Discover 70+ Collarbone Tattoos for Your Inspiration in 2024

Collarbone tattoos
Collarbone tattoos are gaining popularity, so we've gathered over 70 stunning designs for you. Dive into the world of inked elegance with us.

Tattoos are a popular way to express yourself, but when the design is elegantly blended with the natural curves of the body, it rises to the level of true art. Recently, such designs have gained a lot of popularity, and collarbone tattoos are not the least among them. So let’s together explore the reasons for such love for them

In this article, we have collected 70+ unique collarbone tattoo ideas to inspire you for a new ink adventure. We’ve also collected tips from tattoo artists on what you should know before getting this design, as well as what awaits you afterward. One such tip we can share with you right now is to look for a tattoo artist with experience. Study the artist’s portfolio carefully before booking a session to ensure that your new tattoo doesn’t become a disappointment.

Here you can find experienced tattoo artists and check out their works: 

Why Do People Like Collarbone Tattoos?

Collarbone tattoos

Tattoos can be a great way to emphasize the beauty of the body and attract everyone’s attention. Collarbone tattoos carry a touch of delicacy that many find attractive. This placement is both subtle and inviting, offering the perfect combination of charm and elegance. Many people find the natural curves of the collarbone area attractive and seductive, and a tattoo on this part of the body only enhances these feelings.

Many people are attracted by the versatility of this design since you can either create a sophisticated, feminine ink or a bold collarbone tattoo for men. Moreover, you can extend it to your shoulders, neck, or chest, or even link it to an existing tattoo.  

Even stars like Rihanna and Selena Gomez are fond of collarbone tattoos. Rihanna has a tiny cross tattooed on her left collarbone and a cool quote on her right, “Never a failure, always a lesson”. Selena Gomez also has a cross on her left collarbone that is deeply connected to her faith and is very personal.

70+ Awesome Collarbone Tattoo Ideas for You

Tattoo ideas for collarbones are amazingly diverse, but all these designs are characterized by a unique elegance. Whether it is delicate feminine flowers or bold tribal patterns, these tattoos will draw attention and leave no one untouched. Let’s look at the most popular examples of collarbone tattoo designs together.

Geometric and Abstract Ideas

Minimalistic or large geometric collarbone tattoos are a great way to emphasize the natural elegance of this body part. Triangles, circles, and intricate patterns can create a visually striking and modern tattoo. These designs often showcase a unique combination of symmetry and creativity. Let your imagination create a design whose secret lines will be known only to you.

Female Collarbone Tattoos

Add more elegance to your collarbones with feminine tattoos. Delicate flowers, feathers, or even stars can emphasize the natural curves of the collarbone area. Such ink is not only beautiful but also gives an aesthetic of softness, grace, and sexiness, allowing you to express your femininity.

Read our article with 60+ stunning tattoos for women to find more sexy designs.

Symmetrical Designs

Mirrored and symmetrical designs can enhance the overall harmony of your collarbone tattoo. The most popular option is, without a doubt, two twigs with leaves. This elegant symbol has a deeper history than it may seem. The sprigs on the collarbones imitate a laurel wreath, which was worn on the head or neck as a symbol of victory, peace, and glory in antiquity. But you may choose other unique ideas, such as birds or antlers.

Collarbone Flower Tattoos

Celebrate the beauty of nature by adorning your collarbone with flower-inspired tattoos. Each flower carries its symbolism, allowing you to choose a design that resonates with your personality or holds special meaning in your life. For example, the rose symbolizes love and beauty, the chrysanthemum represents truth and loyalty, and the lily stands for purity and innocence.

Collarbone Tattoos for Men

The collarbones are not only perfect for elegant and feminine designs but also serve as an ideal canvas for bold and masculine tattoos. Whether you prefer tribal patterns, victory wreaths, symmetrical knives, or intricate symbols, the collarbone area provides a versatile space. 

Moreover, you can extend the design beyond your collarbones and let it cover your shoulders, neck, or chest. This will allow you to be flexible in tattoo choices or favorably integrate the new ink with any existing ones.

Explore our article with 70 tattoo ideas for men, where we also share some tips on how to choose the best placement.

Ideas With Meaningful Words

Fill your collarbone tattoo with personal meaning by including memorable words or phrases. Whether it’s a motivational quote, a name, or a significant date, these words can serve as a constant reminder or tribute to someone or something important in your life. This adds depth and a personal connection to the ink on your collarbones.

Collarbone Snake Tattoos

Despite their dangerous and venomous nature, snakes symbolize transformation, mystery, and renewal. Whether curled around your collarbone or slithering elegantly across it, a snake tattoo can reflect your memory of an important life change or express your admiration for these elegant creatures. This design remains enduringly popular and offers many unique ideas, from minimalist to flower-decorated snake collarbone tattoos.

