According to the latest research, around 80% of Americans have at least one sister or brother. In most cases, siblings always find a common language and later become not just relatives, but best friends. That is why the idea of ​​a sibling tattoo is gaining more and more popularity every year. In this way, people want to express their love and show how important this person really is to them.

We know how difficult it is to find quality and interesting designs for sibling tattoos. That is why we have selected for you 65+ completely unique and creative designs that are definitely worth paying attention to. We also answered such popular questions as what is the best tattoo you can get for your siblings and how to choose the least painful place on the body for this.

What Are Matching Tattoos?

Trendy and Eye-Catching

Matching tattoos are certain tattoos that are done by two or more people. Usually, they have a similar image, can complement each other, or somehow hint that they are part of the same picture. Such designs are quite popular because it is a great way to show your affection, friendship, or even love for another person or people.

These tattoos can be made by completely different people: they can be friends, lovers, siblings, or parents with children. The great advantage of this type of tattoo is that you can think of your own completely unique design, which can mean something special for you and another person.

In order to get an interesting design and a high-quality tattoo, we advise you to contact only professional tattoo artists who will definitely be able to turn your idea into reality.

What Tattoo Can I Get for My Siblings?

Sibling tattoos

Choosing a sibling tattoo idea is truly a difficult thing to do. Before thinking about a design, think about what you associate your sibling with or your relationship with them. It can be:

  • Object;
  • Animal;
  • Plant;
  • Cartoon character;
  • Phrase or citation;
  • Words or numbers;
  • Simply a set of figures or symbols. 

Based on this, you can think in more detail about your design and the style in which it can be implemented. Sibling tattoos look best in such styles as illustrative and new school. But you can choose any style because, after all, the choice depends entirely on the design and your desire.

If you want to make a tattoo together with your sibling, be sure to consult with them about the design and get their opinion on what image they would like to depict on the tattoo. Maybe they will be able to offer an even more interesting and unique idea!

65+ Unique Sibling Tattoos

Searching for interesting and high-quality photos of tattoos for siblings turned into real torture? Do not worry, because below we have selected for you 65+ the most interesting and deep tattoo ideas that you will definitely like!

For Brother and Sister

We’re sure most will agree that when you have a brother or a sister, it’s always difficult to get along with them as a child. However, as soon as you grow up, the relationship becomes more and more cheerful and throughout your lives, you remain very good friends and real support for each other.

Sibling tattoos for a brother and sister can contain any image. For example, by depicting fish, you show balance in your relationship and complete harmony. A tattoo with the image of a pizza and a piece of it can mean that you complement each other. In addition, it can be your favorite dish, so such an image can mean not only your attachment but also your taste preferences. 

By tattooing cartoon characters, such as Bart and Lisa, you show your restlessness and constant desire to encounter adventures. In addition, in the cartoon, their relationship was both friendly and often tense. Therefore, such a tattoo can symbolize instability and a quick change of mood between you.

For Sisters

Sisters are surely each other’s first and most devoted friends. From a very young age, they share secrets and care for each other. Tattoos for sisters can contain many images and meanings. It can be animals (for example, butterflies, dogs, cats, pandas, etc.), it can be plants (flowers, branches with leaves, etc.), emoticons, phrases, and many other things. Generally, sisters choose rather neat tattoos, which are mostly drawn in an illustrative style.

Often, sisters choose a tattoo on their fingers, coming up with small but at the same time very creative designs that complement each other. Below you can see several examples of such neat tattoos.

For Brothers

In most cases, brothers are not sentimental and do not like to show their feelings to people. That is why sibling tattoos are not very popular among them. But still, if they decide to make such a tattoo, it does not look minimalistic but is often done in the style of American traditional tattoos with thick lines and expressive images.

Often brothers choose designs with inscriptions or things like an anchor (which means stability, hope, and luck) or playing cards (which means fortune and good luck).

For 3 Siblings

For 3 siblings, we’ve gathered many high-quality ideas that you will definitely want to implement. In general, tattoos for three are small in size and very minimalistic. All of them are connected by a common motive and relate to the same topic.

For example, it can be cartoon characters. As you know, in most cartoons and films there are three main heroes who always remain at the center of events and get into various adventures. This can be a perfect idea for a tattoo for three, thus symbolizing your togetherness and thirst for adventure.

But of course, there are many other popular designs that can be implemented. Often they can even be identical, which also looks very cool and trendy.

For 4 Siblings

The more siblings you have, the more complicated the task of choosing interesting tattoos becomes. However, we are not afraid of such challenges and were able to choose unique designs for the 4 siblings presented below. All of them look very neat and harmonious and are most often made in a minimalist style.

These tattoos can have any motive. It can even just be a set of some shapes and only the four of you can understand what it means. Also, you can choose ideas for colored tattoos, which is also very cool, because if everyone makes a tattoo of their own color, together it will look very unusual. This will both show your unity and highlight your individuality.

If you want to get more minimalist tattoo ideas, check our article with 60+ unique designs!

