55 Awesome Back Tattoos for Men You’ll Want to Ink [2024]

Back Tattoos
Thinking about getting a tattoo on your back? Find out what they mean to men, what the average cost is, and how much it hurts. Bonus: 55 cool ideas to try.

There are only a few places on the body that get tattooers excited and inspired. The back is one of them. A tattoo on the back is one of the best options for those who want to create a unique and large-scale image on their body and make a huge impression on those around them.

Today we’re going to talk about what this tattoo means for men, why they like doing it in the first place, and we’ll also share the most interesting and colorful tattoo ideas on the back that are suitable for men. And, of course, we’ll answer the most popular questions about cost and pain.

What’s the Point in Back Tattoos?

The back is the most convenient area for large detailed tattoos. This location of the tattoo gives a huge space for creativity and implementation of your craziest ideas. Except that such a tattoo is a big commitment and a major financial investment. But, on the other hand, it is sure to attract attention. Although if you want a tattoo on your back that no one can see, that’s easy to arrange too. You can just not walk around with your back open. It will be harder to arrange at the beach, but try not to think about what others will say.

If you are professionally banned from tattoos but would love to get one, then a tattoo on your back is the way to go. 

Many people will still judge you, yes. But if that happens, it’s just not your people. For example, some people like the color yellow, and some people hate it, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s the same with tattoos. If you feel hated, just leave the place. You will meet people who will just accept you for who you are.

back tattoos

The Meaning of Back Tattoos for Men

Any tattoo can perform a purely aesthetic function without any semantic meaning. The tattoo on your back is no exception. Of course, what matters most is the meaning you put into your tattoo. But there are some generally accepted meanings that we will talk about.

The male back tattoo is a decoration and protection for the wearer. The peculiarity of the structure of the muscular and bony system forms a clear wide rectangle or triangle. Even the untrained stature of the man has great potential for painting. A tattoo on the back will give a masculine and colorful image.

Men’s tattoos include symbols of power and strength:

  • 🐘 Elephants, Lions, Tigers, Bears;
  • 🚢 Ships;
  • 🐉 Dragons;
  • 😇 Warriors, Angels, Vikings;
  • 🔥 Phoenix;
  • 💀 Skull;
  • 🐟 Carp;
  • 🦅 Raven, Pheasant, Crane; Eagle;
  • 🦌 Deer, Bull;
  • 🐍 Serpent.

Drawings can be arranged horizontally, vertically, or obliquely. The area of application depends on which lobe the owner wants to enhance. Most often, men apply the tattoo to the upper and middle lobes due to the structure of the figure. But with group composition, tattoos on the lower lobe balance out the ensemble.

The meaning of back tattoos for men

Tattoo Ideas

The only downside to back tattoos is that you can’t see them the way you see tattoos elsewhere. Some owners even forget about their back tattoos until someone reminds them of them.

So you’ll be able to see either a mirror image in the mirror or enjoy the view in photos. However, this does not mean that you can be irresponsible in choosing a sketch. Be sure to choose the design and the master with all possible scrupulosity, so that you can trust him your back in every way.

If you haven’t found your perfect tattoo artist yet, we have a catalog with over 1000 brilliant masters across the USA, just check it out.

Simple Back Tattoo

Minimalist tattoos are not likely to be associated with many people’s backs. Nevertheless, some want to get a small tattoo on this part of the body.

Small male tattoos are usually applied to the shoulder girdle area or to those places the wearer wishes to protect. The symbolism of this type includes silhouettes of bats, sea animals, owls, and a deer with an arrow in its teeth, or antlers.

Discover even more small and simple men tattoo ideas in our another article on this topic.

Upper Back Tattoos

It is not necessary to do a tattoo on the entire back, you can also tattoo only a part. So, for example, it is quite common to see a tattoo on the upper part of the back.

The most prominent place is great for detailed and complex designs. Often in this place, they beat a tattoo in the style of graphics or calligraphy. Also, such a tattoo can occupy the neck as well.

Lower Back Tattoos

Tattoos on the lower back are quite rare in men. They are more often done by girls, and they often carry mysterious and sexual connotations.

Even though men quite rarely choose this type of tattoo, we found a few designs for you.

