Broken Heart Tattoo Ideas to Tell Your Sad Love Story

Broken Heart Tattoo
In this article, we collected meaningfull broken heart tattoos for those who want to tell the world about their heartbreak experience. We hope it helps you!

We’ve all been there! Everyone loses someone close to their heart at least once in their life. Maybe a friend, or love, or even a beloved pet. The feeling of heartbreak is well remembered. It’s the sadness and emptiness in the soul, the anxiety and depression that follows the loss. 

Fortunately, we know how to overcome this life obstacle and express our feelings. Get a broken heart tattoo on your skin. This design carries a clear message to the world: things happen, but life goes on. 

So check the article, where we discuss all aspects of broken heart tattoos and, as always, give you many trendy ideas.

Reasons To Put on a Broken Heart Tattoo

The broken heart tattoo is a great design to put on your skin. It is a multicultural and universal item for expressing feelings. The fact is that many people describe the pain of losing love similarly. Heartache is part of the survival instinct. It helps us gain experience and protect ourselves in the future. 

We’ve thought about reasons to get a broken heart tattoo and found quite a few: 

  • ? The broken heart tattoo is clear and understandable to everyone.
  • ? It shows you as someone who knows how to give and receive love.
  • ? It is a reminder of past experiences and advice for the future.
  • ? A broken heart tattoo suits both men and women.
  • ? It is a symbol of your strength to overcome any emotional problems. 
  • ? It is a way of showing people that not all love stories have happy endings. Love is a very fragile constant, and you must cherish it.
  • ? It can be a sign of unrequited love.
  • ? A broken heart is a symbol of the power of love. Despite the pain, love is solid, so you will never forget it.

broken heart

The Best Placement for Tattoo

The placement of a broken heart tattoo depends on why you put it. If it is an intimate story, the location will be more hide. Choose the area behind the ear, back of the neck, side of the chest, feet, or thigh. Putting the broken heart tattoo in an outstanding location is better if you want to express your feelings to the world. You can pick the shoulder, forearm, wrist, chest, hands, and even face in this case

Details To Use in Broken Heart Design

A broken heart tattoo is not just two red half hearts. There are many options for how you can decorate this drawing. It can be designed with the subject or an artsy micro realistic tattoo. You can add a few details to make it more grunge:

  • ? Tears;
  • ? Blood;
  • ? Pin;
  • ? Knife;
  • ? Roses with thorns;
  • ? Chain;
  • ? Barded wire;

These details can have specific meanings for you or be just a beautiful element for a perfect view of a broken heart tattoo.

broken heart

Ideas for Inspiration

As you can see, the broken heart tattoo with deep meaning and unusual stylization. We simplified your life and gathered the best designs, so you can choose any of them and get ink.

Broken Glass Tattoo

Love is as fragile as glass. If you won’t protect and guard it, it will break into tiny pieces, which makes it difficult to renovate. The broken glass heart looks perfect in black ink. Also, you can outline a heart with pieces of glass. This design looks excellent with some inscriptions as well.

Broken Heart With a Face

This broken heart design is very original and story-driven. You can use the face, pantomime masks, or just a silhouette — a more artsy option to add two kissing faces in a heart shape. A broken heart tattoo with a look is a good choice for men to get ink.


Adding some inscription to the broken heart image will give the tattoo a deeper meaning. It is an opportunity to express your feelings clearly. The quote can cross the heart or divide it into parts. The font depends on the style. We recommend small inscriptions as they look more elegant and fashionable. 

Sword in Heart Tattoo

Sward in the heart design is the best way to explain the pain you feel during heartbreak. We can say it’s a classical depiction of the broken heart ink. Usually, this tattoo is in color and has a more traditional view. But if you want to add a bit of modernity, choose a watercolor style.

Broken Skate Tattoo

Breaking up with your first love is always the most painful, and it’s an experience you’ll never forget. A tattoo in the form of a broken skate is the perfect representation of teenage love. It can be black and white or in color. You can add some lettering and abbreviations. A broken skateboard tattoo looks good in 3D or cartoon style. Besides, the best placement is on the arm, shin, and ankle.

Anatomic Design

Anatomic design gains popularity. It is not a tattoo for nerds anymore. The realistic image intrigue people to get it in their skin. A broken anatomic heart looks impressive if a talented tattoo artist creates it. 

One more thing: blood drops make it symbolic.

Heart With Band-Aid

We often put on bandages if we have some injuries. A Band-Aid on a broken heart can mean that you are healing your soul from this emotional trauma. There are many ideas for this combination. But we prepared the most popular. Besides, you can match bandage, thread, and pin to give more drama to your broken heart tattoo.

Minimalistic Design

A minimalistic broken heart might be an excellent idea for your tattoo if you like laconic designs without detailing. The drawing is small and straightforward, so a great option is to outline it in red ink. A minimalistic broken heart looks good on hands.

Traditional Broken Heart

A broken heart tattoo in traditional style characterizes by bold lines and bright colors like red and yellow. Also, you can add flowers, leaves, arrows, drops, and many other traditional details. 

Stitched Heart Tattoo

A stitched broken heart tattoo signifies that you renovated from the break-up and are ready to go on living. You can depict the thread or stripe or make it in 3D effect. The chest, shoulder, or leg are excellent locations for this tattoo.

Love Hurts Design

The most famous phrase to describe heartbreak is “Love hurts.” Often it is used singly, but a broken heart tattoo in combination with this quote is a perfect match. It looks good on a stripe and in combination with flowers.

Heart of Small Pieces

This design of a broken heart is original. Delicate lines of small pieces look artsy. There is an idea to make the color transition from black to red. But black&white design is also a good option.

Skeleton in Heart Design

Since the heart is the central part of the human body, adding a skeletal element to the tattoo will be appropriate. Whether you choose black or colored ink, it will look great. But a first option is best if you want a brief look.

Crying Heart

The easiest way to express sadness and emotional fall down is to cry (at least for women). And you can show this in your broken heart tattoo by adding tears. You can add crying eyes to the heart for a better expression of the mood of a tattoo.


So there you have the best – broken heart tattoo designs. We tried to collect the most trendy ideas for you to depict classical drawings in a modern way. Now you know the meaning of this tattoo and a good location on your skin. So don’t waste time anymore! Go and get your first broken heart ink. 


? Is There Any Positive Meaning in a Broken Heart Tattoo?

The broken heart tattoo represents a traumatic experience from a breakup. But there is the positive meaning that you can feel love and be strong enough to overcome this emotional pain.

? Is a Broken Heart Tattoo a Symbol of Depression?

The broken heart tattoo symbolizes the emotional pain of love. But it’s not a sign of depression. The semicolon tattoo is representative of this mental condition.

? Can I Put My Broken Heart Ink on the Face?

You can put a broken heart design under the eye, above the eyebrow, behind the ear, or on the cheek. It is better to choose small minimalistic designs for this purpose.


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