Thinking of getting inked in Texas? You’re in luck! Although there are hundreds of artists in the state, finding a pro can still seem like quite a quest. With so many options, choosing the right tattoo studio can feel overwhelming.

The InkMatch team has collected the 6 best tattoo studios in Houston and Denton where you can get your dream tattoo. Perhaps you’ll find your favorite among them. We will also discuss what a “perfect” tattoo studio consists of. So buckle up and let’s find your perfect Texas tattoo match!

How Did We Pick the Best Tattoo Studios?

We based our candidates on style variety, qualifications, local reviews, staff, and others. And, of course, the most important criterion is which tattooists work there, because our tattoo artist list contains only the best of the best.

Our content is not related to advertising. We don’t promote tattoo studios for money, but only subjectively selected a few, after comparing hundreds of them based on numerous Google and Yelp reviews. 

A List of The Best Tattoo Studios in Houston and Denton

The Lone Star State is known for its big skies, bold flavors, and independent spirit. And that same spirit is alive and well in Texas’ rich tattoo scene.

Based on the criteria stated above, we selected what we believe to be the 6 best tattoo studios in Texas. Whether you want a new tattoo, a cover-up, a personal design, or walk-in designs, these shops are ready to bring your ideas to life.

Dark Age Tattoo Studio

Dark Age Tattoo Studio

📍 Location: 124 W. Oak St., Denton

What is notable about the studio:

  • ⭐ The youngest tattoo studio of all 6
  • ⭐ Has over 54k followers on Instagram
  • ⭐ Works with 21 artists full-time
  • ⭐ Has won 20 awards

Dark Age is one of the most popular tattoo studios in the entire state of Texas, with over 54,000 followers on their Instagram page. It is quite impressive when you take into account that they only opened their doors in 2014, making it the “youngest” studio on our list.

Meet a few of the highly skilled artists at Dark Age Tattoo Studio:

Rember Orellana

He’s been the co-owner of Dark Age Tattoo Studio since the launch, and has been passionate about art since childhood. Dedicated to continuous improvement, Rember studies art in his free time and even teaches tattoo seminars to help other artists grow.

Styles: realism, color, new school

Rember Orellana

Francisco Sanchez

An incredible artist whose realistic portraits, illustrations, and animal images are breathtaking. He values his work and encourages his clients to do the same.

Styles: black-and-gray, color realism, portraiture, customs

Francisco Sanchez

Of course, this is not a full list, Dark Age Tattoo Studio has 19 more full-time tattoo artists, who can tackle any style you throw their way. From photorealistic black-and-gray to vibrant color pieces, fine line work, and a range of traditional styles (neo-traditional, American traditional, Japanese traditional), they have an artist to make any vision a reality.

Over the course of ten years, Dark Age Studio has already made a name for themselves. They’ve racked up an impressive 20 awards, including winning Denton County’s Best Local Businesses by Murray Media Group several times in a row. 

Dark Age Tattoo Studio strictly follows Texas law and doesn’t allow the tattooing of minors, even with parental consent. Clients are welcome to bring snacks, blankets, or anything else that helps them feel comfortable during long sessions. They can not only skillfully fill tattoos, but also remove them with laser removal services.

Worried about tattoo prices? Use our handy tattoo price calculator to find out how much you’d like to pay based on your tattoo size, experience of the tattoo artist, and style.

713 Tattoo Parlour

713 Tattoo Parlour

📍 Location: 1533 Westheimer Rd., Houston

What is notable about the studio:

  • ⭐ Offers tattoos, piercings, jewelry & even cosmetics
  • ⭐ A member of the Association of Professional Piercers
  • ⭐ Features 10 certified artists to fit every style

In Seven One Three Tattoo Parlour, you will find the best tattooists and piercers in the heart of Houston. But this studio takes things a step further and also offers cosmetics and lash services in their 713 Beauty Bar

Their talented tattoo artists are experts in crafting high-quality tattoos. Let’s take a closer look at a few of them:

Homer Saenz

Meet the owner of 713 Tattoo Parlour, who has a huge love for traditional old-school tattoos. His work is characterized by deep, detailed lines that create an elegant look for any design he tattoos on your skin.

Styles: black-аnd-gray, fineline, traditional

Homer Saenz

Mike Dunphy

Mike also likes traditional tattoos, but unlike Homer, he works more with black and gray tones than with color. Among his works, you can also find interesting illustrations.

Styles: black-аnd-gray, realism, traditional

Mike Dunphy

They can bring your vision to life with extensive custom design work, or create something brand new based on your unique ideas. They specialize in a variety of styles, including traditional, black-and-gray, fineline, and more.

Overall, 713 Tattoo Parlour offers a winning combination of talented artists, diverse styles, and a commitment to safety and client comfort since 2002. They’re definitely worth checking out!

