70+ Badass Tattoos That Impress and Inspire

Badass tattoos in this article: you can find the true meaning of these inks, special features, and a collection of fascinating designs. Don’t delay and start reading!
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Badass tattoos are suitable for those who want to be a trendsetter among tattoo lovers and those who like attention. If you are a person like this, these designs are precisely for you. There are no more impressive and extraordinary inks to get on the skin. 

We researched badass tattoos and found much interesting information and incredible ideas for you. Check out this article, and you will definitely be in love with these gorgeous designs.

Why Are Badass Tattoos Popular?

All badass tattoos are a bit wrong or slightly frightening. But at the same time, they are so impressive that you want to admire them. It means, only confident people can own such kinds of inks. They are leaders and have the powerful energy to overcome borders and express their personalities to the world. They can break the rules and disregard other opinions. So let’s check why badass tattoos are so popular:

  • 😎 It is a great way for cool people to be the center of attention and admiration.
  • 😎 Badass tattoos can emphasize their rebellious and unbreakable character.
  • 😎 The large scale of the images and tricky plots are perfect for expressive people.
badass tattoos

Significant Features of Badass Designs

A badass tattoo is generally a subjective characteristic of any drawing. Each person measures steepness in their way. Therefore, the same tattoo can be badass and not for different people. But we tried to sum up all opinions and set apart some features of badass designs. So check them out:

  • 😎 Badass tattoos must impress, not the other way around. And this “WOW” effect should be whenever someone sees your ink.
  • 😎 Next is the size of the tattoo. Usually, large-scale drawings catch the eye more than small ones. But even the latter can be excellent if you choose some tricky and intricate design.
  • 😎 Most often, these are complex plots or intricate drawings.
  • 😎 Bold lines dominate such tattoos. But recently, thin tattoo lines with micro-realistic elements have appeared more often, which are also fascinating.
  • 😎 Among badass tattoos, black or rich-colored ink is popular. 
  • 😎 The tattooist must be an absolute master to create this outstanding design.
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With this point in mind, you will have the best badass tattoos.

Where To Get a Badass Tattoo?

If you want to have some badass tattoos, you’ll want to make sure that people will see them and admire them. That’s why choosing a placement you can show easily is better. But at the same time, there must be enough space to make an extensive cool design. So the best body parts for a tattoo are: 

  • 💀 Arms sleeve;
  • 💀 Leg sleeve;
  • 💀 Back;
  • 💀 Chest;
  • 💀 Neck;
  • 💀 Thighs;
  • 💀 Shins;
  • 💀 Forearms;
  • 💀 Hands.

Also, there can be combinations of areas, and design can spread from one body part to another. Besides, you should know that getting a tattoo on your hands, shins, and spine is quite painful. So be ready to be patient during the process.

Check out our article about the least painful places to get a tattoo and pick the most suitable place for a tattoo.

Exciting Tattoo Ideas for Cool Guys

When choosing the tattoo design, you should do significant research, as many badass tattoos are terrifying or too tricky. It is better not to overdo this design. 

So, we gathered the most trendy badass tattoo ideas for you to spark some inspiration.

Blackout Tattoos

Black ink is a traditional color for many tattoos, and some people perceive it as a banality. But if you choose the badass blackout tattoo, you will change this opinion. The combination of bold black blocks, negative space and different shades of this color will allow you to get an outstanding work of art. Also, you can play with tattoo styles and pick a Samoan tribal tattoo or some abstract design.

Badass Artistic Designs

Recently, tattooing has become a full-fledged art thanks to highly talented masters. That is why you can see artistic drawings with graceful lines, plot paintings, and even copies of paintings by famous artists on someone’s skin. A badass artistic tattoo is an excellent idea if you are fond of art and love detailed drawings that look gorgeous. Also, this design can be suitable for women, and you can choose the area of the arm, shoulder, or wrist to apply it. 

If you want to get a more calm and romantic tattoo that matches your femininity, get inspired by Daisy tattoo ideas.

