55 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas | Symbolism And Explanation

55 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas | Symbolism And Explanation
Soak up the mystical symbolism of the berserk tattoo and choose the most beautiful design. Our experts have done a fascinating study of the dark manga that has become the inspiration for body art around the world.

The world of Berserk is considered one of the most violent and dark in the world of manga and anime. Yet, enthusiasts continue to adorn their bodies with unique doodles and designs. In addition, Berserk is more than just a tale of good versus evil at war. It is a tale about the hopes, aspirations, and anxieties of people.

We will examine how Berserk tattoos represent the ideas of fortitude, bravery, spiritual enlightenment, and many other themes that have solidified as a part of the manga philosophy in this article. So keep reading if you fancy it!

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What Does Berserk Tattoo Mean?

Well now let’s talk about the most important thing, what exactly means a berserk tattoo, and what is the meaning of this design? 

The term “berserk,” which comes from the Swedish language, refers to a terrifying phase of combat in which the person loses control of his actions.

The Berserk tattoo is a strong emblem that may drive and inspire its bearer, in addition to being a method to show off your enthusiasm for manga. We will examine how Berserk tattoos represent the ideas of fortitude, bravery, spiritual enlightenment, and many other themes that have solidified as a part of the manga philosophy in this article.

The Berserk tattoo has also grown popular among people who enjoy a dark, epic style, as well as fans of the manga.

The stigma of sacrifice that was placed on Guts from the Berserk manga and anime
The stigma of sacrifice that was placed on Guts from the Berserk manga and anime

Famous Berserk Characters

There are many characters in the Berserk manga and anime that have become popular motifs for tattoos. Some of them are:

  • πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ€ The series’ main character, Guts, is frequently seen with various positions and weaponry on tattoos, including his magnificent blade, the Dragonkiller.
  • πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ€ Former Falcon Hunter horde leader Griffith betrayed Guts and evolved into a fatalistic anti-hero. He frequently has his recognizable white helmet and Falcon Castle Rock in tattoos.
  • πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ€ Guts transforms into the supernatural creature known as the Berserker while engaged in combat. Berserker tattoos usually have complex and potent design.
  • πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ€ In the Berserk manga and anime, Zodd is a beast spirit. He frequently has wings and a sword in one hand in tattoos.
  • πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ€ The only female fighter on Guts’ team, Casca is a capable and experienced combatant. Her hat, which serves as her armor in battle, is frequently shown in tattoos of her.

As you can see, each character has its characteristics and symbolism. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with each personality before choosing a tattoo.

How Berserk Tattoos Started To Become Popular?

berserk tattoo

Berserk-style tattoos have become very popular lately. They became famous thanks to the Japanese manga of the same name by Kentaro Miura. This work was first published in the Japanese magazine Young Animal in 1989. The manga became so widely known because of its dark atmosphere and harshness, as well as its wonderful and unexpected plot.

The manga depicts a revenge-seeking character named Guts as he battles evil characters and creatures in a bloody fantasy setting. He sports the Berserk insignia, which has come to represent both the manga and its followers, on his clothing.

This sign and other figures of the piece became more and more famous as fans of the manga began to sketch them. When other artists and tattoo artists began to interpret the manga characters and symbols in their own ways, inspired by the plot, berserk tattoos also gained popularity.

If you are really a fan of anime, then we recommend that you look at more options for unusual designs.

Berserk Tattoo Ideas

These tattoos are applied in a variety of styles, depending on the client’s tastes and the meaning they wish to convey through the design.

Usually, the berserk tattoo is done in graffiti, new style, or black-and-white sketch. Hard lines and bright colors are also prevalent, all of which accurately convey the idea of berserk.

Let’s examine the concepts for these tattoos in more detail:

  • Berserk faces: Having a tattoo of a berserk face can be a powerful way to convey your confidence and strength. Both realistic and abstract designs are acceptable for berserk tattoos.
berserk tattoo
  • Animals: In Scandinavian mythology, animals like bears, wolves, and eagles were frequently utilized as emblems of bravery and strength. For people looking to express their militancy, tattoos of these beasts can be a fantastic option.
berserk tattoo
  • Weapons: Weapons such as axes, swords, and spears have often been used in battle, and can be a great choice for those who want to express their belligerence and strength.
berserk tattoo
  • Dragon: These tattoos are a terrific option for people who want to show off their dominant side because they are a sign of strength and power.
berserk tattoo

And these are just some of the crazy tattoo design concepts. You have to use your personal preferences and the meaning you want to convey with the tattoo when you choose a sketch.

