16 Glorious Ancient Greek God Tattoo Ideas And Their Meaning

Let’s find out what symbolizes the Greek god's tattoo designs. Read our article and find out the meaning, history, and tattoo ideas with ancient Greek gods.

Getting a tattoo is now more popular than ever before. Ancient Greek mythology is the perfect inspiration for tattoos as it is full of breathtaking stories that have special meaning. All the symbolism that revolves around ancient Greek gods can be a good start for you to come up with a unique tattoo idea. This article is all about symbolic tattoos. Enjoy reading!

The Most Popular Ancient Greek Gods Tattoo with Their Symbolism

Here you will find out what symbolizes Greek gods’ tattoo designs. Happy reading!

Hermes Tattoo

Hermes is the god of communication, transportation, and trade. He’s also a patron saint to thieves. He has the power to bring messages between gods and humans, but he cannot be held within boundaries because his soul allows him too much freedom.

Hermes was also responsible for taking souls to their final resting place. The most well-known tattoos associated with him are those that have wings because he represents the restless nature of people who want nothing more than freedom from this world. 

Hephaestus Tattoo

The God Hephaestus is a quiet but creative god. He had no childhood. His parents simply threw him away after he was born. But through hard work and creativity, Hephaestus became known for making the world beautiful.

Hephaestus’ tattoos mean a special talent and skill that rejects the acceptance of the patriarchal society model. Some examples include the hammer, tongs, or anvil with various figures, such as a blacksmiths’ furnace. 

Ares Tattoo

When you’re looking for a tattoo that represents violence, war, and bloodshed, then the image of Ares should be your first choice. This god is known as The God Of War because he has always been dangerous with an overflowing power due to his violent nature, which made people fear him.

Cronos Tattoo

The god of time, Cronos, was the most destructive and bad-tempered. He had a prophecy that his son would overthrow him, so he killed all kids, but one — Zeus, who later overthrew this villainous father figure. Chronos tattoos also often mean a breakdown in harmony and all sorts of ruinous and destructive phenomena. 

Apollo Tattoo

Apollo is a famous god who appears in both mythologies: Roman and Greek. He has been considered the patron of Delphi, which makes him also known for being its protector; he protects all people from various walks of life.

There are many different opinions about the Apollo tattoo. Some people say that it has healing properties and can bring good luck, while others believe these tattoos cause illness or plague. Apollo is a well-known image for tattoos. Most often, all tattoos are depicted with arrows and a bow or laurel wreath, which are a symbol of glory, victory, or peace.

Dionysus Tattoo

Dionysus is one of the most popular gods of ancient Greece, the god of vegetation, fertility, moisture, patron of viticulture, and winemaking. He is also well-known as Wine God. A tattoo with this image symbolizes constant development and self-improvement.

Prometheus Tattoo

Prometheus, the Titan, is considered a hero by many people because he sacrificed himself for humanity. He was condemned by Zeus, and every day he was sentenced to experience incredible pain. According to myths, he is considered the “creator of people” because he stole the fire from gods, giving it to people and helping them to continue their development and become the most intelligent species. Prometheus is the bringer of knowledge and fire. He has been a symbol for centuries, most obviously in Western culture, as one who brings our scientific desires to life through his gift from Mount Olympus.

Poseidon Tattoo

Poseidon is the son of Chronos, who represents the abstract time, the beginning and the end, and Rei, the mother of the Olympian gods. He’s one of 12 Olympians in Ancient Greece who protected seafarers. He also protected people from water disasters. Poseidon is a powerful god who rules over the ocean. There are many tattoos, one of which shows him holding three tridents and accompanied by two dolphins, representing his role as king or prince of water. 

Hades Tattoo

When his father, Cronos was defeated by Zeus and the other brothers of Rhea in their generation’s battle for power over humanity — Hades received rule over death. He is also known as “Lord Of The Dead.” The tattoos of Hades represent darkness and the underworld. 

