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    Guess what? Yes, the best tattoo artists in Nashville are waiting for you here. With years of practice and perfection behind them, you can explore their works and choose the perfect artist for you. To make your selection process easier, you can browse artists by style. If you're on your phone, you'll find the section at the top, and if you're on your computer, it's on the left. With numerous styles to choose from, including traditional, black and gray, colored and realistic, you have a wide array of options. Moreover, almost all the tattoo artists from our catalog work in well-known and reputable studios. You can meet them at Black 13 Tattoo, Adventure Tattoo, Electric Hand Tattoo, East Tattoo Collective, and Safe House Tattoo Studio. Feel free to click on artist profiles to check their works, discover their workplace, and easily book appointments.

    💸 How Much Do Tattoos Cost in Nashville?

    Nashville tattoo prices vary based on size and detail but expect a minimum of $80-$100. Smaller tattoos fall between $50-$250, while medium pieces can range from $150-$450. For larger, complex designs or sleeves, prepare to spend $500-$4,000, with hourly rates for experienced artists between $100-$150.

    🗓️ Do I Need an Appointment To Get a Tattoo in Nashville?

    Most tattoo studios in Nashville require appointments, especially for popular artists or during peak times. It's always best to book online to secure your spot. Simply visit the tattoo artist's profile on our website to book your session or consultation hassle-free.

    🧾 What Should I Do To Prepare for My Tattoo?

    Find references and pictures that inspired you, and decide on the placement, style, and size of your future tattoo. Then find a tattoo artist (our platform will help you with this) and book a tattoo session. Also, get a good night's sleep, eat a healthy meal beforehand, and avoid alcohol and caffeine for 24 hours before the appointment.

    🧙 Who Are the Most Experienced Tattoo Artists in Nashville?

    In Nashville, a vibrant hub of creativity, you'll find many talented tattooers, but some have honed their craft for over 15 years. Here are five such pros ready to bring your vision to life: Matt Monroe, Brandon Hanna, So Yeon Kim, Chris Saint Clark, and Forrest Pollock.

    🎨What Tattoo Styles Can I Expect To Find From Nashville-Based Artists?

    Nashville tattoo artists showcase a wide range of styles, from classic and traditional designs to modern and experimental work such as watercolor, neo-traditionalism, and color realism.