10 Best Tattoo Artists in Dallas You Wouldn’t Dare Miss

Best Tattoo Artists in Dallas
From Traditional to Japanese: Discover the best tattoo artists in Dallas! We picked 10 of the most talented individuals to become your perfect InkMatch.

No matter what state you live in or visit, the need for a reputable tattoo artist remains unchanged. Texas, with its vibrant culture and artistic soul, fosters a thriving tattoo scene teeming with talented individuals.

In this article, you will read about the ten best tattoo artists in Dallas who have left an indelible mark on the local scene. 

We’ve selected a separate winner category for each tattoo artist, from traditional, realistic, and to the incredible art of hand-poke tebori!

Are you interested in a different state? No problem: we suggest you browse our tattoo artist catalog, which contains more than several thousand tattoo artists from all over the states.

The Best Tattoo Artists in Dallas

We were surprised at how many phenomenal artists in Dallas work in a variety of styles. Even though about a third of the best tattoo artists in Dallas in this selection practice the Japanese style of tattooing, there are also artists for fans of neo-traditional, minimalist, and realistic tattoos.

Needles tell stories, and our mission here is to capture them, this tier list serves as a curated guide to some of the finest tattoo artistry the city has to offer.

Moses Veliz — The Best Watercolor Tattoo Artist

Moses is THE GOAT when it comes to watercolor tattoos in Dallas. His talent with large, intricate colored masterpieces is good enough to prove anyone against watercolor tattoos wrong!

Among his portfolio, you can see a gallery of quality drawings inspired by popular characters from cartoons and movies, as well as Moses’ original creative works. 

Moses can combine realism and trash polka styles with his watercolors, and he is very good at depicting animals. 

But you will never catch him with a black-and-gray tattoo WIP.

Moses Veliz — The Best Watercolor Tattoo Artist

Ary Morssuza — Master of Realism and Comic

As of 2024, Ary Morssuza, the Brazilian tattoo artist, has a total of 20 years of tattooing behind his back. 

He’s a former member of Dallas Tattoo and Arts Company, visited multiple tattoo festivals and earned many awards.Most of all, he likes to work with realism, black-and-gray, and comic book heroes, so come to him if you are a fan of either. The only thing he refuses services, however, are cover-up tattoos.

Ary Morssuza — Master of Realism and Comic

Scott Cooksey — Sailor Jerry and Irezumi Fusion

Scott’s tattoos are all about tradition. Even two traditional styles: the American Sailor Jerry style and the Japanese irezumi.

He decided to follow three principles in his work: clean, bold, and classy! So it is not surprising that when Japanese tattoos began to gain popularity, Scott found them favorable! And his career path will soon reach 30 years of experience.But what makes this tattoo artist stand out is that he not only perfected tattoos in both styles, but he can even combine American and Japanese traditions at the same time! Who’s up to a Sailor Irezumi tattoo?

Scott Cooksey — Sailor Jerry and Irezumi Fusion

Milan Moné — The Expert of Illustrative B&G

For those who appreciate simple B&G works, we recommend visiting the renowned black tattoo artist Dallas — Milan Moné! They are the best in ornamental tattoos and illustrative designs.

But you’d need to make an appointment with them in Dallas in advance, as they are originally based in Oklahoma and just visit Texas occasionally.

Milan does not limit herself to miniature illustrations, when she’s up to a challenge, they can perform a gorgeous large-scale thigh or sleeve piece!

Milan Moné — The Expert of Illustrative B&G

Char Mcgaughy — The Most Known Tattoo Artist in Dallas

She is a highly respected tattoo artist and painter in Dallas. She began tattooing professionally in 2010 and honed her skills through dedication and practice.

Char is known for her expertise in black-and-gray realism, particularly detailed portraits and animal designs. Her style often incorporates photorealistic elements with creative flourishes.

Her Instagram page counts over 23 thousand followers, just a bit more than Ary Morssuza has, almost at a tie!A local media named “Dallas Observer” featured Char in many publications and awarded her the title of the Best Tattoo Artist 2017.

Char Mcgaughy — The Most Known Tattoo Artist in Dallas

Kameron Smith — The Witchiest Tattoo Witch of Dallas!

If you’re looking for a drastic dark goth tattoo in Dallas – Kameron is your choice.

Kam’s art does not speak mystique… it SCREAMS. They go by the title ‘the Whip Witch’ because of their amazing dexterity in whip shading technique.

They perform in blackwork and neo-traditional styles and can fulfill all those vampiric tattoo dreams of yours: bats, moths, skulls, you name it!