Zeus Tattoo

When his father, Cronos was defeated by Zeus and the other brothers of Rhea in their generation’s battle for power over humanity — Hades received rule over death. He is also known as “Lord Of The Dead.” The tattoos of Hades represent darkness and the underworld. 

Zeus Tattoo

Aphrodite is the goddess of love and eternal beauty. She is one of the 12 supreme Olympian gods living on Olympus. Queen of nymphs and graces. The last daughter of the celestial god Uranus; according to another version – the daughter of Zeus.

She is very popular when choosing a tattoo because of her romantic description and life story. The symbols used for tattoo designs with Aphrodite are beautiful and calm; people usually choose roses or doves, but sometimes Aphrodite is depicted without any clothing at all — this means that the person who has such a tattoo on them wants to love more than anything else.

Hera Tattoo

Hera is one of the 12 Olympians. She was a sister-wife to Zeus, king of gods and goddesses in Ancient Greece who ruled Mount Olympus. Hera has always been the guardian of family well-being and marriage, especially for married women. She is considered responsible for all things related to family and childbirth (among other things).

Demeter Tattoo

Demeter is a daughter of Cronus and Rhea, sister and wife of Zeus, goddess of fertility, farming, and marriage. This figure in mythology is considered decisive in the development of civilization on the planet. She’s also responsible for maintaining order among humans as well.

Athena Tattoo

The goddess Athena was born from the head of Zeus. After growing up, she became known as a protector and ruler over Athens in Greece. She’s been called ‘The First Lady Of War’ because her skills were vital to winning battles. Athena is known for her deep wisdom and war inclination. These are all traits that make her popular in tattoo designs! Some common symbols associated with her, such as an owl or olive tree.

Artemis Tattoo

Goddess Artemis is the twin sister of Apollo, and she never married. She could bring disease or relieve it from women, depending on her mood. She is the goddess of hunting, wildlife, and forests. Goddess Artemis is the goddess of childbirth and hunting. She’s usually depicted with a bow, arrow, or quiver full of arrows in one hand.

Hestia Tattoo

The daughter of Cronos and Rhea, Hestia is known as hearth patroness. She’s also got an identity in a Roman culture, where she’s called Vesta. An essential thing in our society is the hearth. The hearth is a symbol of warmth and home. The tattoos that represent Hestia often include flames or embers on them because she cares for all things related to fire.

More Greek Gods and Goddesses Tattoo Ideas

Greek mythology is so diverse and includes so many gods that it is difficult to imagine how many design options you can come up with. You can easily create images from a portrait of one god to an entire work of art, with many elements and characters. Therefore, we suggest you pay attention to the lower tattoo designs that will definitely not leave you indifferent!


The designs of the Greek gods’ tattoos are among some of today’s most popular body art. These tats convey deep and significant meaning, which makes them ideal for those who want to be noticed in this fashion-conscious society. We hope you find the Greek gods’ body art that will be suitable for your personality. After the design selection, hurry up to book an appointment with our best tattoo artists.


⚡ What does a Poseidon tattoo mean?

Poseidon is the god of water and sea, so a Poseidon tattoo could be seen as someone’s symbol of power. It also has many other meanings, including connecting with one’s background or heritage.

📌 Are Greek god tattoos meaningful?

Greek mythology has inspired society for centuries to cover it in all kinds of art, and tattoos are no exception. Recently the gods have begun to be popularized as tattoo designs that represent human emotions — love, fear bravery, or beauty depending on which god you choose.

🔍 What does Athena tattoo mean?

The Greek goddess Athena is often portrayed as a protector of wisdom, reason, and battle strategy. She’s also known for her peace-keeping abilities — which makes this tattoo design perfect to represent you.

💡 What does the Apollo tattoo mean?

The God Apollo symbolizes knowledge (including prophecy), wisdom & artistic talents, which makes him very adept at inspiring others with his tremendous passion.


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