For 5 Siblings

Tattoos for 5 siblings are the rarest tattoos. Most of the ideas are so personalized that they are rarely used more than once. It’s very unlikely that there will be five siblings who want exactly the same tattoos as five other people, right?

That is why all tattoos for 5 people are usually completely unique and deeply personalized, which makes them extremely valuable. They, like the tattoo for 4 siblings, are mostly quite minimalistic and made with fine lines. At the same time, geometric patterns are much more common in such types of designs.

Where Is the Least Painful Place To Get a Tattoo?

Where is the least painful place to get a tattoo?

A general rule of thumb for how painful a tattoo will be is that the more fatty tissue you have in the area where you want to get a tattoo, the less painful it will be. Conversely, the thinner the skin layer and the more nerve endings there are, the more painful it will be.

According to this, the most painful places for a tattoo are fingers, hands, face, chest, knees, and lower leg. The least painful places are the upper part of the leg, the arms below the elbow, and the back.

However, we emphasize that each person is unique and it is impossible to determine in advance how much and in which places it will hurt. For this, you should definitely consult with a tattoo artist before the procedure.

Get to know more about the most/the least painful places to get a tattoo in our article.


Sibling tattoos are becoming more and more popular every year. This is a great way to express your feelings and show how important a person is to you. But is not so easy to choose an interesting and high-quality design. Therefore, we have helped you with this by choosing 65+ cool and trendy sibling tattoos.

We also considered other popular questions, such as: what are matching tattoos, what tattoo can I get for my siblings, and where is the least painful place to get a tattoo? We hope you enjoyed this article and you were able to choose the perfect tattoos for you and your sibling!


👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Why Do People Get Family Tattoos?

For many people, tattoos are not just an opportunity to express yourself, but a chance to show your feelings to another important person for them. That is why many people want to make a family tattoo. For them, it is a manifestation of love and a symbol of unity with family members.

🔍 What Does a Triangle Tattoo Mean?

A triangle tattoo can have many meanings. But in most cases, it means balance, harmony, and peace.

❓ Where Is the Least Painful Place To Get a Tattoo?

The least painful places are the arms below the elbow, the upper part of the leg, and the back. But remember that each person is unique and it is impossible to determine in advance how much and in which exact places it will hurt the most.

Many people think that tattoos look trashy and do not adorn people but spoil them. We hope you are not one of them since you came to our article. The truth is, it all depends on your point of view. We think tattoos are very bold, especially on the forearm. Both men and women show their feelings in this way. They are willing to capture something meaningful for themselves forever and show it to those around them.

And if a man decides to get a tattoo on his forearm, it’s not a reason to judge him. Rather, it is a reason to admire and get to know him better. Today we’re going to talk about how tattoos affect life and share the best designs with you, so stick to reading.

Looking for Tattoo Ideas?

We have more ideas in the gallery with the best forearm tattoos for men. Take a look and get inspired!

How Can a Forearm Tattoo Affect a Man’s Life?

Most of the doubts associated with tattoos have to do with how others will react to them. The guys are especially worried about their careers. There is a widespread belief that a person may not be hired or paid less because of tattoos. This does not apply to all professions, but, for example, to the field of education. However, it is not all that unambiguous.

A man with a tattoo on his arm and a skull ring

First, most tattoos can be hidden. Now we are discussing forearm tattoos, and if it is so critical for your job, you can wear long sleeve shirts. At the very least you can come overdressed for the interview. If the employer likes you as a professional and as a person, the chances are slim to none that you will be fired later because of some tattoo.

Second, most jobs do not prohibit tattoos. There is much less prejudice in the 21st century than there was even fifty years ago. And if that does not convince you, I want to tell you about a guy, Michael T. French of the University of Miami. He and his colleagues conducted a large-scale survey of 2,000 people to find out if people without tattoos are a priority at work. They found that the chances of being employed are the same for people with and without tattoos, as are average earnings. 

Does a tattoo affect life in general? We are well aware that it is not the tattoo that changes a person, but only the person himself. And the belief that a tattoo will help in this, like some kind of amulet or talisman, just helps.

Simple & Small Forearm Tattoo Ideas

There are lovers of minimalism among girls and guys alike. Such men prefer small, neat tattoos that can easily be concealed with a shirt or sweatshirt. They often choose a symbolic sign, a landscape, a cartoon character, or an animal as a drawing.

People who prefer small tattoos are more reserved, sensible, and in some cases not very brave. Some believe that they prefer to follow a well-trodden path in life. However, some simply like small, neat drawings.

Also, small tattoos on the forearm are a good option for a first tattoo. When a guy has already decided to get a tattoo but is not yet ready for a radical change. A small or medium-sized tattoo will allow you to understand whether decorating yourself with tattoos is your thing or not.

Inner Forearm Designs

The inner part of the forearm is quite a popular place for tattoos in men. If the tattoo is small, it will even be convenient to hide it. However, don’t get your hopes up too high, after all, it is the forearm. 

Many people believe that the inside of the forearm is one of the not particularly painful places to get a tattoo. This is true, but keep in mind that the closer the tattoo is to the elbow, the more painful it is to ink.

