I am a POC tattoo artist based in the NELA/East, LA. I specialize in dot-work shading done with my tattoo pen. I love how ritualistic it is and you can see where each little independent spot goes on your skin because they all connect beautifully like one big colorful picture! Dot work gives me this warm fuzzy feeling because its so personal; it reminds me of when father passed away before he became ancestors after death to become part of us still living today…my style has always been dainty, delicate — just beautiful really-and unique which makes every piece stand out from others.

I love tattooing because I get the chance to evolve and grow. This trade allows for me to learn new techniques, which in turn allows my creativity as an artist thrives even more than before! My spirituality is deeply rooted within this career choice; by cleansing myself with good energies during each session.

Style: dot-work shading done with a tattoo pen


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