70+ Design Ideas: Reveal The Hidden Truth About Butt Tattoos

butt tattoos
We pick 70+ of the most unique designs for butt tattoos and research their meaning, so you can make the choice as easy as a,b, c. Say “‘goodbye” to hours of searching.

The butt is the best place for hidden, sexy, or fanny tattoos. You will show it only to a selected audience, thus you can have the most insane ideas you can come up with no disapproval. As the butt is a relatively big canvas, it is suitable for both tiny and pretty minimalistic tattoos and large masterpieces with many details and colors. For this article, we select 70+ different ideas for butt tattoos of all styles and sizes. 

By the way, do you know that many celebrities have ass tattoos? Check our special section for examples.

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We have more ideas in the gallery with the best butt tattoos. Take a look and get inspired!

10 Interesting Facts and Hidden Truths About Butt Tattoos

  • 🎨 Artist shaves your butt before tattooing as any other part of the body.
  • 🎨 Consult with the artist about having a tiny butt tattoo. The skin on the but stretches a lot and thus the lines can blend forming an ugly blob.
  • 🎨 Ass tattoos are painful as 2500 nerves end in each cheek.
  • 🎨 After the session, you should wear loose clothes (dress or loose pants) to allow air circulation for fast healing.
  • 🎨 On average it takes 1-2 weeks to heal a butt tattoo.
  • 🎨 For the first couple of days, you should avoid long sitting on the new tattoo.
  • 🎨 If you gain or lose too much weight, the butt tatt will sag (sad truth).
  • 🎨 If the tattoo is located just on the area you sit on you may need more frequent touch-ups for correction.
  • 🎨 Using the toilet during healing may be challenging and risky. You should not use a toilet seat to avoid infection of freshly-made tattoo.
  • 🎨 During the healing process, you are limited in sex positions and practices. So no spanking, doggy-style, or anything that can disturb the tattoo from healing.
  • 🎨 While preparing for the appointment retains from eating gaseous foods to make the session comfortable for you and the artist. 

Badass Ideas for Ass Tattoo


The butterfly is among the most popular tats designed for the butt. It represents transformation, beauty, love, and freedom. The color influences meaning too. For example, the blue color is a sign of good luck, while yellow means happiness.

Other popular insects are the bee and the moth. The bee symbolizes loyalty, intelligence, dedication, and commitment. 
Although the moth shares a family with the butterfly its meaning is different. It is a nocturnal animal that is associated with transformation, human imperfection, death, and rebirth.

The tiger symbolizes power, strength, protection, independence, and freedom. Tiger eyes tats represent patience, focus, and determination on the goal. Lion is the king of the jungle, thus tattoos with it mean bravery, power, dignity, and royalty. Wolf tattoo has many meanings both positive and negative. It usually expresses independence, strength, loyalty to the family, and spiritual protection.

Dragons are mysterious creatures that are presented in both Eastern and European legends. For the butt tattoo, people usually select a Chinese dragon with a serpentine body and whiskers. It symbolizes good luck, wisdom, protection, balance, and power. A snake tattoo is associated with rebirth, immortality, transformation, wisdom, and good health.

Birds are a common symbol of freedom, however, the meaning also depends on the depicted species. A raven is associated with wisdom and intelligence but also can represent mystery, darkness, and death. Eagle is a symbol of strength and power as well as American patriotism. Phoenix expresses rebirth and renewal, while peacock represents immortality and beauty.


Floral design is the most popular among women. It is hot, adorable, and fantastic. Flowers are versatile in design, they can be of any size, style, color, inked as a part of an expression or solely. The most popular are peony, rose, sunflower, dahlia, and lotus.

A peony is a fantastic option for the butt tattoo. It is massive and delicate at the same time. It is associated with good omens in the Chinese and Japanese cultures, where it is called the King of Flowers. It symbolizes lasting love and is associated with nobility, beauty, health, and honor. You can also add your meaning by using different colors or combining peony with other elements.

Roses are another popular design. It looks great both in big and in tiny designs. In general, it symbolizes love, beauty, and grace. 

Depending on the color, you can get a different meaning. For example, red roses are associated with deep love, passion, and lust, while pink symbolizes gentleness, grace, and femininity. White roses represent innocence and purity, and yellow means joy, positive, and good times. Rose tattoos are combined with other elements, such as words, butterflies, skulls, and other flowers.

Sunflower is not as widespread as peony or roses, although, it is bright and big. As in nature it always turns towards the sun it symbolizes joy, happy life, and good luck. Moreover, it is associated with romance and true love or friendship. 

Dahlia represents dignity, creativity, strength, and change. Another popular flower lotus is a well-known symbol of enlightenment, peace, purity, and eternal life. Depending on the color it changes the meaning. For example, yellow and orange represent the energy of life or bravery, and red means love.

Small and Cute

We love small tattoo designs! They never considered vulgarly or “too much”, however, it is a great way to express yourself and your thoughts. Minimalistic tattoos are made of plain lines in black or red without much coloring and details. You can decide on whatever element and illustration you want.

A very popular choice is inking something connected with fruits or sweets, including peach, cherries, citrus, cakes, cupcakes, etc. It is usually directly connected to the fact that you are a sweet and hot person, but it is really up to you to decide on the meaning. 

Another interesting design is a fire flame and all kinds of hearts and flowers. You can also be more original and ink animals or fictional creatures.

