50+ Trending Ideas For Breast Tattoos In 2024 [For Men & Women]

50+ Best Breast Tattoo Ideas
Be unique. Be different. Find a breast tattoo idea that reflects your personality. More than 50 unique and latest ideas are collected in our article.

The history of the tattoo goes back to the Paleolithic era, which was in the 2600 millennium BC. At that time, tattoos served as nothing more than a protection against evil spirits. People believed that they were protecting them, helping to return home in one piece.

Now tattoos are a way of self-expression, standing out from the crowd. It’s as much an accessory as clothes, a smartphone, and other elements of everyday life. Some of the tattoos are more intimate and help a person emphasize the elegance of their body and soul. These include tattoos on the breast.

Tattoos on the breast are common among both men and women. They are a literal reflection of your character and temperament. Therefore, it is very important to be serious about choosing a breast tattoo idea.

In this article, we have gathered for you 50+ of the most trendy and unique tattoo ideas on the breast for men and women. Find the one that will best reflect your personality and emphasize your uniqueness!

What You Must Consider Before Getting A Breast Tattoo 

A tattoo is an accessory, but it is not so easy to change it. Therefore we recommend you get acquainted with the list of things you should know about the breast tattoo.

  • Why a breast tattoo. When creating a breast tattoo, masters can work with an area from the collarbones to the pectoral muscles. It allows you to create both a small symbol and a complex composition, and the relief of the chest will make your tattoo three-dimensional. If you have a tattoo on your back, you can combine it with a new one on your breast. It will make the design even more unique.

  • Painfulness of applying a breast tattoo. It is quite subjective. The breast is quite a sensitive place, especially for women, so getting a tattoo can cause discomfort. Also, painful feelings may occur when the tattoo artist will draw on the ribs and collarbones, where the bones are very close to the skin. 

  • Care for tattoos on the breast. The pectoral muscles are involved almost all the time. Therefore the first days after application it is better not to drive, do exercises or carry something heavy. It is necessary constantly to treat the place of a tattoo and to change a bandage to hasten the healing.

  • Choosing a tattoo idea. If you are going to apply for quotes, symbols, and numbers, you should read up on their meanings. No one wants to be in an uncomfortable position because of a “stupid” phrase on the body. Also, it should take 2-3 weeks between choosing an idea and going to the tattoo parlor. If you do not change your mind, this tattoo suits you. You can visit the tattoo master.
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Best Breast Tattoo Ideas For Men

Best Breast Tattoo Ideas For Men

Men’s breast tattoos are usually larger than women’s. They prefer large-scale tattoos that emphasize the relief of the pectoral muscles or, on the contrary, help to cover imperfections. Most tattoos are located throughout the area from the shoulder to the breast.

We conducted research and selected 20+ of the most trendy and unique ideas for men’s breast tattoos. Among the most popular, we have identified the following groups: animals, inscriptions, quotes, marine-themed, geometric shapes, mandalas, roses, and simple 1-piece tattoos. For each group, we indicated the meaning and interpretation of the tattoo.

Let’s get acquainted with the most trendy and unique ideas for men’s breast tattoos.


First on the list is one of the most majestic animals – the tiger. A tiger tattoo on the breast can take on the following meanings:

  • 🐅 Force;
  • 🐅 Passion and Sensuality;
  • 🐅 Modesty and Beauty;
  • 🐅 Power and Royalty.

Best Breast Tattoo Ideas For Men

A wolf tattoo on the breasts looks advantageous both in color and in black&white. It can have the following meanings:

  • 🐺 Force;
  • 🐺 Bravery;
  • 🐺 Courage;
  • 🐺 Loyalty;
  • 🐺 Leadership.

A wolf tattoo

The meaning of a bear tattoo on the breast can be interpreted in completely different ways, depending on how it is depicted. But to summarize, its meaning can be interpreted as follows:

The meaning of a bear tattoo on the breast can be interpreted in completely different ways, depending on how it is depicted. But to summarize, its meaning can be interpreted as follows:

  • 🐻 Resurrection/Rebirth;
  • 🐻 Power;
  • 🐻 Force;
  • 🐻 Bravery;
  • 🐻 Longevity.

Best Breast Tattoo Ideas For Men

The snake tattoo on the breast looks advantageous because it can be positioned anywhere. It can be located as a swirling line across the breast, from the shoulder to the breast or the neck. Such tattoos have the following meanings:

  • 🐍 Power;
  • 🐍 Wisdom;
  • 🐍 Temptation;
  • 🐍 Knowledge.