Outer Forearm Ideas

The outer part of the forearm is just as popular as the inner part. It is one of the least painful places, and at the same time tattoos look very stylish here. One small tip: if you want an oblong tattoo, this is the place to recommend. Something like snakes and dragons would look amazing.

Forearm Sleeve Tattoos

If a man decides to get a tattoo sleeve on his forearm, it shows his courage at the very least. Not everyone can do it without fear of judgment, even if they like the idea. Such a tattoo will not be easy to hide, but you may not have to. 

Tattoo sleeves are good because you can embody complex interesting subjects, even in different styles. However, they also require a serious approach. You have to choose a master who you trust and who can implement your vision.

Animal and Bird Designs

Men choose both real animals and mystical ones for a forearm tattoo. Predator symbolizes strength and determination, the desire to win. It is also crucial to know the meaning and character of the chosen animal to endow yourself with the same qualities.

Mystical animals are a favorite theme for tattoos among men, even though it is no longer considered fashionable. Guys still stuff pictures of dragons on their bodies, because they symbolize strength, cunning, and power. Who can resist a dragon?

But ask yourself an honest question: does the chosen animal associate with you in any way? If a guy is very romantic, gentle, and fearful, then a tattoo of a dragon or lion will look out of place and funny on his body, which will cause not very comforting comments from friends.

Armband Ideas

Armband tattoos have been off the trend for a while, but more and more people around the world are getting them back on now. You can find them in all sorts of people, from the military to athletes.

Quite often tattoos in the form of armbands such images are associated with clarity and simplicity of mind. 

There can be so many pattern options, but also don’t underestimate the common black ink circles wrapped around your wrist or forearm. They create simple but attractive geometric tattoos.

Tips To Choose a Design for a Man’s Forearm Tattoo

A few basic tips before choosing a tattoo:

  • Make sure your forearm is the perfect place on your body to get a drawing. Your beliefs may change, and it may be painful and expensive to get the design out;
  • Use more than one sketch to make a good tattoo. Combine details, supplement, and create a new one. That way there will be a better chance that your tattoo will be unique;
  • Colors: consider whether you want it to be a black and white or colored tattoo.
A tattooed guy doing push-ups

There is an intriguing way to figure out which design should be chosen for a tattoo on your forearm. We choose five geometric shapes for this (square, rectangle, triangle, circle, zigzags). We stop our choice on two of them, which you like the most. This will allow you to understand how to create your drawing and what details should be present in it.

The meaning of geometric shapes:

  • Hard-working and diligent people choose the square. They do all things in time;
  • People who choose a rectangle like to explore the world and themselves. They have an inquisitive mind, and they are very courageous;
  • Triangles are chosen by goal-oriented people who know exactly how to reach their goals. Leaders will choose it;
  • Sincere and kind people like the circle. They are full of compassion for others;
  • Zigzag is the choice of creative people who want to do everything their way and bring beauty to this world.

Trending Themes for Male Tattoos on the Forearm

Trending themes for male tattoos on the forearm

Opinion about the popularity of a particular tattoo style can be subjective since different tattoos are popular in various regions. However, we have tried to gather general trends that are common to almost everyone. Among the most beautiful and modern tattoo styles and techniques are:

  • Oldschool;
  • Minimalism;
  • Fine lines;
  • Watercolor;
  • Blackwork;
  • Realism.

3D style tattoos are already out of fashion, and minimalism is increasingly pushing back large tattoos. But that does not mean we suggest you give up on the tattoo, whatever style it may be. Trends change quickly, and fashion is also cyclical. Over the years of your life, a tattoo on your body may become trendy or irrelevant several times. 


A men’s tattoo on the forearm is a good choice for people who dream about a visible pattern in a place accessible to others, however, such an image is just as easy to hide under clothing with long sleeves. In addition, this tattoo can be seen without the help of a mirror.

Inscriptions, runes, patterns, as well as any medium-sized compositions, look great in this area. These can be portraits, ornaments, snakes, dragons, and animal motifs. The part from elbow to wrist is perfect for any style and motif. So, explore ideas and choose your favorite, but also let your imagination run wild.


🙌 Do Men Get Forearm Tattoos?

Tattoos on the forearms are among the most popular among men. Not everyone decides to get them because they are more difficult to hide, but they are always in trend.

💭 What Does a Tattoo on the Forearm Mean?

Each tattoo has its meaning, but if you take a place like a forearm, it means courage and openness. You show everyone your feelings or what is important to you with your tattoo, and you do not hide it.

💼 Will a Forearm Tattoo Affect My Career?

In most cases, a tattoo on your forearm will not affect your career. However, if you have a purpose of working for a particular company, it is better to check their tattoo policy to be sure of your decision.

😬 Do Forearms Tattoos Hurt?

Tattoos on the forearm are considered one of the least painful. This is a perfect spot if you have a low pain threshold.

🔥 Which Forearm Is Best for Tattoos?

Either forearm is perfect for a tattoo. Choose the one you feel most comfortable with or as your heart tells you.