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Are you a talented tattoo artist or a professional deeply involved in the vibrant tattoo events industry? We want to hear your story, insights, and experiences!

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At InkMatch, we’re passionate about exploring the diverse world of tattoo artistry and the bustling events that bring this community together. Our team is dedicated to showcasing the talent, innovation, and creativity that fuels this dynamic industry.

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We offer a platform for artists and professionals to share their journeys, techniques, and perspectives with our engaged audience. Through insightful interviews, we aim to spotlight the individuals shaping the landscape of tattoo artistry and events.

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Reach a wide audience of tattoo enthusiasts, industry professionals, and aspiring artists.


Forge connections within the tattoo community and share your expertise with fellow enthusiasts.


Gain recognition for your talent, achievements, and contributions to the tattoo world.


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We will schedule a Zoom meeting and have an interview in person (we can send questions beforehand if needed)

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To schedule your interview or inquire further, simply reach out through our contact form. We’ll work with you to find a time that suits your schedule and ensure your interview experience is seamless and enjoyable.

* This price only covers the resources people spend working on producing interviews.

** We are very selective with our candidates for interviews and booking an interview doesn’t guarantee the final approval. Our team will contact you directly and make the final decision based on potential value of the interview to our readers.

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Join us in celebrating the art, passion, and diversity of the tattoo world. Request an interview with InkMatch today!

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