Tattoos with these graceful animals are among the most popular, and if you share our passion for such designs, explore our article where we’ve curated over 60 snake tattoo ideas.

Tattoos With Delicate Butterflies

Butterflies are not only visually appealing but also carry deep meaning, making them a popular choice for a graceful and symbolic tattoo. These delicate creatures symbolize transformation, growth, and beauty. A butterfly design on the collarbone will add a sense of lightness and freedom to your new ink. Our team recommends choosing realistic or stylized designs to create the tattoo that feels right for you.

What Do You Need to Know Before Getting a Collarbone Tattoo?

What Do You Need to Know Before Getting a Collarbone Tattoo?

While collarbone tattoos are indeed attractive, they come with their own set of challenges. It’s essential to not only choose the right design and tattoo artist for a satisfying outcome but also be prepared for potential discomfort, particularly in a sensitive area like the collarbone.

  • Design choice

When choosing a design for a collarbone tattoo, it’s important to consider that a minimalist tattoo can highlight the natural body curve, while a larger one can completely hide it. Additionally, think about the meaning of the tattoo — whether it’s a symbol, word, or image that has personal significance to you.

To learn more about the different styles of tattooing, check out our article highlighting 14 of the most popular styles in tattoo art with examples.
  • Tattoo artist choice

Choosing the right tattoo artist is crucial if you want to get a high-quality tattoo. Given the unique curves and contours of the collarbone area, precision is key. Look for an experienced artist and review their portfolio before booking a session to make sure your art preferences match. 

On our interactive map, you can find the best tattoo artists in your state in just a few clicks. We have a handy portfolio for each artist, as well as filters by style. You can also book a session with a tattoo artist you like directly on our website via a short form, and our team will handle the rest of the communication.

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  • Pain level

Collarbone tattoos can be more sensitive compared to other areas because the skin here is close to the bone, which makes the sensation more painful. If this worries you, consider designs that are a little lower down, where the skin is less sensitive. You can also opt for a small tattoo as it is done much faster. Consult with your tattoo artist about the possibility of using a numbing cream if you’re still worried about pain levels.

Explore our article on tattoo pain scales to learn about body parts that are less painful to get a tattoo on.

What About After You Get a Tattoo?

What About After You Get a Tattoo?

Now that you have the tattoo you’ve longed for, it’s crucial to ensure proper healing. First and foremost, follow your tattoo artist’s recommendations carefully. Healing typically takes 3-4 weeks, so patience is key. Opt for loose and comfortable clothes during this process and avoid wearing backpacks or bags that can damage your new collarbone tattoo. Make sure your ink stays clean and moisturized, and also avoid scratches and sunlight.  

In our other article, you can find detailed day-by-day aftercare instructions. Follow this advice and your ink will look amazing for years to come!

If you have chosen to get a symmetrical collarbone tattoo, you may experience post-tattoo anxiety, which is marked by a constant feeling that the ink is not symmetrical. Our bodies have a natural asymmetry, and because of this, it’s natural to feel a bit frustrated after getting a tattoo. Many people face this issue, as our minds tend to focus on changes in our bodies. In most cases, after a month or two, you will get used to your new tattoo.

Collarbone tattoos


Collarbone tattoos have become a significant trend in the world of body art. From intricate patterns to elegant flowers, these tattoos provide an opportunity for self-expression and creativity. In search of inspiration, we dived into over 70 unique collarbone tattoo ideas and found out why people love these designs so much. Finally, we looked at the main points to consider before choosing a collarbone tattoo.

We hope our article was helpful in your quest for the dream design!


? Do Collarbone Tattoos Hurt?

Yes, collarbone tattoos can be more painful compared to other areas. The skin near the collarbone is sensitive, and the bone is very close. However, everyone’s pain tolerance is different and many find the discomfort bearable for a short time, which is why minimalistic designs are more popular in this case.

? Do Collarbone Tattoos Age Well?

Collarbone tattoos age just like other tattoos, if properly cared for during and after the healing process. Moreover, the collarbone area is less affected by the sun, which allows for better preservation. We advise using sunscreen to prevent fading, which helps to keep the tattoo vibrant for years to come. However, it’s important to note that minimalistic designs and thin lines can blur a bit over time.

❓ What Is a Collarbone Tattoo?

A collarbone tattoo is an ink placed in or around the collarbone area. This tattoo placement is popular due to its stylish and delicate look. Collarbone tattoos can have a variety of designs such as flowers, words, or snakes. The natural curve of the collarbone provides a unique canvas for those looking for a visually striking design.

? Are Collarbone Tattoos Attractive?

Many people find collarbone tattoos attractive and sexy because of the natural curve of the collarbone. It gives the ink a unique elegance, and the popularity of collarbone tattoos shows that many people find them beautiful.


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