Ryan Scroggins is a tattooer, artist, and philosopher who also spends time studying the mysteries of nature. He’s an animal conservationist with rare South American species he has bred in captivity. He has been tattooing professionally since 1996. The mentionable shops that he’s worked at include Body Language and Lucky Starr Studio, among others! He is what most people would refer to as a “traditional tattoo artist”. All of his inspirations are based on ancient Egypt or spirituality when it comes downratchy art-wise. Ryan does perform live music occasionally for various bands.

But he is not only a tattoo artist and musician but also an ex-herpetologist with three years at the Houston Zoo. He breeds rare aquatic turtles on his own time to make sure they are saved for future generations of wildlife enthusiasts!

Style: Egypt and spirituality, traditional tattoo imagery

Experience: more than 25 years


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