Artistic Impressions Tattoo Studio

Artistic Impressions Tattoo Studio

📍 Locations: 20633 Katy Freeway Ste B & 16326 Mueschke Rd Ste E-12, Houston

What is notable about the studio:

  • ⭐ Two locations in the city for convenience
  • ⭐ Welcomes walk-ins on a first-come, first-served basis
  • ⭐ Accepts appointment deposits
  • ⭐ Bonus points for interior decor

Houston’s tattoo scene is as diverse and vibrant as the city itself. What color do you associate with the city? Members of the Artistic Impressions tattoo studio think it’s bright red!

The studio was established in 2010, and they strike a perfect balance between friendly artistic charm and a cool Texas vibe. The wait for your appointment will fly by thanks to their extensive collection of art and decorations.

They pay attention to the smallest details and offer original drawings of the body that no one else has. For your convenience, Artistic Impressions has two locations in Houston: one in Katy and another in Cypress.

Tattoo artists located at Artistic Impressions, Katy:

Artistic Impressions boasts a team of talented tattoo artists with diverse styles. Balde Benavides, a veteran with 18 years of experience, excels in black-and-gray and traditional tattoos. Nick, who just recently joined their team, specializes in anime and cartoon styles but is versatile. 

And Mark has over 20 years of experience behind his back and impressive drawing skills. All three share a passion for art and are ready to create your next masterpiece.

Let’s introduce 3 more talented artists located at Artistic Impressions (Katy). Jacque specializes in illustrative, linework, and watercolor tattoos featuring beloved characters. Ulisses Hernandez brings elegant lines and botanical elements to his realist, lettering, and linework pieces. For those who love nature, Colton Keffer offers botanical prints and animal designs in both illustrative and traditional styles.

Electric Chair Tattoo

Electric Chair Tattoo

📍 Location: 8722 Richmond Ave., Houston

What is notable about the studio:

  • ⭐ Voted best tattoo studio in Houston 3 times in a row since 2007
  • ⭐ Also offers piercings and microdermals
  • ⭐ 4 enclosed and 2 private tattoo stations
  • ⭐ Child ear-piercing available

Electric Chair Tattoo has been fulfilling ideas in any style since 1999, led by the talented Stephanie Purnell. And no, no real electric chairs are used in the process, only electric needles. No matter the size or complexity, her skilled artists can handle any style you throw their way. Here, consistent high quality is the only constant.

The studio prioritizes your comfort, offering four enclosed and two private tattoo stations for a relaxing experience. With a team of deeply skilled artists, each proficient in multiple styles, Electric Chair Tattoo ensures you’ll find the perfect artist to match your vision.

Meet the heroes of Electric Chair Tattoo & Piercing:

Stephanie Purnell

Stephanie is a veteran tattoo artist (since 1998!) at The Electric Chair. She loves American Traditional, custom designs, bold and colorful pieces, and black-and-gray work. She is also a certified body piercer with extensive training.

Styles: black-аnd-gray, American traditional

Stephanie Purnell

You Pick It We Stick It

You Pick It We Stick It

📍 Location: 8235 Almeda Genoa Rd., Houston

What is notable about the studio:

  • ⭐ Affordable tattoos and piercings
  • ⭐ Wholesome and relaxed vibes guaranteed
  • ⭐ Walk-ins welcome

There are so many amazing tattoo studios in Houston, it’s remarkable! The name of this studio really speaks for itself. Its location in the Hobby Area only further confirms this. They offer not only tattoos but piercings and cover-ups as well.

Established in 2005 by Michael “Rocket Mike” Graves, You Pick It We Stick It is a cozy and stylish studio, where you can completely trust the artists. They aim to provide so-called “ink therapy” starting from just $80.

Are you considering a career as a tattoo artist as well? Read our tattoo artists’ interviews and get inspired by their journey!

At You Pick It We Stick It, you’re more than encouraged to pick any of their 6 tattoo artists to receive your dream tattoo from. Realistic, watercolor, animal tattoos, geometric, you name it. Walk-ins, flashes, and “Get What You Get” tattoos are also welcome.Meet the heroes of You Pick It We Stick It

A few words about each artist to get to know them. Starting off with the leader and the owner, Michael S. “Rocket Mike” Graves. With experience since 1995, Mike excels in traditional, black-and-gray, and color tattoos, and can handle any style or request, including cover-ups.

The studio also features Lala Clark, a specialist in black-and-gray realism, and Charly McLauchlin, who excels in both black-and-gray and watercolor styles.

And in this part, we have gathered the very extraordinary soul of the studio. All three tattoo artists are ready to showcase their strongest points. If you’re looking for sharp, clean lines, take a look at Millz’s tattoos. Dolla is the expert in Chicano-looking tattoos, and Leo excels in fineline, black-and-gray, and lettering styles.

