Tattoo in Ohio: Best Artists of Any Style [2024]

The best tattoo artists in Ohio will create any drawings you can imagine. Do not limit your imagination, and the artists will portray everything in the best way.

Most people, due to social constraints, fail to release all their emotions and show all the facets of their personality, so in our globalized world, it makes sense to show your individuality. A great way to do this is a tattoo. But many myths about the lack of hygiene in salons and incompetent craftsmen scare many people away from this idea. But the desire for individuality still remains. That’s why we decided to find the 5 best tattoo artists for the people of Ohio, in the level of professionalism of which you can have no doubt.

Featured Ohio Tattoo Artists

Sydney (Squid) Grubb — Best in Fineline (Columbus, Ohio)

Sydney (Squid) Grubb

Sidney “Squid” Grabb has come a long way to a career in tattooing. Initially, she pursued an academic career, then switched to athletics. Where, incidentally, has achieved significant success. And only then she realized that she was most fascinated by the art of tattooing. She immediately understood her favorite styles, those that focus on lines. It is in these styles that she is known as the best master in Ohio.

Travis Adkins — Best in Blackwork Style (Columbus, Ohio)

Travis Adkins

Travis Adkins is a bright representative of people who are fanatically devoted to their work. In 2013, he moved to Columbus to pursue a degree from Ohio State University but soon dropped out altogether, drowning 24/7/365 in the art of tattooing. He really spends most of the day working on tattoos and honing his skills. His strongest point, which he has already spent thousands of hours, is abstract designs with hints of blackwork. Therefore, if you are planning such a tattoo, it is best to turn to Travis.

Christopher Churchill — Best in Animals Tattoos (Columbus, Ohio)

Christopher Churchill

Christopher Churchill began his career as a tattoo artist in 1998 in the small town of Findley. Christopher is now objectively considered one of the best self-taught artists. He mastered the extremely fascinating art of tattooing not because of boring theory, but because of difficult trials, watching the work of other masters for hours, developing his personal, unique style as the best animal and nature artist.

Hailey Amber — Best in Flowers Tattoos (Columbus, Ohio)

Hailey Amber

Hailey Amber has been a professional tattoo artist since 2010. For more than 10 years of practice, not forgetting the general artistic development, she has always focused on one, very narrow style, the image of flowers. Being romantic by nature, her childhood passion for floristry became a key theme of all her works and made her famous as the best master in this field.

Daniel Gray — Best in Large Tattoos (Columbus, Ohio)

Daniel Gray

Daniel Gray is a hereditary tattoo artist, so he never wondered what to do in the future. He began to master this craft in 2005 and since then has been engaged exclusively in tattoos. In 2014, he decided to focus on creating large-scale tattoos. He works in various genres, taking neoclassicism to photorealism, so his work can be considered ideal for those who want to get something unforgettable.

History of Development of Tattoo Industry in Ohio

The first American-famous professional tattoo artist was a resident of Ohio, J.F. Barber. So it’s no wonder why tattoo art is so developed in your state.

He was one of the first to recognize the potential of electricity to transform the ancient art of tattooing. Unexpectedly, in the wake of the huge popularity of tattoos, he opened his first salon on Ontario Street, for which he independently developed electric tattoo needles.

In addition to electrifying the tattooing process, Professor Barber worked to attract more women buyers. In fact, it was he who brought fashion to tattoos for women.

Also, a famous tattoo artist from Ohio is Walter Cleveland. He was one of the best tattoo equipment engineers in history, as he independently developed as many as 3 different types of tattoo machines. However, he was also known as an outstanding artist, as he was the only left-handed tattoo artist in the country at the time.


🏆 Who in Ohio Makes the Best Tattoos in Blackwork Style?

Sydney (Squid) Grubb makes the best gothic tattoos in Ohio. Detailed information about this artist can be found in our article.

🗺️ Where Are the Best Tattoo Artists in Ohio?

Most professional tattoo artists are in Columbus, as it is the largest city in the state. You can get tattoos in more than 70 tattoo shops.

💸 How Much Is a Professional Tattoo?

Prices for tattoos from professional artists range from $100 to $350 depending on the complexity of the drawing and the experience of the artist.

🔞 Can I Get a Tattoo at 16 in Ohio?

To get a tattoo in Ohio, if you are under 18, you need the consent of your parents or guardian.

🤔 Is It Possible To Get a Very Large Tattoo in Ohio?

Daniel Gray is the best Ohio artist in depicting large tattoos of any complexity. You can find more information about this artist in our article.


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