Top 5 Tattoo Artists in Connecticut: Guaranteed Quality

Best tattoo artists in Connecticut
Professional tattoo in Connecticut. The best masters of every art style will depict any of your ideas, regardless of complexity and uniqueness.

Tattoos is a great way to emphasize your individuality and express yourself effectively. If you live in Connecticut and are thinking about getting a tattoo, we can say that you are very lucky because you have access to a large number of highly qualified tattoo artists.

In any city in Connecticut, you can see dozens of different tattoo parlors. However, we all understand that it is difficult to entrust such a personal procedure to the first artist you meet. Also, unfortunately, some masters in this business do not have enough qualifications to properly depict your wishes. 

That’s why we decided to introduce you to the 5 best tattoo artists across the whole state.

Joe Capobianco — The Best in Pinup (New Haven, CT)

Joe Capobianco has 24 years of experience in tattooing. During this time, he gained enough skills to create some of the most fascinating products in the style of pinup, which is a combination of the style of the 1950s with the addition of modern flair, known as “Capo Gal”. The use of colors or common drawing styles makes his style unique throughout the United States.

Nicole Ma Guerrero — The Best in Gothic Style (Hamden, CT)

Nicole Ma Guerrero (Nixie Pixie) works at the Lovecraft Tattoo shop in Hamden, Connecticut. As a child, she dreamed of engaging in tattoos. Three years ago, she got her first job in the tattoo industry, and all this time she keeps her brush day and night, improving her artistic skills every second. Her key specialization is bold lines, as well as small drawings in the Gothic style.

Sean O’Hara — The Best in Large Tattoos (East Haven, CT)

Sean O’Hara has been tattooing for over 30 years. During this time, he has gained enough experience to be able to fulfill any wishes of the client now. He is known as one of the best tattoo artists of the most complex, unique models. However, his main attraction is the large tattoos with bright elements. In this, he is definitely No.1.

Danielle Duncan — The Best in Geometric Patterns (Newington, CT)

Daniel Duncan is a certified specialist in the field of fine arts. After gaining theoretical knowledge, she spent more than 10 years improving her artistic abilities with the help of traditional tattoo techniques. She specializes in all styles of work. His strength is black and gray realism with geometric patterns or traditional images such as flowers on the hands.

Jim Lopresti — The Best in Black and Grey Realism (Woodbridge, CT)

Jim LoPresty is one of the most titled tattoo artists in America. In the twenty years of his work, almost all national magazines have recognized his talent in black-and-grey realism. However, everyone can admit that for more than 20 years of practice he is one of the most powerful masters in all styles of tattooing.

History of the Development of the Tattoo Industry in Connecticut

best tattoo artists in Connecticut

In general, even historically, Connecticut has played a major role in the development of tattoo art. For example, New Haven resident Samuel O’Reilly patented the first electric tattoo machine in 1891. O’Reilly’s first patented tattoo machine was a modified dental plugger, which he used to tattoo several dime museum attractions for exhibition between the years 1889 and 1891. In fact, all the development of the professional tattoo industry came from New Haven. 

Moreover, the first famous tattoo artist, maestro Henry Silver, also began his career in this city. The central museum still has advertising booklets with which he invited visitors to his salon.

With such prominent compatriots, contemporary Connecticut artists are simply obliged to maintain extremely high creative and professional performance. What they do successfully.


🏆 Who in Connecticut Makes the Best Tattoos in Gothic Style?

Nicole Ma Guerrero makes the best gothic tattoos in Connecticut. Detailed information about this artist can be found in our article.

🌇 Where Can I Get a Tattoo in CT?

The best tattoo artists in Connecticut live in New Haven, Hamden, East Haven, Newington, and Woodbridge. You can find out their names and contacts in our article.

💵 How Much Is a Professional Tattoo?

Prices for tattoos from professional artists range from $150 to $450 depending on the complexity of the drawing and the experience of the artist.

🔞 Can I Get a Tattoo at 16 in Connecticut?

No. Under Connecticut law, tattoos are prohibited for people under 16.

❓ Is It Possible To Get a Very Large Tattoo in CT?

Sean O’Hara is the best Connecticut artist in depicting large tattoos of any complexity. You can find more information about this artist in our article.


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