The snake tattoo

An eagle tattoo on the breast can make a complex composition with other elements. For example, an eagle may carry symbols or it may be surrounded by a habitat. As for the meaning, it can take on the following:

  • 🦅 Force;
  • 🦅 Home and family protection;
  • 🦅 A strong character;
  • 🦅 Freedom.

An eagle tattoo

Inscriptions, Quotes

A tattoo on the breast is a way of self-expression. A great way to convey a thought is to put it in the form of a tattoo. The idea of placing an inscription that is important to you on your breast is a great way to give these words special meaning because they seem to come straight from your heart and soul. The choice of the phrase falls entirely on you as it is a very important and personal task. Below we offer you examples of men’s breast inscription tattoo ideas.

If you really like some quote that you want to share with the world, it can be applied as a tattoo on the breast. In addition to the important words, you can also put on some objects that will be associated with the quote and give the words more power.

Marine Themed

A separate niche among the male breast tattoo occupies the nautical theme. There are ideas like vessels, compasses, and maps. Often they are combined to make a complex picture. A compass tattoo can have the following meanings:

  • 🧭 Purposefulness;
  • 🧭 Love and Dedication;
  • 🧭 Devotion;
  • 🧭 Stability; 
  • 🧭 Strength of will.

A tattoo with a ship is great for creative people because its meaning can be interpreted as follows:

  • 🎥 A desire for a change of location;
  • “🎥” The desire for self-determination.

Geometric Shapes, Mandala

A tattoo on the breast, which consists of figures, can be easily realized as the size of the plane of the male breast allows you to make a large complex drawing. Such tattoos refer to the era of this phenomenon’s origin and can be a talisman for the man. More often than not, they are applied because the picture is simply liked.

It is also worth paying attention to the mandala breast tattoo. First of all, the area of the breast allows you to realize the most interesting ideas. Secondly, the mandala holds a special place in the mythology of Buddhism. These drawings mean the unity of the appearance of the world and represent the geometric scheme of the universe.


Among the flowers tattooed on the breast the most popular are roses. Even though it is a flower, the tattoo will look very masculine. Its meaning can be interpreted differently. For example, in religion, it symbolizes the blood of Jesus Christ, mercy, and forgiveness.

In a broader sense, the breast tattoo of a rose can carry the following meanings:

  • 🌹 Pure love;
  • 🌹 Romance;
  • 🌹 Beauty;
  • 🌹 Passion.

Simple 1-Piece Tattoo

If you do not want to apply a large complex tattoo on the breast, then you can choose some simple idea and put a deep meaning to it. For example, you can put a cardiogram of a loved one or child on the heart. This will symbolize your connection to him or her.

If this is your 1st tattoo, then the idea of applying something simple may come in handy. First, it is much easier to take care of such a tattoo. Secondly, this idea can be turned into a complete composition. You can choose any object you like, be it a katana, a palm tree, the sun, or something else.

Best Breast Tattoo Ideas For Women

Best Breast Tattoo Ideas For Women

There can be many reasons to get a breast tattoo. It can be the desire to emphasize your body, convey your state of mind, or hide flaws. More and more girls are deciding to take such a bold step.

For women, a breast tattoo is primarily a way of self-expression, it is a bright accessory that emphasizes femininity. You can realize any most daring ideas and they will look advantageous because of the relief of this part of the body.

The tattoo can be done both over and under the breast. The most popular ideas are the mandala, flowers, butterflies, jewels, and ethnography.

We suggest you look at 25+ of the most trendy and unique ideas for women’s breast tattoos.

Tattoo Over Breast

Tattoo Over Breast

A woman’s body is very delicate. When choosing a tattoo idea for a tattoo over the breast, you should take this fact into account. Colored designs will emphasize your beauty and tenderness. The black-white tattoo highlights identity, and desire to be unique

The most popular tattoo ideas over breasts are inscriptions, quotes, crystals, and butterflies. Below we offer you a look at the most interesting ideas.

Inscriptions, Quotes

Women’s tattoos and quotes above the breast are more minimalistic than men’s. They emphasize femininity and make a woman even more mysterious. The choice of phrase or quote depends on its future bearer, but we offer you a list of the most interesting ones below.

  • 📓 My heart beats only for you.
  • 📓 Better to burn in the fire than life on cold embers.
  • 📓 Born to be happy.
  • 📓 God is in my heart.
  • 📓 Woman is man’s eternal curse that makes him happy.


All crystals look alike at first glance, but after a closer look, each one can be easily distinguished. Therefore, a tattoo of a crystal over the breast will emphasize your uniqueness. This pattern has other common meanings as well:

  • 💠 Wisdom;
  • 💠 Purity;
  • 💠 Spirituality and Magical Power.


