petal symbolizes a particular family member.
  • A symbol of loneliness and separation. Chosen by those who have had a negative experience in love and lost a relationship.
  • A sign of optimism and cheerfulness. Psychologists believe that the image can influence the subconscious and not let the person go into moping and slip into depression.

The daisy tattoo has a specific purpose for men: it has the meaning of honesty, a way to learn about the world and himself.

For women this tattoo often has no vital meaning, they choose them for their beauty, tenderness, and airiness.


Who Is Fit for a Daisy Tattoo?

Girls often choose a daisy tattoo just because it is their favorite flower and they like it. However, you can tell a lot about a girl who likes it, based on the symbolism of the flower. Chamomile means kindness and inner purity, youth and tenderness, lightness of character, and friendliness. Such a drawing will suit an open, sincere and positive person. The tattoo will help to preserve the inner youth and childhood spontaneity forever.


Daisy Tattoo Ideas

One of the key points of a daisy tattoo (like other floral tattoos) is its variety and the different possibilities when creating a design. We can tattoo a daisy flower, a whole plant, or combine it with some other element. In the collection of daisy tattoo designs that accompany this article, you can get a bunch of ideas for your next tattoo.

Finger Designs

Tattoos of daisies on the fingers look very nice. Small flowers decorate the hands and give a positive mood to their owners.

Cute little tattoos are what you’re looking for? Then the good news is that we’ve compiled as many as a hundred such ideas into a separate article.

Hand Ideas

It may surprise you, but it is rare to find daisies on your hands. Such a tattoo is quite difficult to hide, it is always in view. However, we have found a few options for you that you can easily take as a basis for a sketch. The best look is either a minimalist tattoo or a watercolor style.

Arm Designs

The most popular place for a daisy tattoo is on the arms. Here you can find a single daisy, compositions of several chamomiles, and even a tattoo of a few different flowers (most often combined daisy and sunflower). By the way, a bouquet of three daisies symbolizes harmony, completeness, and self-sufficiency.

More sunflower tattoo ideas you can find in our article: 70+ Vivid and Creative Sunflower Tattoo Designs to Try in 2022.

Leg Ideas

Leg tattoos are often chosen by fans of larger images (medium size), although it is possible to meet small drawings. A wide variety of daisy-related designs, styles, and subjects can be found on the feet, from realism to illustration, from single daisies to bouquets.

Chest Designs

Daisy tattoos on the chest girls choose not so often (except for the collarbone), although the daisies here look very gentle and feminine. This can be a pretty intimate tattoo, especially if you want to put daisies on your nipples (a pretty popular design, by the way).

Back Ideas

The back is ideal for large-scale tattoos. The main thing is to remember the proportions so that your body and your tattoo look good with each other. We do not highly recommend a single flower or such a composition that will take up the whole back, as it may look harsh. On the other hand, a medium-sized tattoo looks perfect on the back.

Other Places

The small images of daisies look very interesting if you place them behind the ear. In this case, minimalism in the drawing is suitable: an outline and no drawing or detailing.

Sometimes girls choose tattoos on the side of the chest. Compositions of different flowers are often made there, which include a daisy. It looks beautiful and intimate but be prepared that the tattoo here can be quite painful.

If you want to know more about which places are painful for tattoos and which are not, we have a separate article about that.

Do you want something unusual and sophisticated? Pay attention to tattoo bands on your wrists. You can implement small daisies very naturally and beautifully there.


One of the fascinating ways to place a daisy tattoo is on the shoulder, with the transition to the collarbone. You can hide such a tattoo if you want, but you can also put it on display, and it will only emphasize your beauty.

Sometimes the place for a daisy tattoo may be the abdomen, although tattoo fans rarely choose it. Here you will be able to place quite a large drawing. But remember that the belly can transform quite a lot (for example, during pregnancy in girls or weight loss in both sexes), and the tattoo may look different over time.



Compositions with daisies look very organic, as they are often bouquets of different colors that we are used to seeing in life. However, there are other options. Sometimes girls and guys choose a pattern with an insect or bird, thus enlivening the picture. In the compositions, you can try to mix styles to get something unique — just do not go overboard.

Legends Associated With Daisies

First, we should know that this flower is associated with several ancient cultures such as Nordic, Celtic, and Roman.

For example, it is the sacred flower of Freya for the Norse, goddess of love and fertility, so this plant has a very feminine connotation. On the other hand, the ancient Celts have a rather sad meaning, because they believed that when a child died, the gods made daisies sprout from the ground to encourage the parents.

To the Romans, it signified purity and transfiguration. One legend says that Vertumnus, the god of vegetation, fell in love with the beautiful nymph Belides, who turned into a daisy while escaping the clutches of the heavy Vertumnus. This is a legend very similar to that of Apollo and Daphne, who also turned into a plant (in her case a laurel) to escape from their pursuer.

The daisy tattoo was also noted in the world of crime. Prisoners applied a daisy in several cases. If a crime was committed by a group of people, the number of petals was equal to the number of accomplices. In addition, the daisy was often seen on the bodies of female prisoners. They applied it as a sign of purity before the law and the unfairness of the accusation.

daisy tattoos

Celebrities With Daisy Tattoos

In today’s world, the tattoo of daisy flowers is a sign that the owner is young at heart and open-minded to everything new. Many celebs have the image of daisy flowers on their bodies. For example, Lady Gaga placed the flower tattoo on her shoulder, and Dakota Johnson — on her arm.


An innocent, bright and optimistic daisy can become your life companion in the form of a cute tattoo tomorrow (if you want). Such a drawing on the body will be the perfect reflection of an open and sincere person. 

We advise you to look again at the possible tattoo designs, pick the perfect master and together with him come up with your perfect sketch. The best places for such a tattoo are your arms, shoulders, and collarbones, but you can choose absolutely any option, from the back to the ear. The main thing is that you enjoy your decision.


❓ What Does a Daisy Tattoo Symbolize?

Daisy is the embodiment of simplicity, goodness, innocence, and purity. The tattoo gives its owner the ability to attract good luck. More recently, the chamomile has become a symbol of domesticity and love for the family. And each petal symbolizes a particular family member.

? What Does an Upside-Down Daisy Mean?

An inverted daisy means the opposite of a vertical one — guilt. It is usually tattooed by people who are seeking forgiveness.

? What Does a White Daisy Tattoo Mean?

White in general symbolizes purity and innocence, and in daisies, it means the same thing. Sometimes it is also attributed to religious motifs and love of God.

? What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Daisies?

Since ancient times, this flower has been endowed with mystical powers. It was believed that daisy enhanced magical abilities and opened the gift of foresight. In this sense, the tattoo of the daisy was applied to the body of people enthusiastic about magic and witchcraft.

? Are Daisies Good Luck?

Yes, one of the meanings of the daisy is a sign of good luck, although it is not the main one.


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