Jake Ingersoll was born and raised in Las Vegas. He found his love of art early on, so he enrolled in The Art Institute of Las Vegas. Where he studied media arts and animation for two years until deciding that the cost was not sustainable. Jake learned family trade locksmithing instead! Jake was a happy locksmith with plenty of work, a beautiful wife, and amazing kids.

But he wasn’t fully satisfied, so one day Jake decided to try his hand at tattooing because a few friends had been telling him how much they loved it. He quickly realized this would make life more fulfilling for himself as well as those around him! After four years at Precious Slut, he decided it was time to leave his first shop and seek out an environment where he could continue developing skills. This led him into Skin Design Tattoo — a parlor recognized for their sunny dispositions as well as the desire of artists like himself who are always striving towards improving themselves.

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