On The Leg

Berserk tattoo on the leg may be suitable for people who want to express a belligerent spirit, courage, and willpower. 

It is also suitable for people who are engaged in sports, or martial arts, such a tattoo can protect and give strength. 

Let’s take a closer look at the examples:

On The Arm

If you get a berserker tattoo on your arm, it will mean protection and suppression of the dark side of the soul. 

Let’s take a closer look at examples of such sketches:

On The Ribcage

The berserk tattoo on the ribs or chest can represent strength, courage, fearlessness, and a fighting spirit.

It can also reflect a strong and unwavering character, the ability to overcome difficulties and instability.

On The Back

The berserk tattoo on your back can be a symbol of protection. Instability and strength of character, as well as the capacity to overcome challenges, can also be reflected in it.

Let’s take a closer look at examples of sketches:

On The Neck

Some people choose to place a berserk tattoo on their neck to express their attitude toward struggling with life’s challenges and hardships that may hinder them from achieving their goals.

Let’s see some examples of these sketches:

Berserk Guts Tattoo

This design is ideal for those who want to leave a symbol of an amulet on their body. Also, such designs look very spectacular and beautiful on the body.

Let’s see examples of such designs:

Berserk Curse Mark Tattoo

Before deciding on imposing such a design, we recommend carefully weighing all the pros and cons, because this symbol carries a very powerful energy that can harm you. But in any case, the meaning that you put into a tattoo is really important.

Let’s take a closer look at the examples of such designs:

Where Would a Tattoo in This Style Look Best?

So, we have shown you all kinds of best berserk tattoo designs, and now we propose to find out in what place such a sketch will look most spectacular.

The location of the Berserk tattoo depends on the choice and aesthetic tendencies of the owner. Yet, there are a few locations where a tattoo of this kind can look most favorable:

  1. On the shoulders and arms. This is a classic place for this design, and a Berserk tattoo can look good on the shoulders and arms. But you have to be careful, because for some employers it can be a good reason to refuse a job, and in general some people have a negative attitude towards this kind of tattoo.
  2. On the back. The back is a good area for a massive Berserk tattoo. Since there is ample room on the back to accommodate a large and intricate design, this will make the ink more expressive and detailed.
  3. On your chest. This location highlights the tattoo’s strength and vitality, making you stand out from the crowd.
  4. On your legs. Tattoo artists recommend having a Berserk-inspired design on your thighs or calves if you wish to get one on your legs. This will keep your tattoo somewhat visible while allowing you to only display it when you want to.
berserk tattoo
Do you want destructive power imprinted on your body? Then you should check out our gallery of the best berserk tattoos from our tattoo artists.


A berserk tattoo has significant personal significance for the owner in addition to being visually stunning.

Each character, element, or symbol in the world of Berserk has a story and significance that can be conveyed through a tattoo. As a result, such a tattoo can serve as both a form of body art and a symbol that serves to remind us of our common values and beliefs. But before you apply such a sketch, choose a suitable place and size so that the tattoo looks beautiful.


πŸ—£ What Does the Tattoo on Berserk Mean?

The Berserk tattoo most likely alludes to the Kentaro Miura β€” produced comic and anime “Berserk”. Guts, a bitter warrior who seeks retribution for killing his loved ones and tries to exact revenge on his former closest friend who betrayed him and his team, appears in the dark fantasy novel “Berserk”.

⚑ Is Guts a Berserker?

The main character of Kentaro Miura’s Berserk manga and anime is Guts. One of the most well-known figures in manga and anime is Guts. Guts is not a berserker in the traditional sense; he is not a Viking warrior who battles when enraged and in a trance. The word “berserker” in the Berserk manga and anime series refers to Guts’s capacity to go into a state of fighting trance, where he becomes extraordinarily powerful and quick.

πŸ“Œ What Is the Best Place for a Berserk Tattoo?

It all depends on your personal preferences and desires, but berserk tattoos look most spectacular on the back and the leg. Because of the somewhat double-digit meaning, it is better not to put such a tattoo on your arm or wrist.

πŸ’­ Does Guts Have the Brand of Sacrifice?

Yes, the character of Guts from the Berserk manga and anime has a stigma of sacrifice that was placed on him when he was a victim of sacrifice as a child. The branded sacrifice stamp on Guts’ back symbolizes his status as a victim and his membership in the sacrificial order.


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