Mechanical Designs

This impressive design has a futuristic charm and makes the owner not only a geek but a cool guy with excellent mechanical details on the skin. You can mimic bionic arms or some internal mechanisms of the robot. Also, you can add some connections from the main board if you want a more restrained version. 

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Sketched-Inspired Badass Tattoos

These badass tattoos in sketched technique are gorgeous because you can choose any drawing and make a masterpiece out of it. Fragile lines and realistic details are the basis of this design. The intricate plot and combination of colors make it even more exciting. In addition, this design can be not only beautiful but also meaningful.

Angel Badass Tattoos

If you want meaningful badass tattoos, the angel design is quite suitable. There is no more meaningful and spiritual symbol. It means protection, purity, spiritual beauty, and strength. 

There are many ideas on how to put it on the skin. You can get it on your back with enormous wings that spread to the shoulders or combine it with some graphic elements. Also, you can create an incredibly realistic design. Usually, we see such badass tattoos in black and gray ink, but you can experiment with colors if you want.

Brain Blaster Designs

The most impressive badass tattoos are those with strange, tricky plots and drawings. We called them brain blasters. The main feature is to get an unusual, a little bit crazy, or futuristic image. You can say that these designs are for nerds, but with the correct stylization, you can have a fantastic storyline tattoo that will express your extraordinary thinking and view of life.

Badass Animal Tattoos

Animal tattoos are a timeless classic. But to make them outstanding and trendy, you should add some details. 

  • 🐺 One option is to add geometric or graphic elements. 
  • 🐺 Also, choose realistic designs.
  • 🐺 Add colors and some plot to your badass animal tattoo.
  • 🐺 Choose powerful animals such as a tiger, lion, wolf, shark, elephant, etc.

These details will make your badass tattoo with the animal more significant and impressive.

Mysterious Dragon Ink

Dragons are mythological creatures that symbolize wisdom, power, and prosperity. Badass tattoos are a good idea as you can make them extensive and dramatic. There are many designs, from outlines to bold-colored drawings. The trunk, arm, or leg is the best location for this design. Also, impressive designs spread from the shoulder to the chest.

Old School Tattoo Designs

Old school tattoos are always in vogue and are an example of classic body art. This style has a distinctive look with separate flat drawings, bright colors, and expressive plots. Many people consider it a badass tattoo, especially if you get the sleeve. You can choose more daring plots to impress others or get full-body ink.

Skulls and Skeletons Badass Tattoos

These designs are timeless and always popular among fabulous men. They can be a little scary, but that is the reason to get such badass tattoos. You can combine skulls and skeletons with human bodies, faces, and floral elements. Also, the combination of black, gray, and colored ink adds some freshness and a new view of classical drawings. 


To sum it up, badass tattoos are a great way to express your leadership and rebellious nature. Also, it is the opportunity to pay attention to your ink and admire it. We gathered some best tattoo ideas from many designs for you to pick one that will truly match your soul. We hope the article was helpful and inspiring and that you find something special for your skin.


Can Badass Tattoos Look Good on a Girl’s Skin?

Badass tattoos are for people ready to make outstanding large designs on the skin. But it doesn’t mean that they are only for men. There are many gorgeous ideas for women. You can choose badass tattoos with animals, old school, or sketch designs suitable for women.

How Many Badass Tattoos Can I Get?

Usually, badass tattoos are big so that you can get one or two extensive drawings on your skin. But if you are a real tattoo lover, you can make full-body ink that combines several images and plots.

Are Badass Tattoos Shameful?

No type of tattoo is shameful. It is your way of expressing yourself and showing your lifestyle and principles. Since badass tattoos can sometimes be intimidating, people may consider them unusual and react to them in the wrong way.

Badass Tattoos – Yes or No?

Definitely and undoubtedly yes. Badass tattoos look impressive and chic if you choose the perfect design that suits you. Also, do not forget that the result depends on the qualification of the tattoo artist, so choose it carefully.


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