50+ Best Aztec Tattoos With Deep Meaning

Aztec Tattoos
The Aztec tattoo design is perfect for you if you want to express your strong character. We collected the best ideas in this article. Keep reading to find more.

There are so many tattoo designs, and sometimes it’s hard to decide which one to choose. If you want a cool impressive tattoo but don’t want the usual shark or butterfly, the best Aztec tattoo design is right for you! This type of tattoo will amaze you with its details and deep meaning. 

In this article, we will introduce you to Aztec tattoos, their meanings, and a considerable number of perfect designs to express your solid nature.

Who Are the Aztecs?

The ancient Aztec civilization was a world-famous state located on the territory of modern Mexico from the 14th to the 16th century. Additionally, it was the last population to live there before the European invasion. The Aztecs absorbed the culture and achievements of previous civilizations and created an empire of astonishing power.

Tattooing in Aztec Culture

Tattooing was a mysterious ritual in the Aztec religion. People with a high social state as soldiers, priests, and influential leaders only can have them on their skin. The person who makes a tattoo consider the most famous and honored in society. Besides, Aztec body art was only men’s privilege. They also used tattoos to signify belonging to a particular group or tribe and to list accomplishments.

Tattooing in Aztec culture

Aztec Tattoo Style

As there are plenty of tattoo styles, it is essential to understand which one suits your Aztec tattoo. The best options are realistic, traditional, and tribal as they combine bold black lines, patterns, and 2D flat drawings. But you can also experiment with biochemical, neo-traditional, dotwork, or blackwork.

Aztec tattoo style

The Best Body Part for Aztec Tattoos

Aztecs created tattoos in honor of several gods during religious rituals. And the location also depended on a religious basis. The chest, arm, wrist, and trunk were the best areas because the energy of the gods passed through these parts and strengthened the connection with them. But nowadays, it doesn’t matter where you consider putting the ink. 

So we present you with the best locations for Aztec tattoo designs.

The Arm Aztec Tattoo Ideas

Men consider their hands to be the most substantial part of their bodies. A tattoo on a man’s arms always looks stylish and sexy, especially if it is an Aztec design. It can emphasize the strength of your shoulders and biceps, and you can hide it easily. 

The Sleeve Aztec Tattoo Designs

Because the arm is less painful than other body parts, you can get a sizable Aztec sleeve tattoo with lots of detail. The blackwork technique is ideal for this type of tattoo. You can also do a half sleeve on your forearm, or it can be part of a previous design.

The Neck Aztec Tattoos

The neck is the best place for those who don’t want to hide their tattoo. You can choose a large image extending to the back of your neck or your chest and back. The best Aztec tattoos featuring birds are eagle and phoenix tattoos, which will look great on your neck.

Aztec Tattoo on the Chest

The chest was a meaningful placement for Aztecs to get a tattoo. Often they put it on there to protect themselves from enemies. So it is an excellent option for those who want to emphasize muscles and have a meaningful tattoo.

Aztec Tattoos on Legs

Legs are the perfect place for Aztec tattoos because the ample space can contain a large drawing. You can make a tattoo on your thigh, knee, or shin. It is also good to get inked the whole leg from hip to toes with several Aztec gods or patterns.

Aztec Tattoos on Back

Aztec tattoo designs look very impressive on the back because there is a lot of space to make a sizeable detailed scale. It often creates an entire scene, combining various images and animals in a consistent and complementary manner.

Trendy Aztec Tattoo Designs

If we talk about the drawings, the most popular are images of various gods because the Aztecs dedicated their tattoos to them to perform certain rituals. But today, tattoo artists adapt the ideas to modern trends so that you can find various animals, people, and even pyramids. These body arts contain many small details, so you need a skilled master to get them inked.

The God of the Sun

As the head of age, Huitzilopochtli is a patron of the sky, sun, war, and the main god in Aztec mythology. You can put it as the sun’s image with its face, or a shaman with a snake and weapon on your tattoo as a symbol of power and sacrifice.

Skeleton Aztec Tattoo

When we think about the skeleton as a symbol, death and murder come to our minds as quickly as possible. But in Aztec culture, it has a positive sense. Skeleton means fertility, happiness, and rebirth. You can combine it with patterns or animals to make it more significant.

