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    Welcome to our catalog of the best tattoo artists in Atlanta. The tattoo history of this city has left a vibrant mark on Georgia culture and has played an important role in the acceptance of people of color in the tattoo community. In the latter half of the 20th century, Jacci from Louisiana became the first black tattooed woman in U.S. history, sparking a true cultural breakthrough. Following her example, famous artist Miya Bailey from Atlanta discovered his talent for tattooing. This made Atlanta one of the first cities where artists of all races, genders, and ethnic backgrounds were free to create and develop tattoo art. In our catalog, you'll find members of Atlanta's diverse and vibrant tattoo culture, uniting skilled artists from neighborhoods like Buckhead, Little Five Points, and more. Explore the artists' profiles and their portfolios with the best designs to find the perfect match for your unique vision. If you already know what style you want for your future tattoo, use the style filter for a more convenient search. Once you have found a tattoo artist you like, you can book a session on our website. Our team will notify you of a successful booking as soon as we receive confirmation from the tattoo artist.

    🎨 What Tattoo Styles Are Popular Among Tattoo Artists in Atlanta?

    The Atlanta tattoo world boasts a variety of styles including realism, lettering, abstract, blackwork, and more. Explore the portfolios of featured artists to find one who specializes in a style that fits your personal preferences.

    ⛔ Is It Legal to Get Tattoos in Georgia?

    Yes, getting tattoos in Georgia is legal. Tattoo artists must be licensed by the Georgia Department of Public Health, which includes meeting certain health and safety standards.

    🤑 How Much Does It Cost on Average to Get a Tattoo in Atlanta?

    On average, the price starts at $100, but it usually depends on factors such as the size, style, and the tattoo artist’s experience. You can use the tattoo price calculator on our website to find out the approximate cost of your future ink.

    🤔 How Do I Find the Right Tattoo Artist in Atlanta for the Tattoo I Want?

    View our artist profiles and explore their portfolios to find an artist whose style matches your vision, whether it's traditional or modern tattoos. If you've already decided on a style, our filters can also help you.

    📝 Are Tattoo Artists Licensed in Georgia?

    All working tattoo artists must be licensed and also pass a test of following hygienic standards. After that, they can officially create tattoos and work in tattoo studios.



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