Roque Mendez — The Best at Custom Designs

Of all Dallas tattoo artists in this selection, Roque has the most diverse gallery of works, both literally and figuratively.

That’s right, Roque is not just an artist at heart. And as a true artist, he enjoys making custom tattoos.

He wields needles and inks just as well as brushes and oil paints, the same as his partner at work – Char Mcgaughy

We say “diverse,” but if we were to seek a pattern in his works, we’d say they’re “godlike.” That’s right, lots of his works feature legendary figures from Greek, Nordic, and other mythologies.

Roque Mendez — The Best at Custom Designs
You can learn how to make unique custom tattoo designs with just 8 steps!

Carl Hallowell — The Best Tebori Tattoo Artist

If Scott Cooksey surprised you by mixing up American and Japanese styles, better to sit down for a moment. Carl has devoted his entire career to studying traditional Japanese hand-poke tebori tattoos.

He is also known by the honorific name “Horisho,” which translates to the poetic “iris carver”. Carl has been mastering his work for almost 30 years to perform the most authentic Japanese tattoo artist in Dallas, Texas.

So if you’ve ever been interested in, for example, a full-body tebori tattoo, you don’t need to buy tickets to Japan, better go to Dallas to see Сarl!

Rob Westphal — Best Traditional Tattoos

Rob is the best pal around tattoo artists. He loves to tattoo iconic Japanese bizarre animals like tigers and dragons, in the form of a traditional black and color tattoo.

He also really loves cats and doesn’t miss a chance to share this love on his social media, by sharing different photos of cats with the pictures of tattoos.

Westphal’s works are cool, flashy, vibrant, and have a great shadow play. So, if you’re a fan of traditional tattoos, Rob is your choice.

Rob Westphal — Best Traditional Tattoos

Josh Odom — Outstanding Bizarre Tattoos

Imagine if you wanted to get a design just as bizarre and dark as Kameron Smith does, but in color, similar to Rob Westphal. Well, Josh Odom can make this dream come true!

Josh works in a traditional color tattoo style, many of his works look like gore, rubber hose characters from 30s cartoons. 

His tattoos are peculiar, sometimes a little frightening, but for fans of this kind of weirdness, they’re just right.

Josh Odom — Outstanding Bizarre Tattoos

That wraps up our best Dallas tattoo artists, feel free to check out the best tattoo artists from other states from our list!

How Did Japanese Tattoos Come to the US?

How Did Japanese Tattoos Come to the US?

The introduction of Japanese tattoos to the United States can be traced back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The “Japonisme” trend at that time influenced various art forms, including tattooing. The popularity of Japanese art and culture, including woodblock prints and ukiyo-e, influenced Western artists, including tattooists.

Bold lines and bright colors were similar to Sailor Jerry tattoos, but instead of snakes and pin-up gals, customers would ask for tigers, dragons, and koi fish.

The combination of these factors led to the gradual integration of Japanese tattoo art into American tattoo culture. Over time, artists in the United States developed their interpretations and adaptations of Japanese motifs, creating a distinct American-Japanese tattoo style. Such traces can be seen, for example, in the works of Scott Cooksey.


This was just a glimpse into the phenomenal talent lurking within Dallas’ tattoo scene. Texas is a haven for many art enthusiasts, boasting renowned tattoo artists who not only develop tattoo culture in the US but also promote tattoo ideas from other countries, especially Japan.

We leave the choice of the best tattoo artist in Dallas up to you. Explore artists’ portfolios, and connect with artists whose work resonates with you. We hope that our article helped you decide on which tattoo artist in Dallas is the best for you.


💸 How Much Does a Tattoo Cost in Dallas?

Prices may vary among tattoo shops. Typically, tattoos cost from $200 to $800, but you can always check and negotiate the price with your artist.

With the help of our tattoo cost calculator, you can calculate the price more accurately based on the design size, artist’s experience, and tattooing style.

🤗 Should You Tip a Tattoo Artist?

It’s agreed that a 20 percent tip is standard, similar to tipping at a restaurant or beauty salon. However, view this percentage as a starting point, as the complexity of tattoos may vary.

🤨 Who Is the Most Respected Tattoo Artist in Dallas?

The popularity and respect for tattoo artists can be subjective and may change over time. For example, Char Mcgaughy is considered the most popular tattoo artist out of the ten best we selected for our tier list.

🤔 Who Is the Best Japanese Tattoo Artist in Dallas?

Many tattoo artists in Dallas work in the Japanese style, but if you are looking for the most authentic master, we recommend visiting Horisho a.k.a Carl Hallowell.


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