Inscriptations & Quotes

The text can be a message for yourself or for somebody who has the honor to see your butt tattoo. Someone usually shares his/her mottos such as “love yourself”, “stay wild”, and “balance”. Others write a single quote for motivation or to describe themselves, for example, “honey”, “beauty”, “wild”, “lovely”, “bad”, “angel”, etc. 

As you will show your tattoo only to those you want to see it you can decide to ink cheeky phrases. Common are “bite me”, “lucky you”, “not yours”, “Bon appetite”, and “kiss my ass”. 

Styles also vary. It can be calligraphy, fancy, gothic, handwritten, graffiti-style and so many more. You can also combine text with other elements, for example, flowers, hearts, and lips.

Large Compositions

Large and detailed tattoos require more than five hours to be completed. Tattoo coloring makes the process even more durable. For the especially complex designs, you may need more than one session.

Design is usually a combination of different elements or an ornament. Large tattoos require artists’ imagination, patience, and accuracy. You should precisely select a skilled and experienced tattoo artist to get the best from your appointment.

Ornaments or mandalas are also popular for extensive and detailed tattoos. By combining different elements you may create a unique piece of art. Depending on the elements and patterns used the tattoo will have different meanings.

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Sexy and Fancy Ideas

As the butt is one of the hottest places, having an elegant tattoo is a must to highlight your sexuality. Some common symbols are the moon, stars, and sun. The sun is associated with light and renewal, while the moon is a symbol of growth and change. 

In addition, it could be anything you associate with your sexuality.

Fanny and Hilarious

There is no better place than butt to ink fanny and somewhat hilarious tattoo. Nobody even the owner can see it, so it is a chance to be a little bit insane. However, even for the ass tattoo, it is better to think twice before getting something extraordinary. Still, the tattoo removal process is long and expensive.

Here we listed only several ideas that other people do, but you should not limit your imagination.

🍔 Food

Food is a good way to show the world what you like to eat. Food tats can also have more in-depth meaning. For example, a pizza slice reminds people about their young life. 

💩 Shit

No surprise. Some people ink on their butts something that is the most connected to this place. Tats can be in sort of emoji or like a comment to the pooing process. 

🐄 Branding and Stamps

These tats look somewhat like the marks from livestock branding or quality stamps on the meat.

🐾 Characters and creatures

Depicting your favorite movie, cartoon, or game character on the butt who resonates with you is a fine idea. This will reveal that you are still a kid inside and face this world with a smile and a positive attitude.

Celebrities and Their Ass Tattoos



Just above her butt on the left Rihanna has a tattoo in Tibetan that means “lover”.

Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor is a singer, songwriter, actress. Teyana has two tattoos on her butt. On the right half, it is three gummy bears in red, yellow, and green colors, that represents pan-African colors and forms the flag of Guinea. On the left sid

e, she has an icon of the Rolling Stones with tongue and lips.



Halsey is a singer, songwriter, and actress. She has inscribed the word ‘HOPELESS’ on her left bott in a simple and straight font.

Cardi B 

Cardi B

Cardi B is a rapper, singer, and songwriter. She has two vivid massive tattoos on her butt, hips, and back. The first she got was a composition of roses that starts from the left leg, goes through the butt, and back to the right shoulder. The second tattoo was a detailed peacock on the right hip.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is a model, businesswoman, and star of the television series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. She is the most followed on Instagram. Firstly, in 2015 she had the word “sanity” on her right bottom. It was made with red ink and in dictionary-style like “\ˈsa-nə-tē\”. The second tattoo she got six months afterward. She added the word ‘before’ written in classical design to the previous tattoo.


Butt tattoos are incredible. They are both expressive and hidden, so you can decide on showing them to others. Moreover, tattoos on the butt are popular among celebrities too. 

These tattoos can be of any size and style and this body area is quite large. They usually have light meaning and are made for fun. With the design, you can go with whatever you want. Still, you need to be thoughtful in your choice, yet the tattoo is permanent. For every idea in our list, you can also check the meaning.

Getting a butt tattoo also has an interesting fact behind it. Check the section about the hidden truths about having a butt tattoo


😣 Is a Tattoo on the Buttock Painful?

As for any tattoo, the answer is ‘yes’. Despite having fat and muscles, every check has about 2500 nerve endings, which make your butt a sensitive place. The pain is less on top of the butt and increases on the way down closer to the genitals.

👀 What Is the Procedure for Getting an Ass Tattoo?

If you consider having a large piece of art, it is better to have a pre-appointment. You will discuss with the artist location and design in more detail and evaluate duration. During the session, the artist will shave your ass and start working.

💡 Does Ass Tattoo Have Meaning?

Not really. The butt is the best place to have an unmeaningful tattoo just for fun. The meaning depends on what you want it to mean.

👨 Can a Man Have a Tattoo on the Butt?

Sure. Everyone can have any tattoo on whatever they want. If the tattoo will make you happy and satisfied with your own body, there is no problem. The butt tattoo does not make a man less masculine or strong. Moreover, the butt is a nice place to get a hidden tattoo. This is a case where your surroundings do not appreciate tattoos, but you want to have one.

🏥 How To Heal a Tattoo on the Butt?

The healing process is the same for any other tattoo. You should keep the tattoo cleaned and moistured and avoid wearing tight clothing. You may avoid sitting on your butt unit full healing. Another challenge can be toilet use as the toilet seat contains a lot of bacteria. Also, consult with the artist about any additional advice on aftercare.


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