Texas Body Art

Texas Body Art

📍 Location: 12537 Jones Rd., Houston

What is notable about the studio:

  • ⭐ The oldest tattoo studio on our list
  • ⭐ Featured in numerous publications
  • ⭐ No hate or cult symbols allowed
  • ⭐ Offers free walk-in tattoo consultations
  • ⭐ Never requires deposits

This tattoo parlor has been open 7 days a week since 1998, which already makes it the oldest tattoo studio on this list. However, they are not only famous for this. 

Texas Body Art is all about safety, cleanliness, and reputation. Even bears admire it! People who work there are truly passionate about art, and they have teamed up to show tattoo lovers an exceptional new level of craftsmanship. The studio’s founder, Johnny Jackson, led the team until 2021, when he retired and let the rest of the crew take the wheel.

Artists at Body Art Tattoo Studio prefer to work with custom designs, but for those who like to gamble, they also offer a “Spin to Win” wheel and a huge variety of “Get What You Get” tattoo machines, with cool flash tattoos from $100 to 150.

As a studio with more than 25 years of experience, they know all about traditional tattoos, neo-traditional and Japanese traditional specifically. But recently they started working with American traditional tattoos, too! 

Just as any tattoo studio featured here does, at Texas Body Art, all materials are disposable, including ink caps and single-use needles, and every employee is trained in recognizing blood-borne pathogens.Meet the heroes of Texas Body Art:

Nick is a Colombian-born artist who blends American and Japanese traditional styles with Americana and black-and-gray realism. When not tattooing, Nick explores his interests in religion, spirituality, science, nature, and martial arts. 

Erick specializes in traditional Japanese art as well. Dragons, masks, wind currents, water flow — you name it, Erick can create stunning renditions. You can book him for larger Japanese projects.

Fonzo draws inspiration from a wide range of styles, including traditional, Japanese, black-and-gray, color, cover-ups, watercolor, and anime. He sees each project as an opportunity to learn and grow, constantly pushing his artistic boundaries.

Last but not least, Christian “Shizoq” Sauceda is here, and he enjoys creating abstract works with a unique blend of color and application. He can achieve any modern style, from old-school to geometric, and specializes in black-and-gray, illustrative, and cartoon tattoos.

How To Pick the Best Tattoo Studio for Yourself

How To Pick the Best Tattoo Studio for Yourself

It’s hard to choose among all the tattoo studios, and even harder to choose among the best ones. But don’t worry, we’ve prepared some tips to help you choose the best tattoo studio for you.

1. Check out artist profiles

We’ve provided links to most of the participants in our top Texas tattoo studios, but you’re more than welcome to check our tattoo artist catalog, which contains more than 3,000 tattooists from all over the world. No distance will stand in the way if you find “the one.”

2. Check for recognition

Some shops or artists may have won awards or been featured in publications. This only adds more credibility and guarantees that the studio is compliant with license and hygiene standards. 

Read customer reviews on Google, Yelp, the studio’s social media pages, or our top picks. We’ve selected the best so you don’t have to!

3. Explore tattoo styles

Without a clear understanding of what kind of tattoo you want, you won’t go far. Of course, you can entrust the choice of your tattoo to a tattoo artist, but isn’t it much better to prepare in advance and look through ideas for your own tattoo using a convenient gallery?

Find your inspiration with handy filters and see who’s behind it. Who knows, maybe you’ll come across a tattoo artist from Texas with your first click.


On this note, we conclude our brief review of the six best best tattoo studios in Texas, featuring the cities of Houston and Denton. If you were planning to get inked in the great state of the Lone Star, this list is your choice!. If you were planning to get inked in the great state of Texas, this list is your best choice!

As you might have noticed, most of them are located in Houston, but that doesn’t mean that this is the end of the quality tattoo studio palette. After all, what is a tattoo studio without a tattoo artist? That’s right, just an empty room without a soul. 

We advise you to check out our selection of articles about the best tattoo artists in other Texas cities:

We hope you liked our tattoo studio selection. If you’re interested in one of the studios we’ve picked, be sure to check their quality for yourself and book an appointment using the link in the tattoo artist’s profile, which you can find along with reviews of the studios themselves.


💲 How Much Does It Cost To Get a Tattoo in Texas?

The standard rate for tattoo shops in Texas is $150/hour. Many shops offer consultations where you can discuss your design and get a quote.

🌟 What Is the Most Famous Tattoo Shop in Texas?

There are many great tattoo studios in Texas, and we’ve picked 6 of the best from the Houston and Denton regions, like Dark Age and Artistic Impressions.

📄 How Much Is a Tattoo Studio License in Texas?

There are several possible licenses for tattoo studios in Texas, distinguished by the type of studio. There is a separate license for just a tattoo studio, and one that also offers piercings. The prices for licenses are determined by the Texas Department of State Health Services.

⚖️ Is It Legal To Get a Tattoo in Texas?

Sure thing! But on a side note, only individuals over 18 are allowed. Studios in Texas aren’t allowed to tattoo minors even with parental consent. Don’t forget to take your ID!