Halfback Tattoo

Half-back tattoos are quite an unusual choice. They evoke a sense of contrast and make you compare the two parts of your back. On the one hand, there is an emphasis on the relief and muscles (if the musculature is developed), and on the other hand, you want to consider the composition of the tattoo.

Sometimes these tattoos are a transitional stage before doing up the back completely.

Full Back Tattoos

A full-back tattoo is practically the largest tattoo you can give yourself on one area of skin. Angels, the devil, animals (wolf, lion), wings, or birds with wings are the most popular among the subjects. You are not limited in the choice of images that you want to capture on your body, the key thing is that they reflect you and what you want to express with the tattoo.

Unique Designs

Not everyone likes trendy tattoo plots, and sometimes people want to get a unique drawing on the body, with special meaning. Usually, both the tattooist and the future tattoo owner work hard on the sketch. You have to trust your master because a tattoo on the back is not only a big one. You will not be able to see it as a tattoo on your arm or leg. 

Common Questions About Back Tattoos

Some questions about tattoos people ask us time and time again, so we want to answer the ones about back tattoos now. If you still have other questions, you are free to ask us.

Common questions about back tattoos


In general, the price of tattoos is directly proportional to their size, detail, level of master, and so on. On average, a tattoo on your back will cost you from $1,500 to $5,000, but everything is individual.

You can calculate a more exact amount with our tattoo price calculator to understand what to expect.

Pain Level

The tattoo on your back may feel differently, depending on the sensitivity of the different areas. This information will be valuable for people with a low pain threshold and very sensitive and delicate skin.

The skin in areas with a dense fat layer is less sensitive as is the skin in the muscle area. Soft tissues reduce the vibrations created by the device during operation. Therefore, the nerve endings almost do not feel them.

The neck, shoulder blades, ribs, and spine are another matter. In these areas, the distance from the surface of the skin to the bone is much smaller, so you will feel much more pain.

To reduce pain and make the process more comfortable, you can use a variety of anesthetics. They are most commonly found in the form of a gel or cream with a cooling effect.

Find out the least painful places to get a tattoo if you have a low pain threshold.
Pain level

Do People Regret It?

Most people choose a tattoo on the back because they want a detailed large drawing that will not look as good on other parts of the body. When people consciously approach this issue, they do not regret it in the future, but rather say that they would like to get an even larger tattoo. The fact that you don’t see your back often can be a little frustrating. But mostly because of this, such tattoos don’t get boring over time. 

In general, the tattoo on the back is a good choice if you want to create on your body something large-scale. The main thing is to think through all the details of the plot and to be one hundred percent sure that the tattoo will not bore you in a few years because the removal can take away from you not only a lot of time but also greatly affect your wallet.


Choosing a place for a tattoo is not an easy matter, because there are so many options. But if you want a big piece, we will confidently recommend the back. As you have already realized, the tattoo on the back is universal. Firstly, everyone can choose exactly what they like. Secondly, you can easily hide your tattoo if the situation requires it.

With the tattoo on your back, you will be able to emphasize your personality, create a bright memorable image and impress others. The key — carefully choose the master and the sketch of the tattoo to enjoy it later in life.


😃 What Are Good Back Tattoos?

Large-scale tattoos with a lot of details look best on the back. You can implement almost any, even the most complex design there.

🥺 Does a Back Tattoo Hurt?

The skin in areas with a dense fat layer is less sensitive as is the skin in the muscle area. Soft tissues reduce the vibrations created by the device during operation. Therefore, the nerve endings almost do not feel them.

🧔 Do Guys Get Spine Tattoos?

Tattoos on the spine are a fairly popular choice among the male half of the population. Tattoo masters and owners often characterize them as creative and exciting.

🙌 What Does a Back Tattoo Signify?

The male back tattoo is a decoration and protection for the wearer. Men’s tattoos include symbols of power and strength as dragons, warriors, different animals, birds, angels, demons, etc.

💰 How Much Do Back Tattoos Cost?

In general, the price of tattoos is directly proportional to their size, detail, level of master, and so on. On average, a tattoo on your back will cost you from $1,500 to $5,000, but everything is individual.


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