Eagle in Aztec Tattoo

The eagle in Aztec tattoo is the symbol of strength and bravery. Warriors always depicted this bird on their skin to feel these qualities during their fights with enemies. This tattoo design looks gorgeous on the chest or back.

Aztec Calendar

The Aztec calendar is the most famous symbol of this civilization. But there are reports that it is not a calendar but simply a picture of the sun with twenty days on a stone. This drawing describes the four eras of the Aztecs, their decline, and the beginning of the fifth era. Many small pictures in this tattoo join together to form a large circle. 

Remember that putting the Aztec calendar on your skin will take several sessions.

Feathered Serpent Aztec Symbol

The feathered serpent is a mysterious symbol of Aztec culture. This drawing depicts one of the main gods in the Aztec religion Quetzalcoatl, which symbolizes life, wiseness, and pure light. The feathered serpent can be in a trendy color ink or with other Aztec characters like scull or warrior.

Aztec Princess Tattoo

Women play a significant role in Aztec mythology. There are more than fifteen famous goddesses. Usually, they looked like snakes with female heads. They can symbolize health, science, rain, water, and even love. For your best Aztec tattoo, you can choose either a face or a warrior woman on your skin.

Aztec God of Death Tattoo

Mictlantecuhtli, the god of death, was an influential person in the Aztec religion. He is a figure with a skull face. People put it on the skin to protect their lives from a premature end. This extravagant drawing suits those who aren’t afraid to express themselves.

Aztec Pyramid 

Aztec pyramids are one of the most significant structures in their civilization. The temples were on top of the constructions. Some famous are the temple of the Sun and one of the Moon. The pyramid Aztec tattoo can be a way to impress people and show your genuine faith, devotion, and perseverance. Usually, the pyramid is an element of other Aztec compositions, but also can be as a main drawing.

Patterns in Aztec Tattoo

Patterns are present in all Aztec tattoos. Sometimes people confuse Mayan and Aztec patterns with each other. But the difference is that Aztec designs are flatter and always done in black. This pattern is a good option for an original tattoo on your armband.

Animals in Aztec Design

Animals play an important role in Aztec tattooing. Often warriors placed them in a tattoo to feel their power, strength, speed, and other characteristics for success in battle. Besides, several gods were in the form of animals. Some of the most popular animals are:

  • Jaguar;
  • Crocodile;
  • Snake;
  • Lion;
  • Dragon.

They look great in a combination of patterns and skulls. Or you can get them as an element of a warrior helmet.

Aztec Warrior Tattoo

Because the Aztecs were known as a warlike civilization, warriors were honorable men in society. Tattoos were necessary for them as talismans and protection from enemies or as a way to show their nobility and victory. You can put a warrior on your skin as a symbol of masculine strength, success, and courage. The best locations are your arms and legs. Often warrior is depicted with a sword or helmet with an eagle.

This culture is truly captivating. That is why we have a cool gallery of the best Aztec tattoos for you!


The Aztec civilization was a powerful warlike state. Their achievements are world famous and well documented in history. We collected the best ideas for your Aztec tattoo and gave you information about their symbols. You can get this tattoo on your skin if you like interesting, meaningful drawings that can describe you as a confident and expressive person. 


? Is an Aztec Tattoo Suitable for Women?

Aztec tattoos are primarily designed for men because they are large and connect with the war. But there are some options such as patterns, sculls, or animals in Aztec style to get ink on women’s skin.

? What Are the Main Symbols of Aztecs?

Aztec civilization has many symbols. They divide into religious, animals, and situative symbols. The most famous are the jaguar, Aztec calendar, eagle, and feathered serpent.

? What Are the Best Locations for Aztec Tattoos?

Aztecs usually put their tattoos on their arms, chest, and trunk. But you can also put them on the back, legs, hands, and neck. Everything depends on the size ad the drawing.

⚪ Are There Any Minimalistic Aztec Tattoo Designs?

Mostly all Aztec tattoos are extensive and intensely detailed. But you can choose the serpent head, a small Aztec calendar, or some patterns as a minimalistic pic.


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