Butterflies are very beautiful insects. Their unique patterns immediately catch the eye. Therefore, a tattoo of a butterfly over the breast will be a great accessory that will emphasize your beauty. Such designs can have the following meanings:

  • 🦋 Independence;
  • 🦋 The desire to explore the world and travel;
  • 🦋 Lightness;
  • 🦋 Sense of freedom.

Tattoo Under Breast

Tattoo Under Breast

A tattoo under the breast perfectly emphasizes the shape of the female body. Often it is located in that area of the body, which is accessible only to the closest people, so such drawings are the most personal and intimate for girls. Among the most popular ideas of female tattoos under the breast are mandalas, ornaments, flowers, and ethnicity.

Mandala and Ornaments

When choosing a mandala tattoo, it is worth knowing what it is. It is a pattern that contains a diagram with iconographic images. Such tattoos under the breast usually depart from the canons of Buddhism and are more similar to ornaments. They can have the following meanings:

  • 💠 The attraction of health and strength;
  • 💠 Protection from negative energy.


Flowers are a symbol of tenderness and are perfect for the female tattoo under the breast. Even though flowers are associated with colors and color, you can often find black and white options. In this form, the contours of the flower look advantageous. The same tattoo itself may have the following meanings:

  • 🌷 Love;
  • 🌷 Joy;
  • 🌷 Freshness; 
  • 🌷 Unity and Vitality.


Ideas for ethnic women’s tattoos under the breasts can be found in ancient Greek and Roman ornaments, and cultures of other countries. Most often they are found in black and white designs. Such tattoos perfectly accentuate the shape of the female body by framing the breasts from below.

Colorful or B&W Breast Tattoo: How To Choose?

If you have decided on the idea of a tattoo, but do not know what color it should be applied to the breast, we can help you. Let’s look at the pros and cons of colored and b&w tattoos.

Pros of Colored Tattoos

  • Stronger attention-grabbing and look bright – a person will always pay attention to a colored tattoo in the first place;
  • At the tattoo master there are more possibilities for opening of the talent and at you for self-realization;
  • Most ideas can be realized exactly in color.

Cons of Colored Tattoos

  • Require more time to apply;
  • Over time, they lose their color and original appearance.

Pros of Black & White Tattoos

  • Their execution looks more elegant;
  • Easier and faster to apply;
  • You can always add a touch of color to them;
  • It is much easier and faster to restore a black tattoo than a colored one.

Cons of Black & White Tattoos

  • Not as much of an eye-catcher to those around them.

Colored tattoos are suitable for bright personalities who want to attract even more attention to themselves. Black and white may suit more reserved people who may want to modify their tattoos over time.

Cautions and Contraindications: What You Should Know Before Visiting a Tattoo Parlor

Before you visit a tattoo parlor you need to know about the contraindications. We have gathered for you a list of non-obvious cautions, which will allow you to carry out the process of tattooing without inconvenience.

  • 💊 Do not drink blood thinners before you visit the tattoo artist. It is worth refraining from taking medications such as aspirin. It can lead to bleeding.
  • 🍫 Be sure to have something to eat before the session. An excellent solution would be to eat something sweet because the presence of sugar in the blood will reduce the painfulness of the process.
  • 🛏️ Get a good night’s sleep. Fatigue and sleepiness increase the soreness of the tattooing process.
  • Do not drink coffee before going to the tattoo shop. Caffeine excites the nervous system and increases the soreness of the process.
  • 💪 Do not strain your breasts before getting a tattoo. The skin will become firmer, which will prevent the pigment from getting into it in sufficient quantity. Because of this, the color of the tattoo will not be deep enough.


A breast tattoo emphasizes your uniqueness and identity, the relief of the body, and can even hide flaws. In this article, we have gathered 50+ ideas for breast tattoos for men and women, divided them into groups, and described each of them. 

After you have decided on the idea of a tattoo, we suggest you get acquainted with the pros and cons of colored and black and white tattoos. Further, you can read about non-obvious contraindications and cautions, which you should know before you visit a tattoo parlor. 

Be unique and express yourself!


🔝 What Are the Most Popular Chest Tattoo Ideas for Men?

🏆 What Are the Most Popular Chest Tattoo Ideas for Women?

The most popular tattoo ideas on breasts for women are inscriptions, quotes, crystals, butterflies, mandalas, ornaments, flowers, and ethnic.

❓ What Do I Need To Know Before Going to the Tattoo Parlor?

Before going to the tattoo parlor you should get some sleep, eat something sweet, do not load the place for a tattoo, do not take blood thinners, and do not consume caffeine.

🙌 Why a Tattoo on My Breast?

The breasts are great for tattoos because of their size and relief, which allows for large and voluminous drawings.


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